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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FEW

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Psychology2, 183:consciousness is a vital objective for the next few decades. Thus there will emerge a groupPsychology2, 191:new world religion will be built by them. 7. A few groups will have an interesting function, butPsychology2, 194:the economic and social upheaval of the past few decades, are all the result of energies that arePsychology2, 211:25% being the egos of active intelligence. Very few indeed, practically a negligible number,Psychology2, 214:Egos of will are relatively and naturally few; egos of love are becoming more frequent inPsychology2, 259:human beings can be grouped into four classes: A few who are under the influence of their souls, orPsychology2, 262:II - The Ray of Personality - Introduction A few souls come into incarnation of their own free willPsychology2, 270:are in process of awakening and during the next few years will come to soul consciousness, for thePsychology2, 322:The source of inspiration, the monad. A few students may get the symbolic significance of thePsychology2, 340:and states of consciousness. There are but a few on earth today who are capable of expressing asPsychology2, 340:as the Lemurian consciousness. There are a few at the extreme end of the Way who are expressingPsychology2, 389:fecundity has steadily shifted during the past few thousand years into the creation of thosePsychology2, 395:in this Treatise. I would reply: There are a few today, and there will be an increasing number inPsychology2, 398:population, there is only a very small group (a few million would be an optimistic speculation) whoPsychology2, 399:becomes the expressed attribute. The above few comments may serve to simplify your thought on thesePsychology2, 500:those of daily living upon the physical plane; few people are competent to handle the two and, whenPsychology2, 509:in the mystical writings during the past few centuries in the Occident, are in this category. ThisPsychology2, 558:He is intelligently aware of his power and of a few of his powers; he is a functioning personalityPsychology2, 569:unless he is simply there as an investigator. A few rare cases when a soul on the path of return toPsychology2, 575:practically unknown (except in urban centers) a few hundred years ago. [576] Now it is well nighPsychology2, 577:is much more rapid and general than it was a few hundred years ago. There is much reason to hopePsychology2, 582:today are solar plexus workers, though a few - a very few - are beginning to shift their forcesPsychology2, 582:are solar plexus workers, though a few - a very few - are beginning to shift their forces into thePsychology2, 596:and the power of intuitive perception. A few persons, here and there, are definitely working underPsychology2, 601:to be found, and all stands revealed. Such are a few of the forms in which their aspiration clothesPsychology2, 612:express themselves through the throat center. A few - very few - of his activities are directedPsychology2, 612:through the throat center. A few - very few - of his activities are directed from the heart, butPsychology2, 615:experimental stage and are largely composed of a few Aquarians, many Pisceans and a number ofPsychology2, 624:been [624] able to say little about the last few points, particularly about those connected withPsychology2, 625:and enquiring, will, during the next few centuries, give place to the problems and complexities ofPsychology2, 636:hands. Their responsibility is enormous. Some few, more perhaps than might appear, are workingPsychology2, 640:secret diplomacy, isolationism, - such are a few of the words which are today on everybody's lips,Psychology2, 641:have not been touched, even when realized by a few. The attempt has been made to right wrongs, toPsychology2, 646:similar efforts can be launched during the next few years and they will embody the next greatPsychology2, 647:and of Forgetting. This may be possible in a few years' time, but could be effectively tried inPsychology2, 650:vitally increased in numbers during the past few years and [651] there is a much closer innerPsychology2, 660:in the public consciousness during the next few years and eventually can swing the mass of publicPsychology2, 665:at the present time and for [665] the next few years. This work must first of all, be undertakenPsychology2, 666:men of good will in the world during the next few years in order to turn the tide in human affairs,Psychology2, 669:work that must be accomplished during the next few years. This work is intended: To produce aPsychology2, 669:the needed readjustments, to think through to a few vital conclusions, and to bring about a periodPsychology2, 669:these ideas are only sensed and appreciated by a few intuitives and thinkers, the masses remainPsychology2, 672:law, ignorant masses and the intelligent few, plus the class distinctions, the racial differences,Psychology2, 675:of harmonious cooperation, they can, in a very few years, demonstrate real power and influence. ThePsychology2, 675:produce this third group in world affairs. In a few years' time, if the work is carried forwardPsychology2, 678:[678] activity. In this way the idea of the few will become the ideal of the many, and will finallyPsychology2, 678:to the mass, though established knowledge to the few. They are: The fact of an intelligent,Psychology2, 709:Their attention continuously for the past few decades, and which is calling out an inevitablePsychology2, 718:of such vital necessity that, during the next few years, the new ideas must become the ideals ofPsychology2, 725:would salvage the world, educate the race in a few simple and basic essentials, and so cooperatePsychology2, 727:sacrifice and the resultant activity. These last few words indicate the attitude requisite and itsPsychology2, 729:Hierarchy is working primarily during the next few years through three groups of Masters who are onPsychology2, 732:and not the possible maximum (except in a few cases, whose assistance has been whole hearted andPsychology2, 732:their efforts - the efforts of a hard pressed few. [733] Psychology2, 733:the aspect of world affairs in the space of a few years. If there is not an appreciable change inPsychology2, 734:to the demand for full cooperation, very few of us, have yet given. If what is here set forth isPsychology2, 736:of the hour is as indicated, and if the next few years are decisive years which will determine andPsychology2, 738:It might be of value here if we endeavored for a few minutes to get the point of view of thePsychology2, 747:reorientation of our entire lives for the next few years, to the urgency of the things to be done.Rays, 8:[8] of aspirants and the preparing of the few earnest ones to tread the Path of Discipleship. TheRays, 11:without benefiting the entire group. A few simple suggestions I will give you. These can be usefulRays, 12:at this time (October 1942) because the coming few days are exceedingly busy ones for me as theyRays, 33:for you will be dependent upon your grasping a few basic ideas and then proceeding to make themRays, 141:with the "isolated unity" of Sanat Kumara. Few of the great Lives Who form the inner group of theRays, 142:all initiates of the sixth degree, and a few of the Masters Who have undergone specialized trainingRays, 155:is believed to be safe for him now to move on a few more steps into greater light, and then -Rays, 177:Great Council; that is reserved for relatively few and for Those Who can take even still higherRays, 185:Group Initiation Let us now proceed, after these few preliminary remarks, to take this tenth ruleRays, 189:next step. Several hundred years ago, only a few could be so trusted. Today (1944) there are manyRays, 189:are many in every land, though there are very few in Germany, owing to the concentration in thatRays, 190:new mode of approach, for hitherto only a very few disciples and initiates have been able so toRays, 206:apparent to you inferentially, how comparatively few of the Members of our Hierarchy have yet beenRays, 207:too advanced even for the initiate who, in a few decades, will read and study these instructions.Rays, 252:Astrology. This teaching too has gone out to a few hundred students before its publication in bookRays, 285:matters we are not concerned. With them, only a few of the more advanced Masters are concerned.Rays, 325:as vague and visionary nonsense; some few have admitted that these initiations may be possible, andRays, 342:of occultism. The Master K.H., in one of the few (the very few) paragraphs in The Mahatma LettersRays, 342:The Master K.H., in one of the few (the very few) paragraphs in The Mahatma Letters which areRays, 345:entered alone and one by one, and then only a few managed to attain the goal and one at a time wereRays, 374:Hierarchy and its work, to which I referred a few pages back. It involves the inability of theRays, 388:has become the creator of six other Ashrams (few of them as yet complete, and some entirelyRays, 388:will aspect is as yet very little understood and few initiates can meet the requirements of theRays, 393:guide humanity along correct lines - a relative few among the countless millions of the ignorant.Rays, 396:work with the Hierarchy is over, except for the few Who choose Path I. Part of the mistake whichRays, 405:Human and Solar. They are necessarily few in number, and a small group of Them remains to study inRays, 409:information; the terms were so abstruse that few can understand their meaning. The trueRays, 409:written for the general public and thus only a few ideas were indicated to point direction. Now, inRays, 411:the third kingdom into the fourth, except in a few cases and for specific reasons. Here, however,Rays, 411:at that time and to the fact that very few, relatively, of our Earth humanity were members of theRays, 436:physical brain can be seen in the fact that very few aspirants and disciples register the fact thatRays, 448:threads has its anchor in the heart. A very few people, the initiates of the world, having effectedRays, 449:It will be useful if we repeat here a few statements made in an earlier book: Students should trainRays, 474:I would like here very succinctly to recall a few of them to your attention: Knowledge-forceRays, 479:Mysteries of Initiation It might be said that few, very few, people are today at the Lemurian stageRays, 479:of Initiation It might be said that few, very few, people are today at the Lemurian stage ofRays, 480:stage of development of "auric sensitivity." A few - a very few in comparison with the untoldRays, 480:of "auric sensitivity." A few - a very few in comparison with the untold masses of human beings -Rays, 482:- Present I would like to pause here and make a few remarks anent this relatively new process ofRays, 596:for this initiation, just as there are a few who are passing through the initiatory process, priorRays, 597:fifth ray energy - that of telepathic interplay. Few people realize in the slightest degree how
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