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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FELLOWMEN

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Astrology, 288:spirit which is his true Self and know also his fellowmen. Astrology, 338:for purely individual ends. He dominates his fellowmen for entirely personality objectives. TheAstrology, 582:which tend to the well-being of our fellowmen. It expresses itself in a desire to end abuses and toAutobiography, X:best help you and me to be better servers of our fellowmen. She had fashioned and molded theAutobiography, 18:in Scotland. If I have been of any service to my fellowmen and if I have done anything to bringAutobiography, 61:far off, abstract Deity but that we love our fellowmen. Loving our fellowmen is evidence -Autobiography, 61:Deity but that we love our fellowmen. Loving our fellowmen is evidence - undefined, maybe, but justAutobiography, 72:interest me and all people who love their fellowmen. I have very little recollection of anythingAutobiography, 105:of humanity. Here was a whole section of my fellowmen who were being refused the rights of theAutobiography, 147:beings trying, with simplicity, to help their fellowmen. As the result of my background andAutobiography, 158:are those dedicated to the service of one's fellowmen, the spiritual Hierarchy and, above all,Autobiography, 158:Whose guidance he can more efficiently serve his fellowmen. I remember at one of the first E.S.Autobiography, 188:rest of the membership and those who loved their fellowmen, who believed in progress and theAutobiography, 230:a potent desire selflessly to serve one's fellowmen plus a definite sense of [231] spiritualAutobiography, 251:have interiorly pledged themselves to help their fellowmen. This great group constitutes the worldAutobiography, 268:of the service rendered by the disciple to his fellowmen. This is a point oft overlooked byAutobiography, 272:started by aspirants. They want to help their fellowmen and are impelled thereto by a love ofAutobiography, 276:and to the Hierarchy, and right relations to his fellowmen in the life of every day. After aAutobiography, 282:which will bring about right relations to one's fellowmen, right relation to one's own soul, rightAutobiography, 283:School is the theme of service. Service to one's fellowmen is the hallmark of a disciple and theAutobiography, 286:of the teaching, are intelligent and love their fellowmen. In 1947 we had about 140 schoolAutobiography, 288:the Plan for humanity and a deep love for one's fellowmen. The student who learns to apply theseBethlehem, 44:of the soul, realizing that in service to his fellowmen and in forgetfulness of self he preparesBethlehem, 91:truth. He formulates it into such terms that his fellowmen can grasp it and eventually live by it.Bethlehem, 152:human being. That man who sees no good in his fellowmen is he who is unaware of his own goodness;Bethlehem, 201:and become, in their turn, saviors of their fellowmen. How then shall we define sin? First let usBethlehem, 201:expressions of man's relation to God and to his fellowmen and, according to the New Testament,Bethlehem, 201:to the New Testament, these terms - God and our fellowmen - are interchangeable terms. What doBethlehem, 223:I was not met as in intercourse with my fellowmen by the cold platitudes that fall so lightly fromBethlehem, 281:because they seek to serve their fellowmen more efficiently and adequately, and thus "glorify theirDestiny, 28:the same conclusions, provided he loved his fellowmen enough to see them truly as they were andDestiny, 40:of interpreting the mind of God for their fellowmen. Destiny, 113:(for that is all it potentially is) upon his fellowmen and to do so in such a form thatDiscipleship1, X:of increasing enlightenment, of service to his fellowmen and of a growing responsiveness toDiscipleship1, XV:be because they have arrived at love of their fellowmen, just as they have loved themselves in theDiscipleship1, 7:Path and arrive at greater usefulness to your fellowmen. There is not the slightest suggestion ofDiscipleship1, 44:in their perfection and who towered above their fellowmen from the heights of their achievement.Discipleship1, 99:and all pettiness in your relations with your fellowmen. On the physical plane, it would mean theDiscipleship1, 107:and zeal in me must feed the aspiration of my fellowmen. To this - in knowledge full - I pledgeDiscipleship1, 137:has long been your aim for you have loved your fellowmen and have struggled to retain this love forDiscipleship1, 141:to the [141] world, and not to a handful of your fellowmen. This is not an easy lesson to learn, myDiscipleship1, 160:of increased usefulness. Cultivate love for your fellowmen or rather, my brother and my friend, theDiscipleship1, 187:ability to serve and to make sacrifices for his fellowmen. Our objective is to function as a group,Discipleship1, 192:humanity is equally right; your liking for your fellowmen is very real. Your mind is active andDiscipleship1, 193:not minds. 5th month - As a soul, I serve my fellowmen. 6th month - I place the torch of truth inDiscipleship1, 200:manner can I use the light in order to help my fellowmen? In what way can I most truly serve myDiscipleship1, 200:fellowmen? In what way can I most truly serve my fellowmen? Discipleship1, 211:can with advantage - prove of usefulness to your fellowmen but the time is not yet. You, as well asDiscipleship1, 215:of what I say. You serve and love your fellowmen because we, the teachers on the inner side alsoDiscipleship1, 216:will surely produce a deepened relation to your fellowmen. Increasingly will you see them in us andDiscipleship1, 220:in order to render increased service to your fellowmen. Hence the meditation which I have outlinedDiscipleship1, 241:and in service and in the helping of your fellowmen there comes for you the way of liberation. BeDiscipleship1, 246:I gather what I need for the helping of my fellowmen." Then follows an interlude of 12 slow counts,Discipleship1, 246:wisdom and the love which must be shown to your fellowmen. Exhale on 10 counts, saying: "WithDiscipleship1, 246:self-forgetfulness, I breathe out love upon my fellowmen." Then comes an interlude of 12 counts inDiscipleship1, 254:increasingly along the lines of service to your fellowmen and to us. One word I would say to you inDiscipleship1, 264:into a position of trust in relation to their fellowmen. Your work is, therefore, the work ofDiscipleship1, 279:your life. Oft you have been bewildered and your fellowmen bewilder you at times. Seek for one yearDiscipleship1, 355:you must aim at being more at-one with your fellowmen. It is perhaps an increased facility in theDiscipleship1, 357:bearing a knowledge of its mysteries for my fellowmen." Seek during the next few months toDiscipleship1, 370:isolated from those who love you and from your fellowmen. Hence there is a continuing conflictDiscipleship1, 382:render you more effective in service to your fellowmen than anything else. I would, however, hereDiscipleship1, 386:instead, outwards in the effort to aid your fellowmen. Aid people by using what you are, which mustDiscipleship1, 400:on the Way," for the helping of your fellowmen and for the stabilizing of your own inner attitude?Discipleship1, 419:By a close attention to the needs of his fellowmen and by means of that uncomplaining enduranceDiscipleship1, 433:more and more immersed in the service of your fellowmen, and are drawing closer to the goal whichDiscipleship1, 441:for long years sustained; the service to your fellowmen in giving dynamic thought should be yourDiscipleship1, 441:today, reaching out to me and embracing your fellowmen. From these two - patience and clear thoughtDiscipleship1, 445:of the attitude of the Observer assist my fellowmen? In what way can I most truly serve them? AndDiscipleship1, 474:done. But read with the intent to serve your fellowmen through the medium of that which has beenDiscipleship1, 482:people were rendering? List what you see your fellowmen doing each day that strikes a note ofDiscipleship1, 484:into incarnation) you can give something to your fellowmen which will open a door for them. YourDiscipleship1, 484:doing some definite service in relation to your fellowmen... I refer to that service which aDiscipleship1, 484:intensification of one's ability to love one's fellowmen, the power to draw others to one with theDiscipleship1, 531:life which you have yet to offer to your fellowmen. You have a faculty for understanding which youDiscipleship1, 533:have to give to your group brothers and to your fellowmen is nearer to the surface than it was sixDiscipleship1, 550:is through alignment. Direct knowledge of your fellowmen, so that you understand them and canDiscipleship1, 560:such a relation works out in service to your fellowmen, it is of no use. It is service to beDiscipleship1, 565:I dedicate myself. That soul is one in all my fellowmen and I am one with them. The keynote of theDiscipleship1, 579:heart must fill the air around me and rest my fellowmen. 3rd month - I am a pool of quiet. NaughtDiscipleship1, 584:forward, and finds himself surrounded by his fellowmen. Some move ahead; he follows after. SomeDiscipleship1, 584:him what he needs: a pot of fire, to warm his fellowmen; a lamp, to cast its rays upon his heartDiscipleship1, 584:to cast its rays upon his heart and shew his fellowmen the nature of his hidden life; a purse ofDiscipleship1, 610:I would say to you with emphasis: Love more your fellowmen. At present you love our work andDiscipleship1, 610:(as our work) looms large between you and your fellowmen and will definitely negate yourDiscipleship1, 626:Yet you fear to descend and walk among your fellowmen in loving identification with them. It isDiscipleship1, 630:but are busy elsewhere in the service of your fellowmen. Keep the door open and pass and repassDiscipleship1, 644:(and this you like not) and service for your fellowmen, will release in you the knowledge which youDiscipleship1, 649:of true values and a deep and true love of your fellowmen which will enable you to sacrifice forDiscipleship1, 649:the cause of humanity and through love of his fellowmen. Love each other. Think with clarity, freeDiscipleship1, 651:life and love of God. That love I send to all my fellowmen. [652] 2nd month - "Rest has its centerDiscipleship1, 664:grades of discipleship, seek to serve our fellowmen. This Full Moon work involves the use of theDiscipleship1, 682:with the Plan, so infused with love for his fellowmen that his entire orientation is towards theDiscipleship1, 683:in others, initiates a response from his fellowmen and carries the Plan the next step forward inDiscipleship1, 683:fluidity of ideas, and selfless work for their fellowmen. A Master's group is not a place whereinDiscipleship1, 686:service, based upon a growing love of your fellowmen. The obedience demanded is that of theDiscipleship1, 690:by the fire of love in your hearts for your fellowmen. One factor that should be touched upon hereDiscipleship1, 701:point of view, the nature and the force of your fellowmen. This is vitally true also of a group ofDiscipleship1, 709:circumstance) when they separate him from his fellowmen. When he has really learnt these threeDiscipleship1, 744:very existence in the work to be done for their fellowmen. The chela on the thread has reached a
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