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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FEW

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Discipleship2, 84:selfless task than have you, though there are a few exceptions. But, my brothers, out of fifty-one,Discipleship2, 84:But, my brothers, out of fifty-one, how few!! When A.A.B. passes on she will leave the ArcaneDiscipleship2, 90:of the original group of students only a few are left; of the more than fifty original members whoDiscipleship2, 91:with my Ashram still persists, even though in so few cases can permission to move closer beDiscipleship2, 93:B.S.W., who was temporarily sidetracked for a few years prior to his death, and G.S.S., whoseDiscipleship2, 97:the instructions, given during the past few years to this group of affiliated disciples. They canDiscipleship2, 100:and no group enterprise animating those few of you who remain steadfast. Certain of you (F.C.D.,Discipleship2, 107:When I say this, I refer not only to the few of you who are now active (and perhaps pattingDiscipleship2, 117:meditation. This activity should take only a few minutes, but if it is carried out with a fullyDiscipleship2, 120:in its doing and should take only a [120] few minutes to complete. It is in the nature of a prefaceDiscipleship2, 125:you familiarize yourself with its stages for a few weeks. Much of the above is explanatory inDiscipleship2, 137:as yet the most advanced. The work of the next few centuries will bring about changes in thisDiscipleship2, 164:the propaganda work to be done during the next few decades - until the year 2025 - a brief space ofDiscipleship2, 166:from the mystics of the past (except in a few outstanding instances) by his practical interest inDiscipleship2, 167:does not sound it forth. As you read the next few pages, you may find some clue to the attitudesDiscipleship2, 168:and usefulness; such people are fortunately few and far between. It is apparent, therefore, thatDiscipleship2, 172:duty, and the desire to safeguard human rights. Few men were heroes, as the newspapers stupidlyDiscipleship2, 174:the door where evil dwells will be closed. These few thoughts may serve to make this InvocationDiscipleship2, 190:for many years to come. I have given you only a few hints in the above analysis, but you can arriveDiscipleship2, 195:with them. I suggested this to you a year ago. Few of you took my advice or have adhered to theDiscipleship2, 203:and always there have been many mystics and a few occultists who have served as channels ofDiscipleship2, 211:ranks, and aided also by the meditation of those few esotericists (technically speaking) who areDiscipleship2, 211:world of the three Invocations during the past few years. What was actually a vague demand and aDiscipleship2, 228:meditation brief and dynamic. After doing it a few times, this should be easily possible; forgetDiscipleship2, 232:activity; he kept the esoteric teaching for the few, the very few, who could approach [233]Discipleship2, 232:kept the esoteric teaching for the few, the very few, who could approach [233] understanding, butDiscipleship2, 246:these two Masters have handed all but a few of their senior disciples to me and to two other ofDiscipleship2, 246:their direction in some previous life, and a few disciples who came into incarnation in this worldDiscipleship2, 261:the end of the century and during the first few decades of the twenty-first century, teaching anentDiscipleship2, 265:emerge from an analysis of the whole and then a few sentences which - when interpreted - may throwDiscipleship2, 275:forces which that service demands. From these few hints you can grasp the nature of this symbol andDiscipleship2, 288:led onward upon the Path of Return. These few thoughts upon the significance of sacrifice or uponDiscipleship2, 306:evolution, growth - these words are but a few of those applied to the effects, both within andDiscipleship2, 310:to you in connection with this subject: "These few thoughts upon the significance of sacrifice, orDiscipleship2, 318:This teaching will only be recognized by a few of the foremost disciples in the world; it will,Discipleship2, 323:Karma. I have here condensed into a relatively few short paragraphs much important teaching anentDiscipleship2, 325:phenomenally reduced. Disciples can now in a few months (if sincere and honest in their endeavor)Discipleship2, 353:are handicapped (as usual) by the relatively few upon whom they can depend, and by the lack ofDiscipleship2, 356:(scattered through the papers during the past few years, beginning in 1941 and more definitelyDiscipleship2, 383:be in training for the third initiation, and a few may be ready for the fourth or the fifthDiscipleship2, 393:entire story of evolution is covered in these few words. The Christ put it in other words when heDiscipleship2, 445:will primarily in mind, and for the next few months I would have you follow these instructions...Discipleship2, 446:and your personality reaction to that war, and a few of them as a consequence of soul impulse.Discipleship2, 459:To F. C. D. August 1940 MY BROTHER: The past few months have been extremely difficult for you, haveDiscipleship2, 470:subject as to whether the sufferings of the past few years did not warrant your return to theDiscipleship2, 476:I want to build your meditation for the next few months around the concepts hidden by these wordDiscipleship2, 481:karma, he finds that mortal disease will, in a few years' time, lay the mechanism of accomplishmentDiscipleship2, 486:both of these reactions are of small importance. Few of you are really young; some of you are quiteDiscipleship2, 488:are considering, I shall answer it here. After a few subsidiary comments the student said: "I canDiscipleship2, 489:in the heart is not involved. The aim is, for a few hours and whilst clothed in the astral andDiscipleship2, 489:it for the remainder of your life (many years or few) without exhausting its possibilities orDiscipleship2, 502:that, fundamentally, either decision is right. Few, however, face the choice consciously orDiscipleship2, 502:equation is of no great moment at this stage; a few years more or less are of no import in theDiscipleship2, 504:and which you must initiate during the next few years, is how to gather people together and workDiscipleship2, 508:years of your spiritual enterprise. [508] I have few instructions to give you. Proceed asDiscipleship2, 529:You have suffered much, my brother, and have few to whom you can go. My love and my blessing areDiscipleship2, 530:ourselves the strongest. Nevertheless, the past few years have seen real progress, pronouncedDiscipleship2, 544:with the progress you have made during the past few years. Failure has not deterred you andDiscipleship2, 553:the needed creative qualities. The next few years will not be easy ones for you, my brother. Be notDiscipleship2, 589:subjective ideas must utilize. I make these few suggestions to aid you and other workers in theDiscipleship2, 591:three times inaudibly. This should only take a few minutes but it must be done dynamically and withDiscipleship2, 595:taught in the Ashram of the Master Morya. This few people understand. Any other form of meditationDiscipleship2, 596:information to impart. The keynote of the next few years of your work is - as well you know - theDiscipleship2, 596:I have kept a supervisory eye during the past few years. There are five Masters and five AshramsDiscipleship2, 615:it cannot yet do properly, as you have taken few steps to refine it and change its quality. YourDiscipleship2, 617:physical birth - with the exception of those few who are - perhaps as yet unconsciously toDiscipleship2, 625:mind exists and needs to be consciously used. Few are yet aware of that quality in matter which isDiscipleship2, 637:spiritual sensitivity increased during the past few years so that you can be sure that you canDiscipleship2, 637:the realization that there are relatively only a few years ahead for the [638] majority of theDiscipleship2, 638:all one can be expected to do. This renders the few remaining years simply an expression of habitDiscipleship2, 643:dissolve into thin air. That you still have a few personal glamors and are still taken in by yourDiscipleship2, 643:is, therefore, apparent if you will ponder for a few minutes on the implications. There isDiscipleship2, 645:facts. So much has been given out in the past few years and decades anent initiation; it hasDiscipleship2, 648:strength and poise. It will only take a few seconds at each point or stated time, but those secondsDiscipleship2, 650:time to learn it, because it is one of the very few basic lessons, implicating principles which areDiscipleship2, 653:as your theme for reflection, during the next few years. They will suffice to meet your need and toDiscipleship2, 655:1946 MY TRIED AND LOVED DISCIPLE: The last few years have been years of agony and distress for you,Discipleship2, 662:your attention and give incentive to the next few years of your life. The sixfold statement which IDiscipleship2, 673:of my remarks in an earlier instruction? Today, few disciples realize that the Christ has twoDiscipleship2, 679:love, light and power - a point to which few of the members pay any attention at all. You wouldDiscipleship2, 689:definitely love more - with less devotion to the few and with a greatly increased inclusiveness andDiscipleship2, 700:your thinking. That, my brother, can be said of few. I would like to see you enter within the innerDiscipleship2, 702:let me say that I am hoping to see, in the next few years of your life, a complete reversal of theDiscipleship2, 709:teaching. You are one of the people (relatively few) who have a sound and beautiful group effect,Discipleship2, 732:no longer on the past but make the relatively few years which are left you of this life, years ofDiscipleship2, 746:and specific training should be given to the few who are reacting correctly to the "call of theDiscipleship2, 750:of the energy of the will-to-good. In the above few sentences I have given you a potent hint andDiscipleship2, 751:or of the personality as a whole; in a few, it is the soul. With [752] still others the promptingDiscipleship2, 759:alone; hence my emphasis to you during the past few years upon the need for you to travel alone -Discipleship2, 763:intelligence and sounds out no call to pride. Few too dare trust themselves to see their fellowmenDiscipleship2, 763:and many interruptions, but of these many, few - if any - are admitted to the point of sacredEducation, viii:Jung's analytical psychology are only a few indications of contemporary inwardly-orientedEducation, 31:emanates from, or is anchored in, the head. A few people are steadily linking the soul and theEducation, 31:threads, has its anchor in the heart. A very few people (the initiates of the world) havingEducation, 51:and intuition. Their numbers were relatively few in the early stages of mankind's unfoldment, butEducation, 57:plus what I have given earlier, you have the few suggestions which I have sought to make inEducation, 79:had educational attention concentrated upon a few privileged groups, giving them a carefullyEducation, 100:very small at first, educating only a favored few, but leading up gradually (usually via religiousEducation, 118:found. Among the fourth race peoples, however, a few, such as those to be found among the ChineseEducation, 122:will later be thus produced? Permit me to list a few factors without elaboration: The fusion of
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