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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FEELINGS

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Autobiography, 12:that time, I had been a bundle of emotions and feelings; my mind - what there was of it - had usedBethlehem, 99:civilization was entirely centered in the feelings and the desires, in the emotions, and - amongBethlehem, 147:of transmutation converts the desires and feelings, the pains and the pleasures, into their higherBethlehem, 246:psychic nature, with its aggregate of moods and feelings and sentient reactions to environingDiscipleship1, 9:this experiment of the Hierarchy successful. The feelings, reactions, wishes and successes of theDiscipleship1, 10:not in the future consider your personality feelings and reactions because I count upon theDiscipleship1, 43:work possible. In this type of group work, the feelings, reactions, wishes and successes of theDiscipleship1, 98:of self which would rule out all moods and feelings, all personality desires, resentments,Discipleship1, 415:and live more in your mind and less in your feelings and emotional reactions. Your third rayDiscipleship1, 494:attention to the physical body, or to moods and feelings or to mental illusions. The body existsDiscipleship1, 494:The body exists and must receive due care; the feelings and moods are potent and exhausting andDiscipleship1, 744:nature may be reacting. This means that his own feelings, thoughts, likes, dislikes and desires areDiscipleship2, 248:not concern the sumtotal of the petty moods and feelings of the personalities of the group members.Discipleship2, 621:in the happiness of his brother than in his own feelings or thought and so forgets himself inDiscipleship2, 622:our thoughts, however remotely, arise out of our feelings, past as well as present? As reflectingDiscipleship2, 622:may not thoughts be described as 'fossil feelings'? In the connotation of the present, are not ourDiscipleship2, 622:the present, are not our thoughts but our finer feelings? Does not the mental grow out of theDiscipleship2, 625:would say that thoughts do not arise out of our feelings, but that when the mind begins to beDiscipleship2, 625:but that when the mind begins to be active, our feelings stand revealed and the result of thatDiscipleship2, 625:emotion. Thoughts, again, are not "fossilized feelings," but emotions which can be registered byDiscipleship2, 625:in relation to feeling or to the range of feelings which reveals emotion. In the present time whenDiscipleship2, 680:for personal ambition, personal criticisms, hard feelings or self-pity. Deepen your spiritual life,Discipleship2, 682:was to awaken you to the fact that your feelings and loyalties are based on a class idea and onFire, 595:plane, the home of the desires, originate those feelings which we call personal love; in the lowestGlamour, 142:and the less he is preoccupied with his own feelings or sense of achievement or of non-achievement,Healing, 5:of man originates from: The sumtotal of forces, feelings, desires and occasional mental processesHealing, 119:his attention, away from himself, his feelings, his complexes and his fixed ideas and undesirableHealing, 239:by an aspirant upon all emotional reactions and feelings. In their effort to control the astralHealing, 364:to detach and dissociate himself from his own feelings and to identify himself, through an act ofHealing, 369:to the positively electrified ions developed feelings of fatigue, dizziness and headache, while ifHercules, 176:the heart and are conscious of the group; your feelings and desires are related to the group. YouIntellect, 57:the sumtotal of all emotional states, moods and feelings. This body reacts to a man's physicalIntellect, 102:and anticipation. Moods, emotional reactions, feelings and desires, are also [103] recorded by theIntellect, 206:at will, or to be swung into activity by our feelings and emotions, or by the thought currents inMagic, 30:desires, qualities, complexes, inhibitions, feelings, and characteristics which produce a man'sMagic, 226:Sensitivity, or awareness of moods, emotions and feelings, desires and aspirations which have theirMagic, 259:all of you. People whose emotional moods and feelings run riot or who lack physical control cannotMagic, 295:body, with its longings, appetites, moods, feelings, and cravings moulds the physical body throughMagic, 308:as he interprets life in terms of his moods and feelings, just as long as he reacts to desire, justMagic, 452:desires, qualities, complexes, inhibitions, feelings and characteristics which produce a man'sMagic, 492:a state of restless movement, and its moods and feelings, its desires and emotions are powerfulMeditation, 332:now principally in their emotional bodies, - the feelings, desires, the concerns of the personalityPatanjali, 10:and is the material clothing all our desires and feelings. Thereby they are expressed. These twoPatanjali, 120:it is the bringing into submission of all the feelings, [121] desires and emotions, to the onePatanjali, 162:savage stages of human existence. The moods, feelings and desires, which all have form in thePatanjali, 190:which lie back of all desires, aspirations and feelings, and thus is related to the desire orPatanjali, 251:separate from the mind, the emotions, desires, feelings and form which constitute the lower man. HePatanjali, 307:nature, of the emotions, moods, desires and feelings and hence is most active in all. It is throughPatanjali, 326:the cause of distracting the mind by the various feelings they excite. But they are not quitePatanjali, 425:the race and to serve it more efficiently. The feelings of the disciple are of small moment; hisPatanjali, xii:opposites he has freed himself from the moods, feelings, longings, desires, and emotional reactionsPsychology1, 38:and considers himself as one with his moods, his feelings, his longings, whether they ray out inPsychology2, 25:animal and more definitely emotional. Moods and feelings come to be recognized, and a dim desireTelepathy, 8:rapport with the people in the circle. Their feelings, worries, sorrows, and desires becomeTelepathy, 19:plays as the broadcaster and as the recipient of feelings, thoughts and ideas, there will be little
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