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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FELLOW

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Psychology1, 172:method) of any usefulness in [172] aiding their fellow men, were swept into a current of spiritualPsychology1, 187:and of unity. I ask you to recognize your fellow workers in all the groups and to strengthen theirPsychology1, 189:life, and I implore you for the sake of your fellow men to strengthen your contact with your ownPsychology2, 44:the dharma the motives and the methods of their fellow disciples. Psychology2, 106:may do. So many earnest servers hold on to their fellow workers, and do not relinquish their holdPsychology2, 107:your own responsibility, and then leave your fellow disciples to do the same, free from the impactPsychology2, 129:hinders true service instead of into love of our fellow men. There is a point of danger in everyPsychology2, 141:which impatiently he seeks to impose upon his fellow men for their good, as he sees it. HePsychology2, 145:of an individual's response to an idea upon his fellow men and the reaction of a group to an idea,Psychology2, 152:into four groups of degrees: Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, (followed by the Mark degree) MasterPsychology2, 161:themselves to [161] work selflessly for their fellow men. As they succeed in doing this andPsychology2, 171:the playground of the world he stood with many fellow-players, wide to the light of day. In the farPsychology2, 174:are dominant in the mind, [174] he can serve his fellow men. These laws have this effect only asPsychology2, 233:willing to herd (of choice or perforce) with his fellow man. It is this principle, working orPsychology2, 256:live in this world and to be of service to our fellow men. [259] Psychology2, 260:to the physical plane as are the bulk of their fellow men. These awakening souls are the ones whoPsychology2, 334:of conditions at the disposal of his fellow workers. The fact of the soul will be admitted as aPsychology2, 353:he has destroyed. He is separated off from his fellow men because he has been isolated andPsychology2, 353:can be noted, for he reaches out his arms to his fellow men - to the greater whole - and thusPsychology2, 372:Who dwells behind the vision. Love more your fellow men.' " It will be apparent, therefore, thatPsychology2, 373:reality, and find behind them all - God and his fellow men. Then and only then can he be trusted toPsychology2, 374:all dreams if they can act as incentives to his fellow men. He shares in them all, yet retains hisPsychology2, 462:their one-pointed mental focus) upon their fellow men. This constitutes quite often the crux of thePsychology2, 585:like the Christ, simply to "know" what is in his fellow man and to be aware of his condition and ofPsychology2, 644:steadiness in the right attitudes to their fellow men, they are gradually absorbed into the ranksPsychology2, 648:capacity, whatever it may be, to serve their fellow men, will be also noted when possible andPsychology2, 648:spread enmity, or cause division among their fellow men. To this group, no government or church canPsychology2, 658:about definite changes in the minds of their fellow men and in world conditions; they are evoking aPsychology2, 664:the betterment of human living and love of their fellow men have distinguished them all. Yet allPsychology2, 677:establishing of right relations with one's fellow men. When the mass conscience is evoked andPsychology2, 687:hold our constant attention, - the need of our fellow men and the necessity of providing a groupPsychology2, 710:them from the rank and file of their fellow men. They rise to the top of their profession, whateverPsychology2, 712:cost; by your sacrifice and your service to your fellow men and by the constant dissemination ofRays, 4:order that circumstances may be irradiated and fellow pilgrims helped. Students should familiarizeRays, 345:in groups of seven, but had not contacted their fellow group members in physical consciousness; theRays, 533:to the degrees of Entered Apprentice and of Fellow Craft, plus certain little-practiced degrees, asReappearance, 20:relations to God, and right relations to your fellow men - and thus be happy. The steps on thisTelepathy, 22:Master; he cannot work in true rapport with his fellow disciples. But when he can work somewhat as
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