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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FEELING

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Discipleship1, 680:required, plus a divine indifference to personal feeling and health reactions. Complete dedicationDiscipleship1, 693:think and not live so deeply in the world of feeling; you will sanely and wisely and as a normalDiscipleship1, 708:of blindness (or loss of direction) and with a feeling of complete destitution. The disciple needsDiscipleship1, 736:others: he is critical of his brothers, either feeling superior to them or looking at them andDiscipleship1, 743:stage. He is no longer preoccupied with his feeling [744] nature and the excessive self-interest,Discipleship1, 750:ever be temporary and refers to the world of feeling and to conditions susceptible of disturbance.Discipleship1, 750:and happenings are ignored. It is intensity of feeling transmuted into focused understanding. WhenDiscipleship1, 759:to respond from the angle of sensitivity and feeling and consequently able to bring through theDiscipleship2, 12:I mean that aspect of thought, that quality of feeling, or that innate predisposition, which standsDiscipleship2, 24:or he is "strolling along the path of life," feeling that evolution is long and why, therefore, theDiscipleship2, 96:words of St. Paul: "No man liveth unto himself." Feeling, thinking and absorbing the many actuatingDiscipleship2, 96:brothers a sense of relationship with you, a feeling of shared responsibility, a recognition ofDiscipleship2, 116:creative imagination in the process. This is a "feeling" or astral activity. Assumed relation ofDiscipleship2, 166:combines both head and heart, intelligence and feeling, plus an intuitive perception, hithertoDiscipleship2, 248:is given the name of the Revelation of Group Feeling. This subject is vaster in its implicationsDiscipleship2, 250:they will swing into a responsiveness to the feeling and sensitive reactions of the individuals inDiscipleship2, 263:when rightly used: The revelation of group feeling. The revelation of the Master as he is, theDiscipleship2, 264:personality, are always looking in to your inner feeling and thought life. That is not livingDiscipleship2, 267:and is concerned with the revelation of group feeling. It is related to the astral nature. FormulaDiscipleship2, 298:sense of registered impression. With this new feeling out towards the unknown and towards thatDiscipleship2, 345:I... Concerns integration into an Ashram. Group feeling. Dissipation of glamor through light.Discipleship2, 364:the Ashram; it concerns the "revelation of group feeling." It is related to sensitivity andDiscipleship2, 460:humanity, you have to learn (through intense feeling) the futility of emotion and feeling as aDiscipleship2, 460:intense feeling) the futility of emotion and feeling as a means of salvaging your brothers. YouDiscipleship2, 461:you to express that divine indifference to feeling and to personal suffering as a result of thatDiscipleship2, 488:deem to be static. There is no need for such a feeling, but there is need for care and theDiscipleship2, 523:had naught to give you, and you realized that - feeling this way - you had naught for them.Discipleship2, 525:of destiny, a pronounced sense of power, and the feeling that you can see through people from aDiscipleship2, 535:of love - not of emotion or sentiment or feeling, but of soul or heart love. [536] Make three ofDiscipleship2, 575:are undertaken in order really to produce feeling in the centers and so make the man conscious ofDiscipleship2, 621:He says to himself instead: "What is my brother feeling and thinking?" and he does this because heDiscipleship2, 623:is not, at present, thinking but is actively feeling. The quality of mind, which is primarilyDiscipleship2, 623:result of sensory perception. There can be much feeling reaction without emotion. There can be noDiscipleship2, 623:emotion. There can be no emotion, as a result of feeling, without some measure of mental unfoldmentDiscipleship2, 623:Therefore, the relation between thought and feeling is called by us emotion. Your question isDiscipleship2, 623:by saying, in a large and general way, that feeling can be (and frequently is) present where thereDiscipleship2, 623:the result of the interplay between thought and feeling is the production of emotion. We pass onDiscipleship2, 623:medium whereby emotion can be sublimated. It is feeling without thought which has produced theDiscipleship2, 624:plane. Astral energy - the energy of sensitive feeling reaction - has for millions of ages beenDiscipleship2, 624:books, kama-manas - desire-mind - for all feeling-emotion inevitably evokes desire. If the emotionDiscipleship2, 624:emotion evoked by the mind's recognition of the feeling (registered in the astral body) isDiscipleship2, 624:sequentially with that which is revealed. Feeling and mind are, for the individual, the two basicDiscipleship2, 624:emotion; it is not however emotion. It discovers feeling with which the soul has consistentlyDiscipleship2, 624:of the slowly developing mind into the world of feeling, of glamor and of illusion which revealsDiscipleship2, 625:(embodying the mind's reaction to the world of feeling) can be so powerful that they can persist inDiscipleship2, 625:It is the mind's activity in relation to feeling or to the range of feelings which reveals emotion.Discipleship2, 625:distinguish accurately between mind, emotion, feeling and the thought-forms which memory guards, itDiscipleship2, 625:a man to say: I am not my body. I am not my feeling apparatus. I am not that which is developedDiscipleship2, 674:your immediate problem is one of glamor, plus a feeling of distress because you know that A.A.B.Discipleship2, 678:to call to your attention: You have a strong feeling that all the Goodwill work should beDiscipleship2, 682:brother, if you realize that the basis of your feeling lies in your reaction to the shortDiscipleship2, 750:be prepared. You must be ready for a certain feeling of nausea and of frustration as your life goesEducation, vii:life, a planetary ethics, and a planetary way of feeling to supply the powerful drive we shallEducation, 8:to emotional reactions set in motion by the feeling-desire nature; to the thought world, in whichEducation, 28:When this stage has been reached, the sensitive feeling-out into the environing universe stillEducation, 37:the three aspects of man - thought, emotional feeling, and the bodily organism - has already made aEducation, 40:unseen deity, an expression of the [40] way of feeling. Yet there were highly sensitive races,Education, 40:groups who labored over the development of the feeling nature, consciously sometimes, but mostlyEducation, 40:the interpretation of God and nature in terms of feeling-perception - these laid the basis of thatEducation, 41:is today. With the emphasis shifting away from feeling-perception to mental attitudes towards life,Education, 42:as animism, spiritualism, lower psychism and feeling. The sense of God, the sense of immortality,Education, 43:Culture is the approximation of the two ways - feeling and mind; of two worlds - sensitivity andEducation, 100:The Angle of Citizenship There is a growing feeling amongst the citizens of most nations that theExternalisation, 32:are negative to the plane of desire and of feeling, and the civilization of any age is largely theExternalisation, 64:Impatience with the results already achieved, a feeling of smug superiority, certain physicalExternalisation, 80:increasing the distress and pain you are all feeling. You ask yourselves, where, as a race, have weExternalisation, 87:today to focus, qualify and condition the world feeling-nature and the emotional reactions of theExternalisation, 87:Through the Jewish people throughout the world, feeling - sympathetic or antagonistic, expressiveExternalisation, 92:soul - solar plexus 2nd Kingdom - Sentiency - feeling consciousness - heart center 1st Kingdom -Externalisation, 105:minds of men and produce finally the needed good feeling, good will and good lives. Externalisation, 130:achieved integration and a blended expression of feeling and perception and mind, are actively andExternalisation, 214:and are therefore ridden by fear and terror, feeling that they dare not move in any way against theExternalisation, 240:They are therefore holding Their hand, feeling that this time humanity must be encouraged to battleExternalisation, 261:the masses. They lie utterly beyond the realm of feeling (as humanity understands it) and dwellExternalisation, 268:upon the sense of duality, and therefore upon feeling. These Lives are embodiments of service andExternalisation, 277:or sentiment, and which is not related to feeling (which is a distortion of true love), but is theExternalisation, 309:in the voiced appeal to the Avatar? It is feeling and fanatical adherence to a loved ideal whichExternalisation, 311:soul. Disciples live too much in the world of feeling; hence the clouding of their vision. WhenExternalisation, 320:war is not yet decided. There is a widespread feeling that God (as we call the Central Power ofExternalisation, 327:Process First, the steadily mounting feeling of intense resentment (amounting to hate in the caseExternalisation, 336:has been long and great. Many of the workers are feeling it, and the need for love and strength isExternalisation, 376:plus their complete lack of all humanitarian feeling, the Axis Powers have served the race byExternalisation, 430:who stand bewildered, sensing the truth but feeling helpless in the face of the gigantic horrorExternalisation, 620:seriously curtailed; he is so preoccupied with feeling tired, or tending a cold, or with fanciedExternalisation, 636:from out the very depths of human thinking and feeling, and must emerge as a free andExternalisation, 637:of frustration and of major world difficulty. Feeling against Russia is running high among theFire, 67:heat of the emotional body, and of the body of feeling. They are of a low order when upon the pathFire, 124:faintly to each other's vibratory movement (feeling the warmth and rhythm of each other, yetFire, 128:lie their subjective analogies - love, feeling, emotion, desire, harmony, synthesis and orderedFire, 147:it, the sum total of jivas are governed by feeling, emotion, and desire, and not by the will, yetFire, 187:- SENSE Physical - Hearing. Astral - Touch or feeling. Mental - Sight. Buddhic - Taste. Atmic -Fire, 188:Evolution Physical plane 1. Hearing 2. Touch, feeling 3. Sight 4. Taste 5. Smell 5th - gaseous 4thFire, 189:sounds) Beatitude. The Second Sense - Touch or feeling. Physical touch. Psychometry. PlanetaryFire, 196:solar system. It is characterized by emotion, by feeling, sensation, which have eventually to beFire, 196:- Jnanendriya The Ear - Hearing. Skin - Feeling by touch. Eye - Sight. Tongue - Taste. Nose -Fire, 196:in time and function. We have hearing, touch or feeling, and then sight. In connection with theFire, 197:by means of this very faculty of touch or feeling. Let me illustrate briefly so as to make theFire, 227:along the line of occult sight and of occult feeling, both heat and light. This relationship isFire, 264:Kama-manas. Seventh Principle - Pure emotion, or feeling. These are the principles for theFire, 267:also sevenfold: Astral - pure desire, emotion, feeling. Kama-manas - desire-mind. Manas - lower
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