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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FEELING

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Intellect, 233:Why should not knowledge be just as divine as feeling? Of course, this way does involve hardMagic, 11:of the man who is considering these laws, a feeling of being a victim - of being driven forwardMagic, 17:mystic who - relegating the emotional and feeling nature to its own place - uses the mind as aMagic, 24:think in terms of physical vitality, of feeling, impulse, or of mental force and do not pass beyondMagic, 193:mystical language) directly out of the realm of feeling and of desire into that of the intuition,Magic, 226:or sensitiveness to the spiritual world, and the feeling aspect of the higher consciousness. ThisMagic, 245:he needs to realize two things: That states of feeling are quite immaterial and are no indicationMagic, 246:with his body of sensory perception, of feeling, and of emotion, he finds himself at-one with theMagic, 308:many emotional reactions and to waves of mass feeling of any kind. This is the cause of his beingMagic, 405:it included not only the world of emotion and of feeling but also that of the intellect. The mindsMagic, 465:and conditions. In these groups, the ordinary feeling, active man is immersed, and out of thisMagic, 498:plane. He remains aware of the states of feeling and of the thoughts of those he loves, though heMagic, 624:the way to become a neurotic. Others, again, are feeling the pressure in the mental body. TheyMeditation, 24:to be controlled by his desire body, the body of feeling or of emotion. He has no aspirations saveMeditation, 27:atoms are functioning and the man is an active, feeling, thinking entity. He reaches theMeditation, 63:of the higher. It causes a sudden rush of feeling from the atomic levels of the emotional plane toMeditation, 160:Sex emotions, covering a very large range of feeling, ranging from the suppressed sex emotion whichMeditation, 179:is apt - unless duly regulated - to cause a feeling of fatigue, of tension, of excitement and ofMeditation, 191:ranging all the way from the calm and peaceful feeling that rests upon the participant in theMeditation, 231:of the three worlds. ...I appreciate your feeling that even these hints but lead apparently toMeditation, 290:The student at first is only conscious of a feeling of momentary heightening, which takes the formMeditation, 291:the top of the head a sense of expansion with a feeling of fullness, as if the limiting skull werePatanjali, 14:the result of kama-manas, or of mind tinged with feeling, of the desire-will of the lower man. ThePatanjali, 44:of sensuous perception, being the way of intense feeling. Through following this method the fourPatanjali, 68:a surface sensibility of the entire "body of feeling," the emotional sheath, and is sensuousPatanjali, 92:his brother and become as he is, knowing and feeling as his brother's soul knows and feels. This isPatanjali, 101:be lost sight of and only spirit be known. Both feeling and mind will then be transcended and onlyPatanjali, 128:has relation to his astral body or vehicle of feeling, and that hate and a sense of attachment arePatanjali, 136:(in more or less degree) reveals; hate is the feeling of repulsion and leads to a withdrawal of thePatanjali, 149:emotional and subjected to every mood and feeling. It is primarily the quality of the desire life.Patanjali, 158:of the consciousness principle, the "feeling of personality" as it has been called, the "I am I"Patanjali, 167:hungry." He identifies himself with his body of feeling or desire, and says "I am cross," or "IPatanjali, 175:vehicle and to the evolution of the body of feeling, the astral. Fear. As the mental body developsPatanjali, 183:of the desires, of sensory perception and of feeling. Here can be noted the orderly method which isPatanjali, 234:one-pointed meditation upon the three states of feeling-compassion, tenderness and dispassion. 24.Patanjali, 286:one-pointed meditation upon the three states of feeling - compassion, tenderness and dispassion.Patanjali, 287:what are sometimes called the "three states of feeling." These are: Compassion, the antithesis ofPatanjali, 287:of lust or desire. These three states of feeling when understood and entered into, put a man enPatanjali, 287:heartfelt desire to serve and aid. This state of feeling is sometimes called mercy, andPatanjali, 299:allotted a long and grievous length-of-life, feeling the misery incurred as the result of their ownPatanjali, 323:Sense 1. Physical Hearing 2. Astral Touch or feeling 3. Mental Sight 4. Buddhic Taste 5. AtmicPatanjali, 323:Physical 1. Hearing 5th gaseous 2. Touch, feeling 4th first etheric 3. Sight 3rd super-etheric 4.Patanjali, 323:Beatitude. b. The Second Sense - Touch or feeling. Physical touch. Psychometry. PlanetaryPatanjali, 424:when they are transferring from the path of feeling and the devotional heart approach (the mysticProblems, 96:countries has there been any strong anti-Semitic feeling. In every country and down the ages, theProblems, 101:ends. In the countries where anti-Semitic feeling has been practically non-existent for decades,Problems, 115:was handed over to them the anti-Semitic feeling present - with practically no exception - in everyPsychology1, 6:process of evolution, constituting a thinking, feeling entity; or whether it is no more than thePsychology1, 52:of this subject and the acuteness of the feeling evolved become therefore apparent. The seventh RayPsychology1, 54:through a physical body and sometimes through a feeling body or a mental body, and sometimesPsychology1, 192:appearance, is intended to control or direct the feeling or desire life of the personality, forPsychology1, 201:of nature. The first ray man often has strong feeling and affection, but [202] he does not readilyPsychology1, 209:instincts and impulses, and of intense personal feeling; nothing is taken equably. Everything, inPsychology1, 231:of all this trouble is to be found in the desire-feeling-emotional body, and in an undue attachmentPsychology1, 337:words, for in the true understanding of love as feeling, love as thinking, and love as aspirationPsychology1, 356:This phrase simply means a blend of desire-feeling-lower-mind, - a curious synthesis whichPsychology1, 378:life of desire and of sensory perception and of feeling. It is closely concerned with thePsychology2, 8:the astral body which is the vehicle of the feeling energy or sentient force, and the mental bodyPsychology2, 68:of the lower self - atomic energy, vital energy, feeling energy and mental energy - plus the twoPsychology2, 70:(which demonstrates as sensitivity and feeling in the astral body), and of spiritual mind, whosePsychology2, 97:but it is the dynamic, active side and not the feeling, sensuous side. It is the predominantPsychology2, 102:and the exquisite agony of sacrifice or of any feeling which is carried forward to the point ofPsychology2, 122:of the heart" or the development of true feeling is the first step towards group awareness. ThisPsychology2, 123:awareness and this [123] identification with the feeling aspect of all groups is the quality whichPsychology2, 205:capable of intense emotional activity, with the feeling nature almost over-developed, andPsychology2, 278:approach to the astral plane, the plane of feeling. Thus two great stations of energy and two majorPsychology2, 280:work. Over the Temple upon the plane of sentient feeling and of loving aspiration, the ChristPsychology2, 281:of that response through the innate faculty of feeling or sentiency. This calls for the cooperationPsychology2, 284:of sentiency. The capacity to respond. Emotional feeling, astral energy. The reflection of love.Psychology2, 304:creative consciousness. The heart center - the feeling consciousness. Two important stages in thePsychology2, 314:with the world of the physical plane, of the feeling, sentient levels, and with the world ofPsychology2, 320:states of consciousness which the sentient or feeling factor, the soul, experiences on the path ofPsychology2, 350:at this time upon that Path, and are acting, feeling and thinking simultaneously, making of thesePsychology2, 354:demonstrate, because the disciple has "recovered feeling, gained divine emotion, and filled hisPsychology2, 455:Creative thought is not the same as creative feeling and this distinction is often not grasped. AllPsychology2, 455:thought form will descend into the world of feeling and there assume the needed sensuous qualityPsychology2, 461:the lower self, the personality. The emotional, feeling, desire nature is utterly under the controlPsychology2, 467:in an abstracted detached world of being and of feeling, and we fail to keep in contact with thePsychology2, 471:they are "up against" some aspect of glamor, feeling that their demonstration of discipline hasPsychology2, 525:becomes active and dominant. The life of feeling and of mystical effort is, at this time, liable toPsychology2, 543:thinker is also willing to admit are those of feeling, sensitivity to the divine existence, thePsychology2, 560:188-196: Physical plane 1. Hearing 2. Touch, feeling 3. Sight 4. Taste 5. Smell 5th - gaseous 4th -Psychology2, 189:sounds) Beatitude. The Second Sense - Touch or feeling. Physical touch. Psychometry. PlanetaryPsychology2, 645:as a result of the agony of the world war, but, feeling isolated and alone, they have been impotentPsychology2, 670:They are however, either ridden by fear or by a feeling of futility, and by the realization thatPsychology2, 703:in some cases, to loss of faith, and a feeling [704] of emotional fatigue and mental futility whichPsychology2, 707:a childish attempt to express the world of feeling and of inner moods and those emotionallyPsychology2, 707:of the race. They are, however, to the world of feeling - expression what the drawings of the cavePsychology2, 734:learned to say these words with intensity of feeling, raising the clasped hands above the head, andRays, 5:love. This involves the sublimation of personal feeling into group realization or consciousness,Rays, 162:with certain required assets - consciousness, feeling, sensitivity, the ability to establish andRays, 193:aspects of Law) and the tendency to sensitivity (feeling or emotion, one of the lowest forms ofRays, 202:and will give him the hidden key to the world of feeling and of sentiency, of which ourRays, 202:world of feeling and of sentiency, of which our feeling-response and our emotional and intuitionalRays, 218:in group formation. It will possess a sensitive feeling apparatus, corresponding to the astralRays, 274:Their strength is dependent upon the depth of feeling in the one case, and the strength of the willRays, 445:(this demonstrates as sensitivity and feeling in the astral body), and spiritual mind, whoseRays, 513:is the thought behind the form, the registered feeling anent the words, and the understanding ofRays, 588:processes; secondly, to control his emotional, feeling nature, demonstrating that control at theRays, 626:habits of thought or - as the case may be - of feeling.
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