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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FEW

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Discipleship1, 339:govern your personality life during the next few months. Quietness leads to a right reflection inDiscipleship1, 341:it. Your values are truer than they were a few years ago. The small social amenities and theDiscipleship1, 352:the other group members and note carefully the few changes I have made. [353] Add to it theDiscipleship1, 357:for my fellowmen." Seek during the next few months to understand not only the way a disciple mustDiscipleship1, 358:Sound the O. M. After you have worked for a few minutes at right alignment then: [359] At yourDiscipleship1, 375:developed and used with due detachment. In these few words I state your immediate problem. PonderDiscipleship1, 386:through your [386] field of lotuses and for a few minutes each morning, center your consciousnessDiscipleship1, 389:form you can draw up yourself during the next few months. The theme will emerge in yourDiscipleship1, 408:you oft have realized you need. Give the next few months to a close study of all the groupDiscipleship1, 420:not glamor. It has also fanned into activity a few hidden seeds of self-satisfaction, which stillDiscipleship1, 439:particularly necessary. I would ask you for a few minutes each morning (prior to doing the groupDiscipleship1, 441:W. O. I. August 1936 BROTHER OF MINE: For some few years now you have been definitely orientingDiscipleship1, 446:the past year's events, to proceed for the next few months with a relative slowness and with a realDiscipleship1, 448:significance. Take one word each week for a few minutes' careful consideration (prior to the groupDiscipleship1, 450:away one of the most potent of the relatively few things which hold you back from a very importantDiscipleship1, 456:brain awareness. Work, therefore, for the next few months at strengthening your alignment, linkingDiscipleship1, 458:is established. Your work for the next few months, my brother, must have for its objective aDiscipleship1, 461:- D.I.J. February 1936 BROTHER OF OLD: The next few months, until the time of the Wesak Festival,Discipleship1, 464:to live much upon the astral plane for the past few months in an emotional vortex. Mount up, myDiscipleship1, 468:which is so abundantly yours. You have a few personal glamors, but they are not of the kind whichDiscipleship1, 472:or non-fulfilment with careful analysis. In a few months you should be able to note definite changeDiscipleship1, 473:of accomplishment. But you were told that, for a few months, certain work needed doing and, at theDiscipleship1, 476:Train yourself to recognize need during the next few months. It will aid in increasing your occultDiscipleship1, 476:your occult sensitivity and drive out the last few signs of your ancient and deep seated self-pity.Discipleship1, 478:the need." Had you done this during the past few months, your way would have been easier and yourDiscipleship1, 478:pour through you. Should you, during the next few months, need my thought and help, you have myDiscipleship1, 478:you that you have made little progress the past few months, you will be discouraged and that I doDiscipleship1, 479:and progress has resulted during the past few months. Today, you walk not all the time in theDiscipleship1, 484:Otherwise, my brother, go your way for another few months and attain still greater release. What IDiscipleship1, 496:exerted a constructive influence during the last few years, but you were too lazy to do so. You doDiscipleship1, 497:with them is necessarily restricted to a very few, but your range of influence - throughDiscipleship1, 506:the simplicity of this thought and for the next few months cease from wrestling and be content withDiscipleship1, 514:in this garden and work steadily for the next few months from this center of love and light. Discipleship1, 514:love will suffice to occupy you during the next few months. You are now entering a period ofDiscipleship1, 520:rule controlling the physical body, for very few physical bodies are on the sixth ray, as is yours.Discipleship1, 521:- C.D.P. January 1938 MY BROTHER: The past few months have seen the working out of much innerDiscipleship1, 521:note which should rule your life during the next few months is to stand steadily in spiritualDiscipleship1, 522:gathering for many and a place of refuge for a few. Ponder on this and continue your task ofDiscipleship1, 529:- who sometimes follow - and then one sees, a few feet away, midway between the woods and theDiscipleship1, 530:certain small shade-loving flowers, a very few lilies-of-the-valley, here and there a fern. ThereDiscipleship1, 531:in service. As you draw it forth during the next few years, you will find it shedding a light uponDiscipleship1, 539:key thoughts for deep reflection during the next few months; will you ponder on them, within theDiscipleship1, 542:in relation to the many and not only to the few. I would suggest that you follow the meditationDiscipleship1, 545:not employed. You are entering now upon a few years of intensified training. For this you must beDiscipleship1, 548:my brother and my friend, to do during the next few months. One is to establish and hold a closerDiscipleship1, 551:knew from the start that K. E. S. had only a few years to live. In his last instruction he uses theDiscipleship1, 551:"where'er you live that life." K. E. S. died a few months later. Discipleship1, 561:into peace." For your seed thoughts for the next few months, will you use the following? 1st monthDiscipleship1, 564:January 1938 BROTHER OF OLD: During the next few months of quiet study and preparation, I would askDiscipleship1, 566:your case, becomes a definite hindrance. Like a few others in my group, your astral body is notDiscipleship1, 568:to concentrate on three things during the next few months and to leave me out of the pictureDiscipleship1, 575:sensitivity to my vibration during the next few months, particularly at the time of the Full Moon.Discipleship1, 576:force. Let, therefore, your effort for the next few months be the attainment of this inner quiet.Discipleship1, 578:and though I looked at you with anxiety till a few weeks ago, I no longer do so. You can and willDiscipleship1, 579:to me will suffice for your work for the next few months. [580] Discipleship1, 584:the point which you have reached during the past few months, if you can begin to utilize the secondDiscipleship1, 586:you are now pledged to end. Twice in the last few months, I have noted your earnest efforts at theDiscipleship1, 591:this angle of limitation. I have, however, a few minutes to spare this morning and I will speak toDiscipleship1, 603:That which I have accomplished during the past few hours, has it been clearly understood by me?Discipleship1, 604:Having thus analyzed the activities of the past few hours, then dedicate them to the service of theDiscipleship1, 614:them: You are nearly sixty. Ahead of you lie a few more years of service, if you will, or a futileDiscipleship1, 624:the theme of your thought [624] for the next few months and should constitute the keynote of yourDiscipleship1, 624:the press of work and for the period of the next few years, your work can be directed by me, if soDiscipleship1, 627:stage with many of them and only the coming few years will show the Masters which of their groupsDiscipleship1, 628:this to you as your theme for study for the next few months and propose to you the following work.Discipleship1, 629:would be greater than you know. The next few months are intended to be (for all disciples in allDiscipleship1, 632:mystical interior life. Of this interior life, few are aware. It is the sweetening, inclusiveDiscipleship1, 634:training which I have given you during the past few years, you will note that I have had a twofoldDiscipleship1, 635:workers, held together in form-activity by the few people who are on their way through the astralDiscipleship1, 639:going to alter your seed thoughts for this next few months. You have by no means exhausted theirDiscipleship1, 641:what it is, my brother, and during the next few months, alter and change this condition? Among theDiscipleship1, 642:in place, position and success. During the next few months, I will ask you to stabilize yourself atDiscipleship1, 659:soul assume control. I have stated in the above few words both your problem and its solution. IDiscipleship1, 668:under great strain. Forget not that it is the few in every land (and when I say "in every land" IDiscipleship1, 680:no real place in a disciple's life for the next few years. A sane handling of the physicalDiscipleship1, 728:to remember that an Ashram is not confined to a few who may know each other and who may even meetDiscipleship1, 734:of the Ashram, inner and outer, and between the few Ashram members whom they may know andDiscipleship1, 738:service. He frequently lays the emphasis (in his few and rare contacts with his disciples) uponDiscipleship1, 783:or alone. Their name is legion. Some few are known to the workers in the school. Thousands areDiscipleship1, 784:in any way. Many in the goodwill work and some few in the school interpreted this as political inDiscipleship1, 786:has been good; the misunderstandings have been few and have been inherent in the personal equipmentDiscipleship2, XII:which are amazingly frank and direct. A few personally assigned meditations are included to showDiscipleship2, 5:attentive watchfulness on the part of a certain few of the members can protect this new vehicleDiscipleship2, 11:minds, give the needed time, respond to the few requests I may make, and eventually cooperate withDiscipleship2, 24:therefore, the need to make speed? Only a very few work from that point of balance which inhibitsDiscipleship2, 35:- not done the work which I requested; only a few - a very few - endeavored to fulfil requirements.Discipleship2, 35:the work which I requested; only a few - a very few - endeavored to fulfil requirements. Had youDiscipleship2, 39:manner, and this is a point upon which few of you, if any, ponder. Do you at any time register suchDiscipleship2, 45:on, even if not specifically demanded. Only a few have kept the group meditation; the work ofDiscipleship2, 46:remains for a while wholly intangible; he finds few who think and feel as he does and the mechanismDiscipleship2, 46:and bereft. Some of you feel this loneliness; few of you have, for instance, reached the pointDiscipleship2, 59:carnage and the slaughter are over, except in a few sporadic instances. The struggle now beingDiscipleship2, 69:ancient landmarks. [69] A realization of these few points which I have chosen to enumerate out ofDiscipleship2, 71:to Divine Intervention which isolates the few and uses their organism to fuse and free the energiesDiscipleship2, 74:it is of focusing importance in the life of a few; it is of testing importance for some. I have nowDiscipleship2, 81:forces which have prevailed during the last few years are not so dynamic. This should be a year ofDiscipleship2, 82:be straightened out have come to the surface; a few - a very few - have fallen by the way, but aDiscipleship2, 82:out have come to the surface; a few - a very few - have fallen by the way, but a large majorityDiscipleship2, 83:is a worker and disciple. I seek now to make a few comments anent the work for which A.A.B. hasDiscipleship2, 83:enterprises. You know them well, though only a few of you have been truly interested or thrown
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