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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FIELD

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Discipleship1, 603:meditation which will enable you to clarify the field of motives. Your life motive to tread theDiscipleship1, 608:and my words thus form the germ of a new field of glamor. I speak this warning, for you have suchDiscipleship1, 609:to you that your entering upon this particular field of service and your passing through the doorDiscipleship1, 622:your activities, noted with attention. Your field of service will this way be greatly increased,Discipleship1, 624:for the priesthood had long been your chosen field of service. An ancient sannyasin are you. To theDiscipleship1, 625:lie behind the manifested world is his rightful field of service. But to this must be added theDiscipleship1, 627:truths through the medium of words and your field of service can be increased in this respect.Discipleship1, 638:wherein you best can serve. I know your field of service, but I will never tell you; each discipleDiscipleship1, 642:to ponder upon this statement and see how wide a field of service is opening up. I would ask you toDiscipleship1, 655:you will have to give will be so great that your field of service and your power to cooperate withDiscipleship1, 664:the pituitary body. This establishes a magnetic field for the interplay of the currents andDiscipleship1, 665:through which the monad manifests), provide your field of opportunity and your main avenue ofDiscipleship1, 665:which distinguishes you, and providing also that field of conflict which characterizes your entireDiscipleship1, 674:The life continues on its way. "Enter the field where children play and join their game." AwakenedDiscipleship1, 675:of life, the soul passes the gate. [675] The field is green and on its broad expanse the many formsDiscipleship1, 688:the vision which is the dominant factor but the field of experience, of service and of achievement.Discipleship1, 690:their own circle of co-workers and their own field of service are seen by them in right proportionDiscipleship1, 690:of human endeavor and are to be found in every field and school of thought. I am not going toDiscipleship1, 701:of origin and of nature, but not identity in the field of expression. You can see, therefore, thatDiscipleship1, 703:(under the urge to serve) and to indicate the field of service. The mode of this instinctualDiscipleship1, 733:to the neophyte. Workers in the spiritual field should bear this carefully in mind and rememberDiscipleship1, 747:the inner Ashram and by establishing a magnetic field of spiritual power. This is done just in soDiscipleship1, 771:consciously to preserve and create that field of living, loving energy which will eventually bridgeDiscipleship2, XII:Djwhal Khul has stated that in the new age the field of training for the disciple is in the NewDiscipleship2, XII:proved a major addition to the entire esoteric field, especially in terms of what modernDiscipleship2, 39:may realize, exoteric instructions within the field of esoteric relationships. They can be read andDiscipleship2, 50:group importance. The groups are simply the field for hierarchical expression, and we are not yetDiscipleship2, 53:type, but the general indications will be in the field of similarity and of group value. All thisDiscipleship2, 72:suspended mental link will recharge the magnetic field for which you, as a group, are responsible.Discipleship2, 90:sending forth its teachings and a new era in the field of spiritual instructions may result. MyDiscipleship2, 105:is the ability to live always within the field of intuitive perception - a field which has beenDiscipleship2, 105:within the field of intuitive perception - a field which has been created, or a sphere of energyDiscipleship2, 105:an analogy, however) would be to regard this field of reflecting, reflective and reflected energiesDiscipleship2, 107:groups (and groups form a large part of every field of thought and activity) are usually composedDiscipleship2, 118:This will in due time create a magnetic field of light and life, within which the New Group ofDiscipleship2, 119:and then only through the protective magnetic field of the group life can you complete theDiscipleship2, 120:a state of new vibratory activity. Its magnetic field steadily increases and widens, until itDiscipleship2, 120:until it contacts the periphery of the magnetic field surrounding the heart center. When the twoDiscipleship2, 120:dual: The two points within the solar plexus field of activity become definitely related to eachDiscipleship2, 134:radiates the energy of light into this waiting field of active thought." You will note that theDiscipleship2, 138:of our work - we will simply regard as the field of service and of experience - experience in workDiscipleship2, 141:implement that will by love. I turn towards the field of service. I, the Triangle divine, work outDiscipleship2, 176:as the microcosm of the Macrocosm and as the field for the circulation of light and love, for theDiscipleship2, 176:implement that will by love. I turn towards the field of service. I, the Triangle divine, work outDiscipleship2, 181:that it could enable you to enter into the field of energies and from there - choosing the neededDiscipleship2, 186:its current civilization, thus [186] providing a field for its culture. The culture approximatesDiscipleship2, 200:up (for those unable thus to meditate) a new field of possible awareness. The motive of all suchDiscipleship2, 202:of humanity - each in his chosen scientific field; there are men of financial stature who regardDiscipleship2, 235:his meditative responsibility lies and in what field destiny indicates his service to the race ofDiscipleship2, 254:of opposites. The existence, as a result, of a field of tension. The effort to stand firm at theDiscipleship2, 299:words. One of the first lessons in the esoteric field is the sense of timing, with which that whichDiscipleship2, 307:these latter must become the normal field of experience and of expression; they then become theDiscipleship2, 309:we considered the great exponents and the great field of sacrifice, considering the Great Life inDiscipleship2, 311:to utilize it and precipitate it into the human field of service; he consciously employs that whichDiscipleship2, 346:be regarded as creating or constituting a "field of revelation" or an area of consciousness whereinDiscipleship2, 367:go together. Any distinction lies within the field of revelation or - to word it otherwise - withinDiscipleship2, 391:of which he is a part and a comprehension of the field in which his endeavor must lie. Being aDiscipleship2, 391:life of ordinary human beings, and that the field of his activities is with personalities, whereasDiscipleship2, 407:the fourth kingdom in nature dominates in every field of thought and of activity, and not theDiscipleship2, 422:that he is presented with a widened and widening field of service for which he has the equipment,Discipleship2, 422:inclusive and competent within the new field of revelation. He notes the law which is transcended.Discipleship2, 431:consciousness which are not within the normal field of consciousness of a human being. ThisDiscipleship2, 431:stabilization of his consciousness in the new field of awareness, so that he becomes polarizedDiscipleship2, 432:and create that which is needed in any immediate field of divine activity. Occult obedience is inDiscipleship2, 434:of the planetary Purpose into the outer field of manifestation. You may say that there is littleDiscipleship2, 443:your fellowmen could provide for you an adequate field of service. It would enlist both yourDiscipleship2, 444:the realm of spiritual reality, but in the field of manifestation and of creative activity there isDiscipleship2, 448:several widely different motives condition each field of expression, and when you know what theyDiscipleship2, 455:themes for three years' work in the meditation field and "as a man thinketh in his heart, so isDiscipleship2, 456:(covering personality obligations and the chosen field of soul service) is being successfullyDiscipleship2, 470:glimpsed, and between the two pinnacles lies a field of service, a sphere of danger, a land ofDiscipleship2, Esoter:of spiritual stability that we watch. The field of your work remains the same; it is part of yourDiscipleship2, 475:in yourself and, without questioning, choose the field of largest opportunity. Discipleship2, 485:doing, my brother, is indicating to you the field of your future training - a training which willDiscipleship2, 485:which may exist; thus you will find your field of service tremendously extended and your potencyDiscipleship2, 485:extended and your potency brought into the field of a realized inclusiveness. Discipleship2, 497:focus through a group. Lean on your Soul. Your field of service has been real, but older threads ofDiscipleship2, 499:Much will be opening up rapidly now in the field of European assistance, and for this, in yourDiscipleship2, 507:and we are not dissatisfied. The Latin field - by that I mean the sphere in which the Latin raceDiscipleship2, 516:and he and I are close, and close to Morya. Your field of service needs a certain note of quality.Discipleship2, 531:holds them frequently serves only in the limited field, conditioned by his chosen work and coloredDiscipleship2, 533:it forth and with my love. You restrict your field of service, brother of old. Expand again. MyDiscipleship2, 535:responsibilities, engendering its own magnetic field, bringing to you those who otherwise might notDiscipleship2, 535:This responsibility will definitely extend your field of service. Be willing, therefore, to descendDiscipleship2, 542:you hold that position; it will give you a wider field of service, a greater spiritual influenceDiscipleship2, 543:realize, lies with the Arcane School, and your field of service is unlimited. As regards yourDiscipleship2, 549:life - both within the Ashram and within the field of its interior and exterior service. But theDiscipleship2, 549:guard against any intrusion into his organized field of determined self-government. Let meDiscipleship2, 549:and in so doing stabilizes himself in his chosen field of service. This is a temporary phase, oftDiscipleship2, 550:your group brothers and of other workers in the field of general human service. I stated in theDiscipleship2, 550:in the world and in your chosen and useful field could at present be characterized by the termDiscipleship2, 576:men and because - owing to your training and the field of your daily work - you are equipped toDiscipleship2, 597:on its own momentum when Russia entered the field and laid its emphasis upon the proletariat or theDiscipleship2, 597:between those disciples who are working in the field of the world and those Masters who areDiscipleship2, 597:is also entrusted with a share in this special field of preparatory work; he is not, however, to beDiscipleship2, 597:concerned with the Goodwill work, but in another field which I will indicate to him in his ownDiscipleship2, 608:more and more of what you know. You have a good field of expression in the work for which A.A.B.Discipleship2, 613:but which might, however, land you in another "field of failure." Your place in relation to my workDiscipleship2, 623:the Observer, which determines very largely the field of his observation and the focus of hisDiscipleship2, 631:These and the work you are doing in your present field of labor present adequate opportunity for
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