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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FIELD

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Discipleship2, 645:response and your search lies, however, in the field of esoteric recognition more than in the fieldDiscipleship2, 645:field of esoteric recognition more than in the field of the reception of new facts. So much hasDiscipleship2, 659:this lesson, there will open for you a wider field of opportunity. Decentralization in mind fromDiscipleship2, 666:to ascertain) the objective, secret scope and field of service, plus the esoteric quality of thoseDiscipleship2, 669:completely out of the human consciousness. The field of battle then shifts to other realms ofDiscipleship2, 679:to you. We come, therefore, not only to the field of criticism in which you find yourself strandedDiscipleship2, 686:Lower mind - Positive Emotional nature - Field for balancing Brain - Negative You have, in theDiscipleship2, 706:that you must meet as you prepare for a larger field of service when she passes over. She made anDiscipleship2, 711:you will always be a trusted server, but your field of service will be needlessly circumscribed andDiscipleship2, 743:- from within yourself - where lies your field of service - one field, my brother, not many. ADiscipleship2, 743:- where lies your field of service - one field, my brother, not many. A disciple of your standingDiscipleship2, 743:grade. I do not choose to be more explicit. Your field of service is clear, could you but see it,Discipleship2, 744:manner the dual life of discipleship. Your field of service and your field of karmic obligationDiscipleship2, 744:of discipleship. Your field of service and your field of karmic obligation must never rule eachDiscipleship2, 746:part, this groping here and there for a rightful field of service, is largely responsible for yourEducationtheme that runs through critical thinking in the field of educational theory today is characterizedEducation, xi:shall not offer degrees in its own area or 'field.' The Department of Unified Studies is primarilyEducation, 12:orientation of the mind to a wider and wider field of realization and awareness. These expansionsEducation, 12:finally bring a new factor into the field of experience. Response to the Thinker or the soul. WithEducation, 17:be added here that creative activity in the field of art becomes possible when the first aspect ofEducation, 22:of being, and be led to work with wisdom in the field of creative activity, which means, in theEducation, 23:constructive and so providing, through it, a field for the unfoldment of soul powers. I haveEducation, 29:This provides the modern opportunity in the field of education. It indicates the responsibility ofEducation, 30:attention, directed here and there into the field of material living and emotional relationships,Education, 41:of our modern civilization lies in the field of the economic life? We are occupied with materialEducation, 45:- Chapter II - Civilization and Culture In the field of education united action is essential.Education, 49:should in reality be the correspondence in the field of education to the world of the Hierarchy; itEducation, 63:and its international activity within the field of their esoteric research, very great progressEducation, 71:and will bring much light into the educational field. The tracing and relating of basic trends toEducation, 73:The visionary idealist has hitherto held the field and thus slowed up the process. Second, the newEducation, 83:for development and a useful and profitable field of experience. Some attempts along this line haveEducation, 95:work done during the next two centuries in the field of education is definitely temporary andEducation, 95:major sciences will eventually dominate the field of education in the new age. They will not negateEducation, 114:the present Ray Plan for humanity in the field of politics, of religion and of education, and IEducation, 114:word, of the printed page, is felt. In the field of politics, the masses are swayed by theirEducation, 117:in so doing. Certain men and women in every field of human thought are expressing the potency ofEducation, 125:and specific ends. It is, for mankind, a new field of expression and of enterprise. Hence theEducation, 125:When this attitude has been developed in the field of practical education we shall find nations andEducation, 126:small section at that - that we are engaged. Our field of investigation is that of the fourthExternalisation, 5:carefully borne in mind by the worker in the field of human affairs if the present crisis is to beExternalisation, 8:possible [8] in relation to the situation in the field of psychism caused by the inflow of astralExternalisation, 9:time engross the attention of all workers in the field of esotericism and those who are engagedExternalisation, 38:is engaged in political work. In the latter field the work of the first Ray of Will or Power isExternalisation, 41:was opened, and humanity became active upon the field of Kurukshetra. Where there is no consciousExternalisation, 52:we shall see a purification of the political field taking place, and a cleansing of our processesExternalisation, 54:tact. The moment any idea enters the religious field, it gains immediate momentum from the factExternalisation, 56:The work of the seventh group, which is in the field of science, is closely allied to that of theExternalisation, 57:most advanced inferences of the workers in the field of science, and will then formulate the newExternalisation, 57:steps forward in any particular scientific field will be founded. They will avail themselves of theExternalisation, 58:group, which is psychological service. In this field the work will be lifted out of the realm ofExternalisation, 60:concretization, and the work is then in the field of magical endeavor. As with the work of theExternalisation, 88:changes. As the plowman turns the soil of his field and harrows it, and so brings that which isExternalisation, 90:process of being "esoterically anchored" in the field of the world, having in them those who canExternalisation, 111:points because, in so doing, we shall cover the field sufficiently - I believe - to bring at leastExternalisation, 125:has now been carried through into another field of human expression, that of the mind and - as theExternalisation, 129:Forget not that the real issue is in the field of consciousness and that the struggle is betweenExternalisation, 169:powerful to swing it into the radius or magnetic field of hierarchical activity. This long task hasExternalisation, 184:closely interrelated, their influence and their field of expression increased. The growing means ofExternalisation, 191:to produce unity, and that will be in the field of education. The new world order will recognizeExternalisation, 234:struggle against evil. There is no peace in any field of human endeavor. It is not to be found inExternalisation, 234:endeavor. It is not to be found in the economic field, torn as it is by the conflict between laborExternalisation, 234:thought; it is not to be found in the religious field, where the struggle is going on betweenExternalisation, 234:brother; it is certainly not in the political field, where party strife controls and blinds theExternalisation, 242:thinkers everywhere, and has worked out in the field of government through the medium of theExternalisation, 261:with humanity constituting the great field of divine conflict at this time. Externalisation, 263:and brooding will eventually produce a magnetic field which will become so potent that desire willExternalisation, 285:Such culminations appear today in the field of religion as well as in the field of science andExternalisation, 285:today in the field of religion as well as in the field of science and politics. All the great linesExternalisation, 297:acted that they conditioned after events in some field of human living and are still recognized asExternalisation, 318:between all nations in the economic field with the object of securing, for all, improved laborExternalisation, 323:to each other, and through their effort in every field of human consciousness to lead humanity intoExternalisation, 325:constitute your needed training ground and the field of your spiritual experimentation. With them IExternalisation, 378:theological attitudes and dogmas in every field of thought. There is a mounting appeal not only forExternalisation, 386:the cooperation of trained experts in the field of child welfare, doctors, surgeons, nurses,Externalisation, 389:instructions, referred to the great meetings field at intervals by Those to Whom is entrusted theExternalisation, 444:your soul purpose, move outward into a wider field of service. If you feel no response to worldExternalisation, 446:strengthen the hands of Their workers in every field of human activity (political, educational andExternalisation, 446:to strengthen the hands of all disciples in the field of government and of political arrangement inExternalisation, 453:which may follow this one would be waged in the field of the world religions. Such a war will notExternalisation, 462:in every school of thought, working in every field of human betterment; they work upon and throughExternalisation, 462:relations can be established. They present a field of expression to the Forces of Enlightenment andExternalisation, 479:into two new fields of endeavor: first, into the field of worldwide education, and secondly, intoExternalisation, 487:their own way, each in his own place and chosen field of service, and to see all these phases ofExternalisation, 495:to impress lesser disciples in the scientific field and helped them to surmount the well-nighExternalisation, 506:communions, with the foremost workers in the field of education, and also through, and with, theExternalisation, 506:The Master Hilarion is actively occupied in the field of America, stimulating the intuitiveExternalisation, 507:and the right handling of world problems in the field of economics and of education. As the seventhExternalisation, 510:and is not intended to be of use (except as a field of service) to the esotericists of the world,Externalisation, 511:the Masonic Fraternity and the educational field. All of them are as yet in relatively staticExternalisation, 573:and to reorganize the entire religious field - again in preparation for the restoration of theExternalisation, 578:of the Master M. Their work lies in the field of right human relations and in the production ofExternalisation, 579:age. The occultist has ever proclaimed that the field wherein the Hierarchy works is that ofExternalisation, 583:and predilections, find their way into that field of human activity wherein they are intended toExternalisation, 583:as humanitarians, as social workers and in the field of finance, but they will follow these linesExternalisation, 586:entire [586] level of endeavor in their chosen field. Hence their inevitable success. Disciples whoExternalisation, 587:convinced aspirants who are today working in the field of occultism. Those disciples and initiatesExternalisation, 604:and peopled by unintelligent fanatics, but a field of service and a place where every man has fullExternalisation, 615:natural reactions when considering the present field of conflict, the prevalent greed and theExternalisation, 620:- his home environment can and must be the field in which he triumphs; he forgets that there existExternalisation, 640:of the world and can remain so; it is a great field of experimentation, but is suffering today from
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