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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FIELD

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Astrology, 5:and forces which play through and upon the whole field of space and all that is found within thatAstrology, 5:field of space and all that is found within that field. When this fact is grasped and the sourcesAstrology, 5:are better comprehended and the nature of the field of space is correctly understood, we shall thenAstrology, 9:grasp is the fact that the ether of space is the field in and through which the energies from theAstrology, 10:of the inferences to which it leads. This vaster field, as well as the smaller and more localizedAstrology, 10:life upon those spheres. It forms one unbroken field of activity in constant ceaseless motion - anAstrology, 11:forces from certain great constellations. The field of space is etheric in nature and its vitalAstrology, 23:begin to know them and to use them. This is the field of occultism as the Hierarchy has always toldAstrology, 30:capacity. We shall confine ourselves to the vast field of energies which I have outlined for yourAstrology, 57:create man and, at the same time, constitute the field of his expression. Man is consequently aAstrology, 101:and definite crises: The crises of the battle field, leading to the culminating battle in ScorpioAstrology, 130:consummation. There is a wide and interesting field of research to be found in the relation of TheAstrology, 137:upon earth whilst the fourth ray indicates the field of service and the mode of attaining the goal.Astrology, 189:relationship with Sagittarius, thus providing a field of energy wherein the one-pointed discipleAstrology, 189:should work out as an initiation into a wider field of awareness, of expression and of resultantAstrology, 194:signs of the zodiac; they constitute another field of relationships: Aries to one of the two stars,Astrology, 274:of the flame which lights the way. A vast field of psychological research in connection with allAstrology, 319:of Shamballa claims the initiate as its field of activity and the dualism of soul and spiritAstrology, 327:I have here opened up to you a very wide field of research and I have indicated a most interestingAstrology, 336:meaning and import and this is as yet an untried field of investigation; and it has its spiritualAstrology, 345:change in time and space which will provide a field of adequate experience for the unfoldment ofAstrology, 345:system, of a planet and of a human being. The field of development for the lower three kingdoms isAstrology, 348:in itself an interesting and far-reaching field of speculation. Gemini is, therefore, one of theAstrology, 348:appeared; His head in Gemini; one foot upon the field [349] of the Seven Fathers and the otherAstrology, 349:the Seven Fathers and the other planted in the field of the Seven Mothers (these two constellationsAstrology, 355:Mercury and the Earth then set up a magnetic field which made the intervention of the Great LodgeAstrology, 395:It will be apparent to you that a whole new field of study will open before the astrologers of theAstrology, 396:of the Bull can be both destructive within its field of contacts and [397] at the same timeAstrology, 400:of them all. I can only indicate here a field of thought and of astrological investigation hithertoAstrology, 400:the interpretation of this vast and profitable field of knowledge. "Our Lady, the Moon" is relatedAstrology, 442:ahead in the period after the war when again the field of world service opens and men have time forAstrology, 442:than ever before but it is restricted to the field of releasing from slavery and alleviation ofAstrology, 477:They release the light of wisdom within the field of knowledge and the world is thereby enriched. Astrology, 497:the Wheel of Life. I have but brought into your field of astrological research, the astrology [498]Astrology, 508:devoted to a cause, comes into being upon the field of action, the Earth, which is itself anAstrology, 528:and their planetary rulers. There is a wide field of research here. This research will fall intoAstrology, 539:three of which can be seen functioning in the field of the planetary life today as never before.Astrology, 632:This is now being brought into the educational field through what is commonly called propaganda.Astrology, 649:knowledge' or the 'seven divisions of the field of knowledge'." (C.F. 1175) The following from TheAtom, 6: The Consciousness of the Atom - The Field of Evolution Lecture I The Field of Evolution There hasAtom, 6:the Atom - The Field of Evolution Lecture I The Field of Evolution There has probably never been aAtom, 15: The Consciousness of the Atom - The Field of Evolution The third line of thought we might call theAtom, 19: The Consciousness of the Atom - The Field of Evolution The recognition of the factor of theAtom, 23: The Consciousness of the Atom - The Field of Evolution We have seen that evolution, whether it isAtom, 36:or actuates. This brings us directly into the field of psychology, because energy or force is everAtom, 36:have a quality you are really considering the field of psychic phenomena. There are certain termsAtom, 147:state of affairs. Thus we were led into the field of speculation. We considered then whether allAtom, 150:Hindu calls it. This opens up for us an immense field of study and speculation. Again, within theAutobiography, 2:and material) into an ever widening field of usefulness. I want to show that in each cycle ofAutobiography, 4:disappearance of much that was worthless in the field of religion, of education and of the socialAutobiography, 15:and has made herself a brilliant name in the field of this most needed work. I am very proud ofAutobiography, 38:dual occurrence this knowledge lay outside my field of ordinary recognition. Herein lies the valueAutobiography, 41:and try to feel God. I would lie on my back in a field or by a rock and try to listen to theAutobiography, 42:was that. This was my spiritual background and field of thinking. [43] From the worldly angleAutobiography, 115:though she stayed with me right through. The field next the rectory was constantly plowed, dayAutobiography, 115:within call so they took turns in plowing the field. The girls at the telephone exchange discoveredAutobiography, 172:through the new vision in the political field, and through the recognition of the needs of humanityAutobiography, 177:I do not believe that ever again will the occult field of thought fall into the same disrepute asAutobiography, 194:and the student-secretaries out in the field. We started with one room. We now (1947) have twoAutobiography, 198:The service activities extend into an even wider field and I shall not attempt to deal with themAutobiography, 232:of astrologers avoid. The finest men in this field are primarily concerned with characterAutobiography, 257:A.A.B. in her 25 years work for me in the occult field has taken no advantage of the fact that I amAutobiography, 269:sphere of his activities. They are simply his field of service, and his personality becomes thatAutobiography, 272:that it is his attempt at service and not the field of expression of a Master. The disciple - andAutobiography, 275:disturbed the best minds in the spiritual field. In the schools now forming, the emphasis is uponAutobiography, 285:secretaries - both at Headquarters and in the field - never seek to interfere in the spiritual lifeAutobiography, 286:we do however welcome the effort as providing a field of service for the student and we approve ofAutobiography, 287:these presented truths as providing a fair field for honest investigation. This holds true asAutobiography, 292:sociological or economic - as a vast method or field of experience whereby and wherein divineAutobiography, 292:only to indicate the common goal, the universal field of service and the ancient methods wherebyAutobiography, 300:fulfil certain definite needs in the esoteric field. First, there was a real need for an increasedAutobiography, 301:an experiment. Another real need in the esoteric field was a type of discipleship teaching andAutobiography, 303:The possibility of effective work in the field of Goodwill was for a cycle almost completelyAutobiography, 304:is in fact a synthesizing project of combined field operations in the plans of the Hierarchy,Bethlehemof work as an evangelist and as a teacher in the field of Christian principles, and a difficultBethlehem, 36:in a higher dimension and in a richer field of experience. Humanity is ready to step on to a higherBethlehem, 78:we do. Here lies our test, and here lies our field of service. Many true and earnest aspirants feelBethlehem, 110:One of the finest thinkers in the field of Christian interpretation today tells us that "all theyBethlehem, 131:rendered. The emergence of an initiate into the field of the world makes that field different.Bethlehem, 131:initiate into the field of the world makes that field different. Christ went about doing good,Bethlehem, 167:still continued, but His work shifted into a field of new values, and He spoke those words andBethlehem, 202:tangible man. Each has its own life and its own field of experience. Each therefore remains aBethlehem, 274:of the Self, opens up at once an infinite World-field. Set a second to my One, and I have given allDestiny, 5:You have, therefore, in the present field of divine expression the following energies manifesting:Destiny, 15:These people are found in every [15] field of human affairs. They are the dominant persons, and theDestiny, 33:storms in the political arena and the religious field - that sex and its various problems hasDestiny, 48:psychic powers and their place and part in the field of intelligent service. The interpretativeDestiny, 59:as I told you in an earlier book, the whole field of religion will be reinspired and reorientedDestiny, 62:intelligent and individualistic country the field of scientific magic and the magical work of theDestiny, 103:Significance of Certain Cities There is a wide field of research here. This research will fall intoDestiny, 108:and seventh rays, have brought about in the field of physical living, a state of completeDestiny, 115:during the past few centuries to its major field of expression, the astral plane. Destiny, 119:is an emblem. The etheric levels are also the field of expression for the soul, whether it is theDestiny, 122:of the fundamentalist schools, found in every field of thought - religious, political and evenDestiny, 145:of individuality is rapidly emerging. In every field of human expression, men and women areDestiny, 146:rays; they express many points of view; their field of service is widely differing and theirDiscipleship1, 18:and supplementing the capacities of the field workers conferring with them. There are several suchDiscipleship1, 18:such that are being sent expressly into the field at this time to hasten the work whenever possibleDiscipleship1, 18:Masters plans to make. Should all of you in the field at this time work with complete surrender.Discipleship1, 28:the sick. Hitherto the attempts of men in the field of medicine, of healing and of the various
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