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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FIELD

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Discipleship1, 38:for the will of God. 6. The Workers in the Field of Religion form this group. Their work is toDiscipleship1, 46:I indicate [46] the way to the goal and to the field of service. I point out to you what we, theDiscipleship1, 49:world need, and work for the Hierarchy in the field of world service. Let us briefly enumerateDiscipleship1, 53:our immediate objectives and the nature of the field of service in which you - as a group and notDiscipleship1, 90:[90] gland then becomes the center of a magnetic field which is set in motion - in the first placeDiscipleship1, 92:pull between the pairs of opposites; the field of tension or the focus of the effort is to be foundDiscipleship1, 113:seen the need to serve and have realized the field of service which is for you the rightful placeDiscipleship1, 126:you are endeavoring to do in the particular field wherein you are, forcing yourself to remain. ItDiscipleship1, 127:It will lead you to enquire if your present field of service is, for you, a legitimate one or - ifDiscipleship1, 132:like to point out that creative workers in any field are primarily those who can destroy thoseDiscipleship1, 136:of the younger man who is starting out into the field of his life [137] activity) can use theDiscipleship1, 138:twofold and when it yields to solution then your field of service - already large - will increase.Discipleship1, 146:thinkers of the world with the new ideas in the field of that oncoming major science, that newerDiscipleship1, 146:field of that oncoming major science, that newer field of service - the field of psychology... YouDiscipleship1, 146:major science, that newer field of service - the field of psychology... You have a capacity forDiscipleship1, 147:others must proceed and must be carried into the field of your service to others. I see in you aDiscipleship1, 161:the teaching must go out. But Europe is the field for the educating of the world in the ideas of aDiscipleship1, 170:has been done by you and the workers in the field but I call you all to deeper understanding andDiscipleship1, 179:both within yourself and in your chosen field of service. This is naturally true of all, but yourDiscipleship1, 179:the environment in which you find your chosen field of service. Your personal release lies in theDiscipleship1, 183:between you and your associates in your chosen field of work or between you and your groupDiscipleship1, 187:in connection with the group or in your chosen field of service. Two things I would like, however,Discipleship1, 189:afflicted with physical ills. Some work in the field of psychology and deal with those [190]Discipleship1, 191:would have fallen on deaf ears. Herein is your field of service and herein lies your test.Discipleship1, 191:give you here a thought and I indicate to you a field of awareness, concerning yourself, that youDiscipleship1, 203:Teacher, and also with a co-worker, in a chosen field of service. A basic and lifelong interest inDiscipleship1, 203:of service. A basic and lifelong interest in the field of education. This will make our chosenDiscipleship1, 205:task of working with people which is your chosen field of endeavor and expression. Your astral bodyDiscipleship1, 206:humility is fundamentally natural to you. Your field of service is growing, which is ever theDiscipleship1, 206:On that which will give you a wider field of service so that all your powers and gifts and acquiredDiscipleship1, 223:concentration of your mind upon your chosen field of service, and develop an increased inflow ofDiscipleship1, 225:and at the same time you found your destined field of service. I am glad to welcome you into thisDiscipleship1, 243:to me and to your fellow disciples but your field of service should be greater at this time than itDiscipleship1, 245:and hence you can, if you so choose, expand your field of service. Forget not, however, that everyDiscipleship1, 254:to nothingness with equal equanimity, then your field of service can enlarge. You will have noDiscipleship1, 269:service which produced the crisis? Was it in the field of the emotional or the mental life? WhatDiscipleship1, 270:wherein, given a little more stimulation, your field of accomplishment may expand and yourDiscipleship1, 278:Your life training as an artist in your own field has taught you to work on the physical plane inDiscipleship1, 278:physical plane in group formation. It is in the field of esoteric endeavor that you find inDiscipleship1, 280:as you can work constructively in your chosen field of work and with your fellow students. A firstDiscipleship1, 283:(hidden) beauty also to be achieved in the field of art. This conveys a different sense of beauty,Discipleship1, 286:achievement on the physical plane in the chosen field of expression is spiritual achievement and,Discipleship1, 294:Second, there has been for you an increased field of contact and of service, carrying with it theDiscipleship1, 295:will be one of the coming developments in the field of esoteric psychology; you would find it ofDiscipleship1, 296:the accepted disciple for work in the field of the world has been yours most definitely since IDiscipleship1, 299:arguments of an analytical brain. From that field of victory, he went forth to love, to teach andDiscipleship1, 315:critical mind. This ray gives you ability in the field of knowledge, but it must be balanced by theDiscipleship1, 315:it gives you the power to master your chosen field of knowledge, but that power must be balanced byDiscipleship1, 318:thought. They convey to you, not only the field of your service, but also the desired attitude ofDiscipleship1, 318:being, so as to focus the soul within the chosen field of service. The power to attain rightDiscipleship1, 322:upon the results of what you say. You know your field of service; therefore, serve. You know yourDiscipleship1, 322:concerned. Where the Master's work and your own field of service are in question, clearly and trulyDiscipleship1, 326:a Presence, hiding another door which opens to a field of newer service." I cannot impress upon youDiscipleship1, 326:to clothe in words the ideas you contact and the field of knowledge in which - at high moments -Discipleship1, 372:spiritual demand and having indicated the wider field of service which could open up before you, IDiscipleship1, 375:confidence in the rightness of your choice of a field of service, and, secondly, strengthen yourDiscipleship1, 379:which brought you originally into the business field and has, therefore, inclined you to fieldDiscipleship1, 379:field and has, therefore, inclined you to field work, and organization work. You will, from all theDiscipleship1, 385:yourself as standing to one side of a vast field of closed lotus buds which rest on their broadDiscipleship1, 385:the blue of heaven and ahead of you - across the field of buds and leaves and on the far horizon -Discipleship1, 385:opening of the buds, until little by little, the field changes from green to gold, and all that canDiscipleship1, 385:yourself, my brother, putting a foot upon the field and finding, instead of the mud and water whichDiscipleship1, 385:appears before you as you advance, dividing the field into two halves, and leading straight to theDiscipleship1, 386:worry behind you as you walk through your [386] field of lotuses and for a few minutes eachDiscipleship1, 386:consists in the potency of your aura - that field of magnetic life which surrounds everyone on allDiscipleship1, 386:as the sumtotal of the attractive forces in the field of individual activity. It is through theDiscipleship1, 386:Ponder on this, my brother, for your field of usefulness will grow as you detach yourself fromDiscipleship1, 387:as hitherto, but change the color of your field of lotuses from yellow to a deep and vibrant rose.Discipleship1, 406:those changes indicate an open door and a wider field for loving service. NOTE: This discipleDiscipleship1, 406:because it holds for you the secret of your real field of service. One of the first questions youDiscipleship1, 420:environing testing. An increased and increasing field of service. The first has greatly expandedDiscipleship1, 436:of them in circumstance, environment and in the field of human contacts, but most of them of anDiscipleship1, 439:spent in acquiring spiritual knowledge. Your field of service is real. Be not discouraged, myDiscipleship1, 441:wisdom is sorely needed in the world today. Your field of service is around you and embraces allDiscipleship1, 442:for your professional duties, the particular field of activity has provided for you a neededDiscipleship1, 447:those with whom you have to work in your chosen field of life service; the harmony achieved is theDiscipleship1, 448:two lines of force which are in the first ray field of vital effectiveness: The fifth Ray ofDiscipleship1, 448:these concepts in your service in your chosen field of work. You will gain much practical andDiscipleship1, 452:based upon right thought. It is in your field of activity that the world must eventually find theDiscipleship1, 453:world education and what should develop in that field of training. What are the needs of the comingDiscipleship1, 462:Then there arises, all around that point, a field of deepest blue and this becomes irradiated byDiscipleship1, 462:soul, the inner sun, shining within a brilliant field of blue. The points of light become the manyDiscipleship1, 463:around ourselves. You, as a worker in the field of glamor (which is the new field in which humanityDiscipleship1, 463:worker in the field of glamor (which is the new field in which humanity has consciously to work),Discipleship1, 465:Do not distrust yourself, but go ahead. Your field of service lies all around you. The problem thatDiscipleship1, 475:Keep up the meditation work but increase your field of service by your readiness to recognize theDiscipleship1, 476:be of service to other people. You need a larger field of expression and your spiritual diary couldDiscipleship1, 489:attitudes, guide policies and release into your field of service the power which will bring theDiscipleship1, 497:You are only beginning your life service in the field wherein we, the teachers and initiates work.Discipleship1, 498:for this, your service will provide an adequate field. Astral calm, self-forgetfulness, and theDiscipleship1, 500:with order, skill and precision in your chosen field of service. [501] You must, at the same time,Discipleship1, 516:never wavered in your search for light and for a field in which to serve your soul and to evidenceDiscipleship1, 546:your co-disciples. The situation exists in the field of relationships and attitudes, and does notDiscipleship1, 560:not for me to tell you how to serve or in what field it is to be rendered. I have watched you gropeDiscipleship1, 569:work starts in the autumn you will bring to that field of service a better equipped instrument,Discipleship1, 571:Can this brother be so trained that the field of subjective realization can take the place ofDiscipleship1, 582:one-pointed love your major objective. Choose a field of service which has its defined limits - forDiscipleship1, 582:of some self-appointed task within the field of karmic limitations and of environment where yourDiscipleship1, 582:a frail body. Let your service lie within the field of contact where you find yourself and reachDiscipleship1, 594:it is important you should grasp is your special field of service and the conditions under which
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