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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FELT

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Fire, 743:present, but their influence is not forever felt. In considering planetary pralaya, we mightFire, 747:on the cosmic planes, and only the effects are felt on this. They meditate in Their physicalFire, 751:whereby cosmic Existences make Their power felt can be seen working out on all the planes of theFire, 752:the planetary Logos begins to make His Presence felt, and force from the constellation of the,Fire, 755:at the close of this century and makes His power felt, He will come as the Teacher of Love andFire, 765:the flame and the essential heat can be felt by the One Who approaches and watches. This is theFire, 765:manifest itself; the light and warmth are felt. This, the third cycle, is called that of theFire, 766:egoic energy, and of impulse making its presence felt in the substance of the lower planes; theFire, 767:fire at the heart has begun to make itself felt even though not as yet localized. Then the firstFire, 768:(generated by him) could begin to make itself felt on mental levels. When the fire of the lowerFire, 770:in any group or any group unit makes itself felt as a pulsation, or access of energy, emanatingFire, 791:and the effects therefore are more rapidly felt. At the close of evolution, when the human unit isFire, 792:levels of the system. The response will be felt finally on monadic levels. Then, after a moment ofFire, 792:of equilibrium, the effect of the rhythm is felt entirely on the higher planes, and leaves theFire, 804:not so much) affected, and the mineral kingdom felt the effect in a startling manner, far more thanFire, 807:fire is beginning to make its radiations felt, and the will or purpose of the Ego is nowFire, 808:the energy of the solar Lords may make itself felt, and we shall now proceed to study three things:Fire, 808:the lower bodies, as it gradually makes itself felt during the evolutionary process, and thusFire, 808:comprehended until after initiation, but it is felt now by the Teachers on the inner side that theFire, 832:of that which is higher even than the Ego is felt. The earlier process has then to be repeated on aFire, 837:specifically worded thus because the effects are felt in the lowest sheath of all, and areFire, 838:the Heart of Mother. Its warmth was scarcely felt. The first and second of the inner lines throbbedFire, 858:The energy flowing from the Ego is but little felt in the early stages of development. Man followsFire, 869:the first tier of petals), the egoic influence felt at the beginning is but small, but when theFire, 878:are made. The need for incarnation is no longer felt, the chains of karma are broken, and the manFire, 941:and which becomes so strong as to make itself felt in the surrounding deva substance, thusFire, 949:still extant and the vibration still to be felt which is the persistence of force from [950] anFire, 959:The power of the Ego can begin to make itself felt. Applicants for initiation and initiates up toFire, 964:from dormancy into activity, the effect being felt as follows: As the major head center awakens,Fire, 973:its vibrations will emanate, and make themselves felt, and finally to make it magnetic, so thatFire, 990:the mystery of cosmic evil as it makes itself felt in any particular planetary scheme. Again, whenFire, 1001:in strength; its light or fire makes itself felt; it becomes, in the occult sense, visuallyFire, 1022:polar opposite of our planet. That which can be felt originating from that planet which forms, withFire, 1032:involutionary arc, the Vishnu force is likewise felt, but until the nature of the group soul isFire, 1039:another influence begins to make itself felt, which draws together, or dissipates, those contactingFire, 1048:the upward pull of the Monad itself began to be felt. At the same time, the Monad on its [1049] ownFire, 1049:their part, the higher vibration makes itself felt, and the activity, or motion, is more balanced,Fire, 1049:this, the highest rhythm of all makes itself felt, leading to increased activity upon the highestFire, 1056:negates such a thing, but that the influence felt is by the planetary Entity - the sumtotal of theFire, 1061:the etheric form of energy) making its presence felt in such a way that it becomes apparent even toFire, 1062:by the inner essence as it makes its presence felt through the form, when the form has been broughtFire, 1064:by the magnetic pull of the greater center being felt, thus causing an urge within the atom whichFire, 1065:life which is drawing it to itself. When this is felt sufficiently strongly, the atomic cycle isFire, 1079:Human radiation of a very slight nature was felt about the time of Christ, but it only lasted for aFire, 1079:Egos who are its agents have made their presence felt. Finally, when a movement is instituted byFire, 1080:to point out that all such movements are first felt as disturbing, and only when the dust ofFire, 1104:influence of the solar Angel. This influence is felt in four stages: As the three rows of petalsFire, 1111:the outer row of petals. This begins to be felt during the third period of man's evolution when heFire, 1112:which - at the close of evolution - makes itself felt through the inner circle of petals, and whichFire, 1112:possible for a still higher form of energy to be felt, that which is the energy of the center ofFire, 1120:and this revolution only [1120] begins to be felt when the petals are becoming active. It might beFire, 1121:the force latent in the Jewel makes its presence felt. It might specifically be said that theseFire, 1121:causal body and from thence making its presence felt, which produces among the centers the esotericFire, 1128:that which lies hidden, and to make his energy felt in the group and place where he finds himself.Fire, 1128:before the triple egoic force can make itself felt through their medium. Added to these factors,Fire, 1129:and their vital force only begins to make itself felt after the lower four are fully active. AFire, 1130:and mental planes. When it is to be seen and felt, the man can function consciously on the buddhicFire, 1130:Monad, focused through the jewel, makes itself felt also on the physical plane, passing through theFire, 1158:The sevenfold activity of spirit makes itself felt when each of these seven centers is not onlyFire, 1161:of medium by which the egoic force makes itself felt. Macrocosmically, but little can be said whichFire, 1164:have their place, their function, and their felt effects. These centers, with no dense physicalFire, 1189:of fire," generated and making their presence felt. We have a correspondence to this in the factFire, 1197:of the earlier system which makes itself felt in man in the necessary crucifixion of the animalFire, 1197:fire, or "fire by friction," as it makes itself felt on the sixth plane. There lives are calledFire, 1198:into physical incarnation for it makes itself felt on the seventh plane. The energies which areFire, 1202:consequence that their vibration is more to be felt than that of the subsidiary groups. [1203] TheFire, 1205:in the three worlds and one which makes itself felt in higher spheres. [1206] It is necessary toFire, 1249:and objective phenomena suddenly makes itself felt and also seen. It is the production of thisGlamour, 9:the plane of sensitive awareness through a felt identification with the object of attention orGlamour, 11:through which the idea can make its presence felt, in order that the intuited qualified idea mayGlamour, 28:that can shine through and make its presence felt in your auras can be seen by me and indicate toGlamour, 37:wisdom of the illumined mind. Six months ago I felt that it was probably impossible for L.T.S-K. toGlamour, 67:The intuition can begin to make its presence felt when glamor no longer grips the lower man, and aGlamour, 76:immersed. Therefore the Guides of the Race have felt the necessity of standing by whilst the forcesGlamour, 82:intuition, however, will [82] make its presence felt much earlier in extremity or on urgent demand.Glamour, 138:this release has taken place, no barriers are felt and true knowledge as a result of revealedGlamour, 142:or to be disturbed, no bad results will be felt. [143] In connection with your anticipated groupGlamour, 271:the Angel of the PRESENCE may make His nearness felt and inspire you to pass courageously throughHealing, 160:man) the divine will-to-good will make itself felt and divine purpose be achieved; when the thymusHealing, 160:This goodwill is already making its presence felt in the world today, indicating the coming intoHealing, 231:the Dark Face. To procure what they coveted and felt they needed, the most highly evolved of thatHealing, 337:They do not, however, make their presence felt as symptoms of disease in these places where theyHealing, 362:perplexed them. The devas can only be sensed and felt; they cannot be approached by humanity as yetHealing, 376:electrical rays which will make their presence felt and lead to possibilities beyond the dreams ofHealing, 418:When the vibration or note is perfectly felt or sounded, it causes (at the point of synthesis withHealing, 431:with the theme of death as it makes its presence felt through disease or through old age. I am notHealing, 475:"pull" or attractive impulse makes itself felt. The dense physical body, the sumtotal of organs,Healing, 506:life of those sheaths, only making its presence felt through what is called "the voice ofHealing, 613:the revelation of an emerging divinity. I have felt it necessary to emphasize this because of theHealing, 622:from the head center an immediate effect is felt in all the petals of all the centers; theHealing, 624:and in the nature of repetition. But I have felt it essential to repeat the story so that there mayHealing, 642:refers only to initiates of high degree. I felt these points to be interesting and also useful forHealing, 663:them. When the evil which has made its presence felt, and when the imperfections which have beenHealing, 694:to give instruction along these lines. I have felt it necessary to explain this, so that there willHercules, 11:of the lower material nature made its presence felt with the facility of agelong expression. At theHercules, 15:girded on, and, shielded thus, the new disciple felt secure. He had yet to prove his strength.Hercules, 21:the Initiate has faced this one divine truth and felt the mighty urge of the One Life. HenceforthHercules, 33:initiated the creative work, there begins to be felt the urge to achieve freedom from the form, toHercules, 40:moving towards the Holy Place. "Within myself I felt the urge and sought my Teacher. Told by theHercules, 57:problem of delay; a year had now been lost; he felt the need for haste. Again a cry broke forth and
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