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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FELT

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Astrology, 13:larger whole. This we will consider later, but I felt the necessity of calling your attention to itAstrology, 21:last instance to their effect as it makes itself felt in the solar system as a whole and with thisAstrology, 39:of the earlier system which makes itself felt in man in the necessary crucifixion of the animalAstrology, 39:fire, or "fire by friction," as it makes itself felt on the sixth plane. These lives are calledAstrology, 40:into physical incarnation, for it makes itself felt on the seventh plane. The energies which areAstrology, 45:consequence that their vibration is more to be felt than that of the subsidiary groups. TheAstrology, 48:in the three worlds and one which makes itself felt in higher spheres. It is necessary to bear inAstrology, 118:the hidden man is making his presence felt. The intellect is awakening [119] and instinct - afterAstrology, 122:and as the Sun retrogrades through the signs, is felt largely in the anima mundi and in the hidden,Astrology, 135:to understand, though when they makes their note felt on the reversing wheel, most difficult toAstrology, 142:kingdom in nature. The Aquarian influences are felt also as life-giving [143] in other forms ofAstrology, 166:the activity of all the three Crosses is felt simultaneously through the medium of the "releasedAstrology, 166:expressing through Pluto and Vulcan, is only felt in a positive manner upon the Path ofAstrology, 171:the first signs of the Christ consciousness are felt; both fall in Capricorn, when the Christ lifeAstrology, 196:from the Pole Star begins to make its presence felt and a sense of right direction or guidance isAstrology, 199:its peculiar testing potency is no longer felt. The Hierarchy - The distributing agency to theAstrology, 200:of that early activity have made themselves felt. Two of our planets, the Earth (non-sacred) andAstrology, 203:of Scorpio and of the planet Mars is so strongly felt in world affairs that true insight may beAstrology, 216:of awareness - three descending levels - and are felt first of all upon the mental plane, then uponAstrology, 253:life is as yet too small to make its presence felt; the involutionary process is yet too close; butAstrology, 264:energy of Vulcan is potently making its presence felt, and hence the struggles going on upon theAstrology, 300:time. The influence of Sirius is not consciously felt until after the third initiation when theAstrology, 319:the human Hierarchy begins to make its presence felt and to include the dualism of man. ThisAstrology, 379:however, that life makes its inner pressure felt and the movement - faint yet real - of the hiddenAstrology, 439:Saturn and Shamballa. Its potency is naturally felt more directly in the triangle of the HierarchyAstrology, 485:The influence of these three constellations is felt through their esoteric planets, and the massAstrology, 486:kingdoms in nature. This activity has only been felt since 1835; the potency of Leo can be tracedAstrology, 498:- this is no easy task. We have completed what I felt possible to communicate anent the Science, ofAstrology, 539:houses in which these effects will primarily be felt. The following brief tabulation may proveAstrology, 540:The energies poured out, therefore, will be felt primarily in those aspects of human living whichAstrology, 540:Ray of Ceremonial Order or Organization is felt in the house of relationships, of organizations andAstrology, 541:work of the seventh ray is being increasingly felt; the destruction of the forces of evil is goingAstrology, 568:Each of these Crosses makes its presence felt as a fourfold sphere of influence or a potent centerAstrology, 604:of the will as it makes its presence [604] felt and the result of its expression, emphasizedAstrology, 606:its spiritual pressure is then increasingly felt. It is, therefore, only possible to point toAstrology, 654:Distributive effect - Solar etheric radiation. (Felt cosmically) [655] The Planet EntityAstrology, 655:effect - Planetary etheric radiation. (Felt within the system) The Human Being Entity manifesting -Astrology, 655:Distributive effect - Human etheric radiation. (Felt by environment) Astrology, 673:Vol. II, 38) "Every sin committed on Earth is felt in Venus. Every change in Venus is reflected onAstrology, 686:via the second globe in our chain; His scarcely felt vibration was sensed (occultly) in the secondAstrology, 690:to flow through. In the fifth round, it will be felt at its height." (C. F. 699) "The heart of theAtom, 37:which energy or force functions, or makes itself felt. When we are talking in these lectures ofAtom, 55:that which is manifested is that which can be felt) contacted, and realized as tangible. Yet inAtom, 86:love-wisdom just beginning to make its presence felt, and with the highest aspect of spiritual willAtom, 88:The group consciousness begins to make itself felt. Thus the human atom finds its place within theAutobiography, 1:1941 from a friend in Scotland who said that he felt that I would really render a service if IAutobiography, 10:a moment when she was in her early twenties. She felt that there was nothing to live for, and thatAutobiography, 16:for some reason, over mine. He probably felt my mother would be alive if having two children hadAutobiography, 23:be indicated, as seeking to make its presence felt. The universality of the process should beAutobiography, 29:of eighteen. She was the one person to whom I felt "anchored." She gave me a sense of "belonging"Autobiography, 29:of the few people in my life at that time who I felt truly loved me and believed in me. Autobiography, 29:head under his arm." I have often, as a child, felt the gold clasps which the surgery of that timeAutobiography, 36:I reacted to a feeling of smug satisfaction. I felt that I was like Joan of Arc (at that time myAutobiography, 41:that could not be seen but which could be felt and which was more real and more truly essentialAutobiography, 46:no money. But the time had now come when I felt the need to make myself of some use in the worldAutobiography, 47:and exciting life than they have. I have never felt that ties of physical blood amount to much. WhyAutobiography, 63:own girls in a similar position and would have felt that what was good for the goose was not alwaysAutobiography, 67:responsible for me worked against me, but I felt miserable and [68] helpless. On the way to MeerutAutobiography, 79:worker tried to persuade me not to go, but I felt I was needed. When I arrived at Meerut, I foundAutobiography, 88:for my fellow workers. I was utterly frantic. I felt a traitor. My heart was pulling me in oneAutobiography, 88:not sleep. I walked up and down my room and felt entirely desolate. I went out on to the broadAutobiography, 94:beloved Miss Sandes. I can remember the relief I felt and the feeling that now all my troubles wereAutobiography, 94:me, young as I was, a trustee of her work. She felt I could carry on because, as she told me, sheAutobiography, 95:work was being regarded as quite unnecessary. I felt let down. I faced a major anticlimax. I workedAutobiography, 95:up during the day into a terrible state; I felt a fool or an idiot. Then I left these two beloved,Autobiography, 96:with her conservative attitude, she would have felt that there was something seriously wrong withAutobiography, 111:very hot and dry in the summer. However, I felt completely isolated, culturally and mentally andAutobiography, 111:I am sure I was very nice and kind, but always I felt a barrier. I did not want to have much to doAutobiography, 118:so he could look after my mail for me. I have felt and still feel deeply indebted to him. It tookAutobiography, 123: Autobiography of Alice A. Bailey - Chapter III I felt I was of no use to anybody; that I must haveAutobiography, 123:my faith in theological interpretations and I felt that there was nothing left me except a vagueAutobiography, 123:Christ, Who at this time seemed very far away. I felt deserted by God and man. Let me say here thatAutobiography, 139:was the Christ and when this dawned on me, I felt that He had been given back to me in a nearer andAutobiography, 154:eggs because they were animal products and they felt that they were very, very good and well on theAutobiography, 163:of weeks or a month and then decide what I felt about it. It was during these few weeks that I gotAutobiography, 165:took the proper steps and the time was ripe. He felt he would like to tell the Masters, much to myAutobiography, 173:unhappy. They were controlled by the E.S. but felt that the methods employed were shocking. Many ofAutobiography, 180:not think she enjoyed the other ladies but she felt she was very good for them and I'll guaranteeAutobiography, 183:very difficult period in my life. I have always felt that I should astrologically have CancerAutobiography, 204:annoy my daughters extremely but I have always felt that the psychology was good. Mother was alwaysAutobiography, 206:secrets from each other and I knew all that she felt about people and circumstances and herAutobiography, 223:liked, provided that if it was a book that I felt was pure dirt I would tell [224] them about itAutobiography, 224:willing to let them read even what you yourself felt was unwise, their natural cleanness and theirAutobiography, 235:that peace become a compulsory thing. We have felt very strongly that this was putting the cartAutobiography, 246:next century, up until 2025 A.D. A.A.B. later felt that it would be of value to me and to the workAutobiography, 252:thus demonstrating the freedom which they felt and had been taught. When the war broke and theAutobiography, 284:having little opportunity to make its presence felt. When, however, a measure of balance orBethlehem, 44:In the cave of the heart the divine life can be felt throbbing. Man discovers himself to be one ofBethlehem, 87:[87] I. "Wherever a thing is both perceived and felt, there is the experience of the soul; andBethlehem, 94:Himself and for man. We recognize the unity He felt with the Father, and that He has called us to aBethlehem, 108:as also we are; He suffered and agonized; He felt irritation, and was conditioned by His body, HisBethlehem, 111:to the depth of the religious spirit to have felt forsaken, even by God." (Religion in the Making,Bethlehem, 125:then let us take our stand upon that known and felt experience, refusing to deal with the [126]Bethlehem, 136:the life aspect of divinity makes its presence felt. [137] In His earthly life, therefore, ChristBethlehem, 151:sight of so much brilliance. Nevertheless, they felt that "it was good for them to be there." YetBethlehem, 206:the sharing with Christ of the urgency which He felt to meet the world's need and to act the partBethlehem, 220:He had relied, the divinity of which He had felt assured, was found to be related to feeling. ThatBethlehem, 221:thus into the place of outer darkness, and felt entirely deserted of all that had hitherto meant soBethlehem, 239:and visible, frequently making its presence felt. Working therefore on the premise of the unseenDestiny, 6:great energy is making its presence unmistakably felt. I am anxious to have you realize the potency
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