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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FIELDS

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Astrology, 10:field, as well as the smaller and more localized fields, provides the medium of transmission forAstrology, 138:Capricorn, in which sign Saturn governs in two fields. On the reversed wheel, the SaturnianAstrology, 309:an electric, dynamic leader, a pioneer in new fields of endeavor and also a magnetic center of aAstrology, 421:be willing to move on from there into new fields of possibility and of sensed probability. TimeAstrology, 504:Being includes within His focused awareness the fields of expression of the Great Bear, theAstrology, 520:the destruction of vast areas of forests, fields and wide spaces of vegetation. The ShamballaAstrology, 550:Capricorn in two of its three expressions or fields of influence, it is powerful in the threeAstrology, 550:fields of influence, it is powerful in the three fields - exoteric, esoteric and hierarchical - andAstrology, 582:lying behind much of the good work done in the fields of philanthropy and human welfare, but,Autobiography, 58:morning, after a quiet hour under a tree in the fields with my Bible, was to bake buns - hundredsAutobiography, 123:the times. All evolutionary development in all fields is an expression of divinity and the staticAutobiography, 250:They are asked to look upon such activities as fields of service wherein they can express anyAutobiography, 251:Servers, already in existence and active in many fields. Those whom the New Group of World ServersBethlehem, 70:to the shepherds tending their flocks in the fields surrounding the stable-cave where the infantBethlehem, 72:Lord to the shepherds who were watching in the fields by night. "And this shall be a sign unto you,Bethlehem, 89:will to betterment can be seen working in many fields where individuals are concerned, but theBethlehem, 166:simply opportunities for divine expression and fields for the demonstration of detachment - thatDestiny, 36:of the rays you will see how these two fields of endeavor - that of the Hierarchy, animated by loveDestiny, 108:testify to the various viewpoints in the many fields of thought - political, religious, economic,Destiny, 147:culture and the ascertaining of truth in all fields of thought and of research are of paramountDiscipleship1, 8:remain the same as before but to their differing fields of individual endeavor there will be addedDiscipleship1, 93:capacities and the recognition of new modes and fields of service. These powers are conditioned byDiscipleship1, 93:is laid upon his shoulders and new "fields of potency" become available for his use in worldDiscipleship1, 132:humanity is prone. These are found in those fields of illusory activity which men have themselvesDiscipleship1, 310:fulfiled your outer obligations in the various fields of life expression, there has been aDiscipleship1, 344:When a healer can combine in himself both fields of activity and produce that psychologicalDiscipleship1, 420:rightly handled, will open up for you new fields of service. This, however, will only be the caseDiscipleship1, 586:the novelty palls and you hanker to traverse new fields? Forget not that the Hierarchy stands. SoDiscipleship1, 586:stands. So stand also and give your time to two fields of service in which you choose to cooperate.Discipleship1, 612:line of endeavor but who are working in other fields of hierarchical activity - of equal importanceDiscipleship1, 612:of service clear. You wander into too many other fields of service which are not yours and whereDiscipleship1, 638:as it pours down to the sea, fertilizing the fields through which it runs and making many humanDiscipleship1, 688:plans of the world leaders in the various fields of human living. But the vision with which youDiscipleship1, 782:They are asked to look upon such activities as fields of service wherein they can express anyDiscipleship1, 783:Servers, already in existence and active in many fields. Those whom the New Group of World ServersDiscipleship2, 38:such as you are, must perforce work in both fields, creating and building both types of network.Discipleship2, 210:into all the aspects, areas, kingdoms and fields of manifestation. This they are enabled to doDiscipleship2, 220:the reflection of the world scientists in all fields of human interest; in their hands the form ofDiscipleship2, 226:the financial resources of the world in the many fields of human betterment and uplift, the ChristDiscipleship2, 232:ray; this affects most definitely the varying fields of service. These are the areas of thoughtDiscipleship2, 254:of new powers. The recognition of new modes and fields of service. Freedom of movement within theDiscipleship2, 293:as a searchlight so as to penetrate into new fields of awareness and of recognition. Forget notDiscipleship2, 310:and teaching can be taken in such isolated fields as conchology, biology or history. But inDiscipleship2, 393:plane, is there adapted to the differing fields of thought, to the diverse types of consciousness,Discipleship2, 399:is then "caught up and liberated into planetary fields of endeavor wherein the will must beDiscipleship2, 421:expansion means to the planetary Logos - those fields of divine activity which lie outside ourDiscipleship2, 490:your consciousness and ponder upon these three fields of contact in which it is possible for you toDiscipleship2, 506:Europe and South America - your two recognized fields of service. Only your second ray personalityDiscipleship2, 686:You have, in the above groupings, three great fields of reflection. These groupings can also beDiscipleship2, 741:- your fourth ray mind, constantly presenting fields of conflict which you must conquer, deflectsEducation, viii:the permeating power of Oriental thought in the fields of science, philosophy and the arts of theEducation, x:outside the present three distribution fields of the Humanities, the Social Sciences and theEducation, x:the departments within existing distribution fields, be established at the University ofEducation, xii:will find prepared soil in such experimental fields. OLIVER L. REISER Department of PhilosophyEducation, 3:its militancy, and its separateness in all fields - religious, political and economic. But the ageEducation, 10:should be given to experiment in many fields of opportunity. Pure vocational training should not beEducation, 118:ray - to be desirable. These individuals in the fields of government, religion, science,Externalisation, 94:type but which will work in all the nine major fields of human expression. These I outlined whenExternalisation, 114:or cycle of incarnation of humanity. In all fields of human expression, crystallization andExternalisation, 170:two are then related to each other's magnetic fields and produce a blending and a synthesis whichExternalisation, 196:wealth of the world, the oil, the produce of the fields, the contribution of the animal kingdom,Externalisation, 242:felt by many in the political and economic fields, which is no wish fulfilment or fantasy butExternalisation, 304:to the phrase so well-known in the Christian fields: "The Lamb slain from the foundation of theExternalisation, 330:world thinkers and specialists in the different fields of world endeavor as to the New Order. FindExternalisation, 344:lying behind much of the good work done in the fields of philanthropy and human welfare, butExternalisation, 365:who feel that only the trained expert in the fields of economic and political readjustment canExternalisation, 479:shift of His emphasis and attention into two new fields of endeavor: first, into the field ofExternalisation, 645:it naturally expresses itself in the political fields and in the realm of governments, throughFire, 72:subject and wide reaches of thought and vast fields for investigation open up before the earnestFire, 288:They attract by Their force into certain fields of realization and endeavor and by that attractionFire, 914:little beings who inhabit the woods and the fields, the elementals who work with the fruits,Glamour, 18:has for two centuries been seen on Earth in all fields of human endeavor - political, philanthropicGlamour, 97:the one-pointed devotee. He is found in all fields - of religion, of science, of politics or in anyGlamour, 192:new environment, new states of awareness and new fields of service. For instance: The Technique ofHealing, 42:day there must come cooperation in these various fields and a synthesizing of their efforts. I haveHealing, 113:for disciples differ widely and have differing fields of expression. The three major groups ofHealing, 267:and not seek as he now does to dominate in all fields, to grasp all opportunities away from otherHealing, 271:pronouncements of the pioneers in the new fields of nature healing, by the naturopaths, and by theHealing, 273:are to be found in the centers and their related fields of activity. [274] Healing, 381:trends in that direction. Man stands - in all fields of [382] knowledge - at a climaxing point;Healing, 530:out of the experience gained in utilizing both fields of knowledge a new medical science willHealing, 531:and both must recognize that the particular fields of knowledge for which they stand are equally aHercules, 12:It has become apparent to seekers in all fields that within all forms there is an urge toHercules, 60:the five senses open up to the human being new fields of awareness and present to him fresh spheresHercules, 94:which gives to the disciple a vision of new fields of contact and opens up for him a new world ofHercules, 192:groups in religious, political and economic fields are working for; the breaking down of prejudiceHercules, 194:sign, so we can look upon ourselves in our own fields wherever we may be. In view of the cosmicIntellect, 34:and on to the geniuses and leaders in all fields of human expression, what constitutes theIntellect, 34:the difference between them? Why are their fields of perception so widely diverse? RacialIntellect, 60:can be lifted entirely out of all past fields of endeavor. He finds that he can walk with God,Intellect, 111:their medium, information as to five vast fields of knowledge, or of five ranges of vibrations, isIntellect, 129:which will enable a man to be aware of more fields of knowledge than he now contacts. Thus we shallIntellect, 138:perceives as It looks outward upon those new fields of perception. Intellect, 165:of the world, to the intuitive thinkers in all fields of knowledge, and to the telepathic andIntellect, 172:reputable and substantial workers in the varying fields of human endeavor. The time may shortly beIntellect, 203:brotherhood of souls. Applied science in all fields has now been so developed that it has enteredIntellect, 221:has only succeeded in forcing entrance into new fields of phenomena. He has developed faculties heIntellect, 226:meadows of emotion, calling them the bright fields of spirit; we were permitted to think weIntellect, 243:he has to learn to discriminate between the fields of awareness which may open up before him as heIntellect, 266:all creeds and theologies; they work in all fields of human achievement - the scientific field, the
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