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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FEELING

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Astrology, 133:not. What does complicate the problem is your feeling of doubt and questioning as to the truth andAstrology, 224:can take the place of the mystic way of feeling. It means also that knowledge can be transmutedAstrology, 321:unfoldment, just as esoterically, it is the feeling-sensitive nature which dominates the averageAstrology, 322:is an initiate, he does not react to ordinary feeling, sentiment or to personality relations asAstrology, 323:the form and the reaction to sensitive emotion-feeling has played an active and an educational partAstrology, 467:He now [467] knows, through transcended feeling and from identification with the seen Vision, theAstrology, 544:of materialism embodied, devoid of all true feeling and perception, lacking the light of love andAtom, 69:the vegetable kingdom, corresponds to emotion or feeling, emotion being but rudimentary love. NextAtom, 81:then have the rudiments of embryonic emotion, or feeling - the physical plane reflection of love.Atom, 102:another quality appears, that of sensation or feeling of a rudimentary nature. It is responsive inAtom, 123:sphere, and the period arrives in which he is feeling for the group to which he belongs. This stageAtom, 144:another quality of the Deity, that of sensation, feeling, or embryo love and emotion; we also foundAutobiography, 9:back over my early childhood, I experience a feeling of great dislike of it all. That is of courseAutobiography, 21:unity. They are governed by the heart and by feeling. At that time I did not like the "feel" ofAutobiography, 22:is mastered. Surely questioning and a blind feeling after God must antedate the conscious treadingAutobiography, 28:Avenue, for lunch. Sitting in the lounge there, feeling very blue and depressed, I picked up anAutobiography, 29:Chapter I Three people at that time gave me this feeling of confidence. One of these was my aunt,Autobiography, 31:a livelihood. But she refused to leave us, feeling (as she told me later when I was older) that IAutobiography, 36:to sleep and dreaming and then I reacted to a feeling of smug satisfaction. I felt that I was likeAutobiography, 44:of the repartee left me guessing and feeling a fool. The only consolation I had was that I wasAutobiography, 53:withdrew - literally, so you can see how deep my feeling went. Then it was unexpectedly suggestedAutobiography, 54:and checkers and be talked to by us if they were feeling lonely, fed-up and homesick. There wereAutobiography, 55:[55] impersonal and, at the same time, give the feeling that you cared about them and wanted toAutobiography, 55:to a dead stop, red to the roots of my hair and feeling shaky. Then a voice came from the back ofAutobiography, 69:as I asked. When I came out of the gas and was feeling myself again, he read me the riot act,Autobiography, 78:like a kind friend and I never had the slightest feeling that something real and vital was comingAutobiography, 90:what it was I did, but I have always had a deep feeling that this life I must never fail Him andAutobiography, 94:Sandes. I can remember the relief I felt and the feeling that now all my troubles were over. AtAutobiography, 97:her skillful handling and went back to my aunt feeling better. In a few days' time I went down toAutobiography, 105:against the racial problem. I had no anti-Negro feeling, except that I did not believe in marriageAutobiography, 105:home for lunch. The discovery of the anti-Negro feeling was like discovering an open door into theAutobiography, 115:the carving knife and axe under my mattress. The feeling was getting abroad that Walter Evans wasAutobiography, 117:had made it evident that I had no anti-Jew feeling. There has never been any anti-Semitic attitudeAutobiography, 118:had been brought up in England where no anti-Jew feeling has prevailed and where the problem of theAutobiography, 118:educational campaign. I have no anti-Jewish feeling; some of my most beloved friends such as Dr.Autobiography, 132:proceedings at that time, as there was a strong feeling against women getting divorces when theirAutobiography, 134:reading Darwin and Herbert Spencer with a feeling of guilt and of disloyalty to God. The idea ofAutobiography, 171:a great number of the worthwhile people got out, feeling frustrated and handicapped and unable toAutobiography, 182:of [182] the general public or their feeling that because you write books and lecture on the publicAutobiography, 190:by Col. Olcott so that I have more than a happy feeling that the personal pupils and friends ofAutobiography, 196:people should think that an emotional, strong feeling, sentient, perceptive person is lessAutobiography, 265:the emphasis upon knowing God, and not just upon feeling after a sensed divinity. At their best,Autobiography, 284:activity, the sumtotal of emotional states and feeling, and the mind. These various aspects areBethlehem, 87:of the soul; and whenever a thought and a feeling become indistinguishable, there is the soul. SoulBethlehem, 88:the tangible, visible world. The emotional, feeling nature enables us to say, "I lift up my heartBethlehem, 88:people live in their heart nature and in the feeling body, and it is through the heart that we findBethlehem, 98:Jordan In the evolution of the race the sentient feeling nature is [99] first developed, and waterBethlehem, 99:and pain, the storms which arise in the world of feeling, and the peace and calm which can descendBethlehem, 99:of the race (and of a child, likewise) the feeling, sentient man is first developed, and then theBethlehem, 100:baptism, typifies the complete cleansing of all feeling, of all wishes and of that desire lifeBethlehem, 126:nature nor the glamors which the emotional-feeling nature inevitably bring could cause him toBethlehem, 143:the group and its will (not the mass and its feeling) come to be of supreme importance, becauseBethlehem, 143:profound vision of the divine ways of life, and feeling with the infinite Power, which worksBethlehem, 144:control of the desire-nature, of the emotional, feeling body, to which we have already had need toBethlehem, 147:still, that life operates upon the emotional-feeling nature, and through the process ofBethlehem, 154:and pain we are considering the emotional-feeling nature. Meschach means "agile," quick moving,Bethlehem, 154:Here we have reference to the emotional-feeling body, with its power [155] to misrepresent and toBethlehem, 155:from God Himself an immediate response. When feeling and thought meet in a moment of realization,Bethlehem, 157:through divine experience, to transmute the feeling nature through divine expression, and toBethlehem, 158:truth that "all of the finest human thought and feeling is carried for generations, probably forBethlehem, 220:He be left bereft of all contacts. All sense of feeling and all possible reactions failed to fillBethlehem, 220:He had felt assured, was found to be related to feeling. That feeling He must also transcend. AllBethlehem, 220:was found to be related to feeling. That feeling He must also transcend. All had therefore to beBethlehem, 241:different ways; some bring to the adventure a feeling of self-pity, and are so occupied with whatDestiny, 59:reincarnated Romans and hence the friendly feeling which basically exists between the two countriesDiscipleship1, 87:the mystic and the occult approach, and also of feeling and knowledge. Discipleship1, 100:the physical body and brain, the inertia of the feeling nature and the sense of futility of theDiscipleship1, 100:and the settled habit of thought and of the feeling life is not easy to disrupt. They must,Discipleship1, 127:into the realm of the emotions and of sensitive feeling response, thereby greatly increasing yourDiscipleship1, 131:at some sufficient and adequate reason (not feeling emotion) for so acting. Will you remember thisDiscipleship1, 155:constitution. It accounts for your intense feeling that you have no racial relationship to the JewsDiscipleship1, 155:that you are of the Hebrew race. This is a true feeling, and the only thing which relates you toDiscipleship1, 170:whole. You are too sensitive to the desire and feeling aspects of the world personality and theDiscipleship1, 186:by standing alone that all disciples grow and by feeling their way and discovering their ownDiscipleship1, 214:1934 MY BROTHER OF OLDEN TIME: I am myself feeling my way with this particular group of myDiscipleship1, 242:of your circle of human contacts and have a feeling of resentment - oft unrecognized - when this isDiscipleship1, 286:with desire, with emotion and with beauty of feeling; To those wise and intelligent steps whichDiscipleship1, 289:grips you, the more your mind will awaken, and feeling (in the personal sense) fade but. Feel free,Discipleship1, 290:it has cost you. It is, nevertheless, based on feeling, and feeling is seldom a true indication ofDiscipleship1, 290:you. It is, nevertheless, based on feeling, and feeling is seldom a true indication of rightDiscipleship1, 308:this respect. Its integration with the life of feeling could be stronger and more dynamic, and forDiscipleship1, 339:is subordinated in your case to intuition and to feeling. Your task is to gather personality andDiscipleship1, 339:the power which flows through you will transmute feeling into understanding. Before, therefore, youDiscipleship1, 339:vision or psychism but to responsiveness to feeling. [340] You must learn to see the mind as aDiscipleship1, 344:the subjective reality and the outer form. Your feeling that there is in you indication of a fifthDiscipleship1, 373:and become aware of the violence of your true feeling on the question of racial differences, ofDiscipleship1, 383:distraction; refuse the entry of thought or feeling. Ponder then [384] on the idea of Life and LoveDiscipleship1, 440:physical difficulty initiates in you a profound feeling of futility and a constantly wearingDiscipleship1, 448:themselves discouraged when the intensity of feeling leaves them. The initiate walks ever aDiscipleship1, 483:plane - the rose of affection and of friendly feeling, the blue of an inspiring contact, the goldDiscipleship1, 488:soul and I now call you. Live above the world of feeling and, because you have felt so much andDiscipleship1, 511:disciple) three main attitudes of mind and of feeling which predispose him to being glimmered: 1.Discipleship1, 550:will be good for both of you for you are equally feeling the limitations of the physical body, andDiscipleship1, 622:to Disciples - B.S.W. July 1933 I have ever the feeling with you, brother of mine, of your being anDiscipleship1, 624:poise in isolation which conveys to others the feeling that they can depend upon you. This, in theDiscipleship1, 650:who oft have hurt you much. (I refer not to your feeling.) Until your inner relation to them is oneDiscipleship1, 653:Do I sound harsh, my brother? I am not feeling so. What [654] I am endeavoring to do is based on aDiscipleship1, 662:personality determinations and affections, your feeling and your physical ailments fade out of theDiscipleship1, 665:certain attitudes of mind and expressions of feeling-perception may be clarified for you. The fiveDiscipleship1, 665:resistance in this life. For you, the line of feeling-intuition, of astral-buddhic approach has
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