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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FIELD

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Healing, 274:of the new medicine and indicates the new major field of research. That the main causes of allHealing, 275:whole subject of medicine into the psychological field and posits the entire problem of karmicHealing, 277:and the soul charts, but will also enter the field of medicine, particularly in relation to theHealing, 277:any astrological investigation done in the field of medicine has relation to physical diseaseHealing, 278:practically no background of research in this field exists. Modern medicine is of very ancientHealing, 281:which will equal that already gained in the field of exact physical knowledge, and that exactHealing, 286:in these days of pioneering [286] in the field of occult healing, the same courage must be shownHealing, 289:have played tentatively with the subject. The field of research which I propose to you is anHealing, 289:back, and we could - if we so desired - enter a field of such intricacy and detail that nothingHealing, 301:display of power. Within the fourth He found a field of battle and settled down to fight. He sawHealing, 302:aside the great dualities and saw primarily the field of multiplicity. He produced cleavage onHealing, 303:lead to satisfaction. The results cover a wide field, all the way from sadistic cruelty and lust toHealing, 307:knowledge, and of becoming aware of the field of inquiry, and of possible expansions ofHealing, 312:to this disease. [312] There lies here a vast field of investigation; isolation must be made of theHealing, 320:causing certain effects upon the surrounding field of energy, and producing certain forms ofHealing, 331:statement embodies the next great step in the field of true psychology and of healing. The wholeHealing, 337:it will compel the conclusion that here is a field of investigation hitherto unopened and aHealing, 344:all of you to bring about two things: Clear the field of the personality life so that the higherHealing, 365:lies beyond it. The wise disciple labors in the field of service but looks forward steadily to theHealing, 366:and aspirants who are attempting to work in the field of the world, yet who through karmicHealing, 367:indicate the shining light of some worker in the field, of some disciple, or of some member of theHealing, 372:one-pointed love your major objective. Choose a field of service which has its definite limits (forHealing, 372:of some self-appointed task within the field of karmic limitation and of environment where yourHealing, 372:at this time? Let your service lie within the field of contact where you find yourself, and reachHealing, 375:the best of their ability in their own peculiar field, in their own peculiar way and with their ownHealing, 377:has not been provided in the outer scientific field. To bring this about, collaboration of aHealing, 382:on to the mental plane and away from the field of astral and sexual desire with their reflex actionHealing, 383:of its cause are still unknown, and the entire field is largely speculative and still subject toHealing, 408:itself for another descent into form. The field of experience (in which is death, as the averageHealing, 413:well as his physical body. c. A discovery in the field of photography will prove survival. d.Healing, 422:around ourselves. All of us, as workers in the field of [423] glamor (the new field in whichHealing, 423:as workers in the field of [423] glamor (the new field in which humanity must learn consciously toHealing, 447:new. In his sleeping hours he has developed a field of active service and of learning. He nowHealing, 480:- to those who concentrate upon a particular field, and who therefore deal only with certainHealing, 480:the limits of its purely physical area or field and is now on the verge of advancing into the realmHealing, 480:of disease and have indicated a practically new field wherein disease - particularly in its earlierHealing, 482:effort by their loudly shouted surety (in a field which is yet experimental), and by their constantHealing, 484:body is apt to linger for a long time on the "field of emanation" when the physical body isHealing, 492:environment and thus conditions the needed field or area of contact. Seed Two determines theHealing, 513:soul energy within the form and to create the field of knowledge, peopled by the thought-forms intoHealing, 517:form part of its area of awareness and its field of service? The only way in which I can make clearHealing, 533:the centers in the head. When this magnetic field is established, the radiation then goes forth.Healing, 577:the centers in the head. When this magnetic field is established the radiation then goes forth. TheHealing, 578:centers in the head. [578] Establish a radiatory field through the utilization of this magneticHealing, 578:field through the utilization of this magnetic field. Result: Radiation. The interesting part ofHealing, 580:the heart. There was still no magnetic area or field of energy in the head. Today, in our AryanHealing, 580:magnetic area in the head." This provides a field of activity for the soul, working through theHealing, 580:head centers and focusing itself in the magnetic field which they enclose. When all the powers ofHealing, 580:these energy rays (emanating from the magnetic field in the healer's head) become what is called aHealing, 581:in the head are linked up and the magnetic field is therefore set up and the radiance is present,Healing, 582:The attention is placed, the magnetic field is spiritually vitalized; the generated vital radianceHealing, 587:from the original intent. Its function and field of service could, however, be realized andHealing, 617:overlooked by the orthodox scientist in this field, and until he recognizes that which produces theHealing, 626:is known, and the best minds in this particular field are conscious of the fact that they are faceHealing, 632:the spiritual healer, each working in his own field, and both having faith in each other; this isHealing, 668:and disciples, and its periphery or magnetic field is drawing countless thousands of aspirantsHealing, 685:as is the instinctual realm. It sweeps into its field of activity all classes of human beings andHercules, 14:and sciences as well; the labors of the open field are known to me, besides the skill of those whoHercules, 27:Finally, he cornered these wild mares within a field [28] wherein there was no further place toHercules, 29:spirit aspect; that the sign gives us the field of activity of the soul, and that the laborHercules, 31:- Labor I The Sign The sign Aries, which was the field of this first activity, is always spoken ofHercules, 47:Scorpio, and these two signs constitute the [47] field of a stupendous effort on the part ofHercules, 48:is, to constitute a medium of expression and a field of endeavor for the indwelling Christ or soul.Hercules, 48:and the other, as it expresses itself in the field of the emotional-desire nature. Hercules, 49:to recognize. There is no department of life, no field of expression, no meeting of obligation, noHercules, 64:- Part 2 (Gemini, May 21st - June 20th) The Field of the Labor Gemini has in it two stars, calledHercules, 70:undergone. Then, on the physical plane, in the field of the brain and in his walking consciousness,Hercules, 72:with the work that he has to do in the field of world service. Aspirants need to remember that theyHercules, 72:of Atlas. When aspirants in the religious field and in the Church, in the Theosophical field, inHercules, 72:field and in the Church, in the Theosophical field, in the Rosicrucian field, and in the manyHercules, 72:in the Theosophical field, in the Rosicrucian field, and in the many groups to which theyHercules, 77:evoke his wisest choice. Send him to labor in a field wherein he must decide which voice, of allHercules, 93:him from the animal, which opens up to him a new field of awareness, but which is, nevertheless,Hercules, 103: The Labors of Hercules - Labor V The Field of the Labor The sign Leo is one of the four arms ofHercules, 146:The transmutation of human energies opens up a field of speculation and experiment. In physicalHercules, 151:of expression whereby he contacts a great field of divine manifestation. From reading some books onHercules, 152:deaths take place as we progress around the field of life. In Cancer, we have the death of theHercules, 187:spirit. In the churches, in the religious field, division again, between those who are getting aHercules, 187:and those who bow to authority and dogma. In the field of economics a tremendous turmoil is broughtHercules, 187:calls "treasures in heaven". In almost any field of thought we find these two compelling forcesHercules, 193:get it. The hard task of the pioneer in any field of thought, of any person who is endeavoring toHercules, 205:to the work eternally done in the spiritual field by the awakened seeker. Truth is, phoenix-like,Hercules, 205:Truth is, phoenix-like, emerging anew in the field of human experience, but it will be the truthInitiation, 186:fit themselves to contact the Brotherhood. Their field of employ, their methods of work, willInitiation, 224:and exoterically understood. The limit of the field of activity of the central life force. RootIntellect, 7:it via the five senses and the brain. This is a field of knowledge [8] that has been extensivelyIntellect, 17:generations. It must begin in the educational field and with the young. In the West, consciousnessIntellect, 18:each other to mutual advantage, and work in this field is one of the fundamental and necessaryIntellect, 35:are we facing a crisis in the educational field which has its roots in a success, which, if carriedIntellect, 54:of the one who registers feeling, towards the field of sensuous experience, and of the actor,Intellect, 54:- the sole means of contact with that particular field of activity, the world of physical life.Intellect, 55:at which a concept of Spirit is within the field of reflective reference." - Morgan, C. Lloyd,Intellect, 79:progressing beyond this into another and higher field of awareness which we call that of the mind.Intellect, 81:and its intense focusing upon a new and unusual field of contact. Then "the mind-stuff reflectingIntellect, 106:enables the Thinker to perceive and know the field of perception. Another word for concentration isIntellect, 111:or thought currents. These forces pour into the field of [112] experience of the Thinker and heIntellect, 123:it can be refocused and reoriented to an other field of perception and another range of ideas. ForIntellect, 125:engrossed its attention can be negated and a new field of awareness become possible. BeforeIntellect, 125:the Whole and of the world content as any other field of investigation. This is our hypothesis andIntellect, 128:as practiced by a few in the religious field, many have arrived at a point where two things happen:
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