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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FEELS

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Astrology, 82:though he knew it not - the man climbs down and feels his way (with pain and many tears) on toAutobiography, 143:We are peculiarly attached and yet I know she feels entirely free. Even though she has been twiceAutobiography, 287:against such beliefs and then abide by what he feels to be right. Certain beliefs are, however, ofAutobiography, 296:them, either as working hypotheses which he feels have no sane opposition or as facts which heBethlehem, 81:the new birth has not yet taken place, but who feels in himself a readiness to go up to Bethlehem,Bethlehem, 87:universe, toward compatibility between what he feels as a wish from within , and what he perceivesBethlehem, 105:God. An initiation is that moment in which a man feels and knows through every part of his beingBethlehem, 122:itself? One surely will be so regarded. If one feels, as do many today, that the solution of theBethlehem, 142:as they think (if he thinks at all); he easily feels as the mass feels, and he remainsBethlehem, 142:he thinks at all); he easily feels as the mass feels, and he remains undifferentiated from hisBethlehem, 143:Consciousness; for a time he perceives and feels, no longer as the person, but as the Oversoul,Bethlehem, 244:go free; Death is that moment when the swimmer feels The swift pain of the plunge into the pool,Bethlehem, 274:duty to God is worked out through the love he feels and shows for those around him. He knows noDiscipleship1, 396:trial, testing and bewilderment are severe. He feels alone. He believes himself misunderstood andDiscipleship1, 602:urgency - an urgency that the aspirant seldom feels himself. Life has offered you much ofDiscipleship1, 696:touch. He may impress their minds with what he feels is needed in periods of world crisis. He canDiscipleship1, 696:of world crisis. He can express to them what he feels should be done. But it remains for theDiscipleship1, 736:back on a self-centered position in which he feels: "Now I am loving; now I am not loving; now IDiscipleship2, 15:to the great Center of Absorption. But he who feels the urge to pass that way, yet loves hisDiscipleship2, 46:absorbed. Therefore, he is lonely and feels deserted and bereft. Some of you feel this loneliness;Discipleship2, 190:of his successful vertical life, the disciple feels himself at-one with all life in all forms andDiscipleship2, 464:received your instructions direct from him. He feels as I do, that in the pressure and anxiety andDiscipleship2, 580:difficult matter to form Triangles. What a man feels subconsciously conditions the success or theDiscipleship2, 714:into the physical body. Your vital body feels the constant pull upwards of mental force, but thatEducation, 84:to recognize himself as the one who acts, who feels and who thinks. Thus the responsibility of theEducation, 93:Period 2. To teach him that the life which he feels pulsing through his veins is only one smallExternalisation, 379:numbers so vast and its races so many that he feels himself a helpless, insignificant unit. He hasExternalisation, 382:today than a futile doing of the things a man feels like doing in a leisurely way, and thenExternalisation, 403:light upon their affairs; and I know too that He feels with an aching heart, that the simplicityExternalisation, 514:with the present Church organizations, who feels a close link with the Christ and who loves Him,Fire, 145:[145] Eventually the Indweller of the form feels the urge, or attractive pull, of its Own Self. TheFire, 197:of Compassion is one who (by means of touch) feels with, fully comprehends, and realizes the mannerFire, 201:Preserver and Destroyer. [201] He touches or feels the vibration of the form or not-self in all itsFire, 384:cells in His body - those cells through which He feels, and senses, and experiences, - are, in thisFire, 1064:type of atom it may be and in whatever kingdom) feels the force of the central energy which holdsFire, 1271:He sees no step ahead. He hears no voice. He feels no guiding hand. Only the fifth and latest knownGlamour, 116:as a whole and of the planetary state. He feels helpless, inert, feeble and hopeless. He cannotGlamour, 142:to work with pure faith and love. The less he feels and the less he is preoccupied with his ownGlamour, 223:refuse to admit, the fact of the Higher Self. He feels self-sufficient. They respond so easily andGlamour, 243:apart from the Thinker, from the One who feels and from the Actor and Player of the many partsHealing, 629:Being, the spiritual man, the actor, the one who feels (in varying degrees), and the thinker. TheHealing, 643:in the other it is the patient's soul which feels the effect of the healing energy. In the firstHercules, 14:know men. I know myself as one who thinks, and feels and lives. "One thing, O Teacher, I must tellHercules, 51:so great, that, dangerous as this may sound, one feels that it would be better [52] for them to beHercules, 145:in the subterranean areas of consciousness, yet feels baffled and bewildered in trying to deal withInitiation, 93:pains and sorrows of those he daily contacts; he feels them to be his joys and pains and sorrows,Initiation, 113:becomes aware of sound and turns his head; he feels and touches; finally, he consciously sees, andInitiation, 220:that which enables man to know that he exists, feels, and knows. It is divided in some schools intoIntellect, 169:his group relations and responsibilities and feels as if he must do his uttermost to live up toIntellect, 179:all activities in the world of human affairs. It feels pleasure and pain; it is engrossed withIntellect, 261:the various aspects of energy wherever the Self feels they should be used for the furthering of theMagic, 36:through this union of spirit and matter) which feels, registers awareness, attracts and repels,Magic, 63:to be able to really aid; at other times he feels that he has naught to offer and his service isMagic, 63:where all is clear to his vision. He knows and feels himself to be a son of God. Later, however,Magic, 74:to consider. Let him list the factors which he feels he needs to take into account as he seeks toMagic, 151:purpose of the Hierarchy in which his soul feels called upon to cooperate is breathed forth [152]Magic, 200:fails to call forth a registering response - he feels that the teacher has failed him and soMagic, 203:assets; he can tabulate the forces which he feels control his life, and thus arrive at a reasonableMagic, 215:which form the physical body, is controlled and feels the eye of the Master (the one Master in theMagic, 603:to identify oneself with all that breathes and feels which is the outstanding characteristic of allMeditation, 28:by meditation that the man - as a Personality - feels out the vibration of the Ego, and seeks toMeditation, 132:student into a blackness of despair; be feels that all is departing from him; he is a prey toMeditation, 355:that which enables man to know that he exists, feels, and knows. It is divided in some schools intoPatanjali, 92:and feeling as his brother's soul knows and feels. This is the meaning behind the occult words ofPatanjali, 136:of the preceding one. The true yogi neither feels aversion or desire. He is balanced between thesePatanjali, 176:Life is to bring him to the point [176] where he feels that physical plane living, sentiency andProblems, 57:to recognize himself as the one who acts, who feels and who thinks. Thus the responsibility of thePsychology1, 337:desire then attracts to itself that which it feels it needs, but later, that is changed into whatPsychology1, 342:and to the fear and instability which man feels when he comes up against the world "Dweller on thePsychology2, 121:to change situations, and make them what he feels they should be, thus forcing people to conform toPsychology2, 121:people to conform to that which the server feels should be done. Or again, service can grow out ofPsychology2, 373:others where he and his truths are concerned. He feels a fool and considers that others arePsychology2, 441:is that the vision is at first too big, and he feels that he cannot make the grade. Humanity todayPsychology2, 466:somehow to frustrate him consistently, and he feels he cannot march forward into this new andPsychology2, 466:forward into this new and wonderful world. He feels the need to temporize and to live in the samePsychology2, 471:of [471] mental pride and spiritual ambition, he feels he has great things to do, and thatRays, 108:not consciousness or realization, as the mystic feels it, or identification, as the occultist termsRays, 434:Spiritual Triad, the abstract mind. The disciple feels that, if he can attain the immediate andRays, 503:have been completed as far as the disciple feels he is capable of carrying them, then and only thenRays, 521:specifically to the Great Life of which it feels itself a part - upon that Life, and the responsiveRays, 600:of separateness, is finished for him and he now feels and knows something of the essential unity ofRays, 695:personality, is now directly with the Monad. He feels bereft and is apt to cry out - as did theReappearance, 158:specifically to the Great Life of which it feels itself a part - upon that Life and the responsiveSoul, 15:belief that in general, he himself directly feels why at one time he has one attitude, and later onSoul, 47:is more energetic, so is he more sensitive. He feels things more, he feels pain more readily,Soul, 47:is he more sensitive. He feels things more, he feels pain more readily, because he arrives moreTelepathy, 17:is pursued when, for instance, some mother "feels" that some danger threatens her child, or thatTelepathy, 92:into the usually inattentive minds for whom he feels a responsibility. This he does through a
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