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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FIELDS

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Magic, 14:of the workers in any of the many and varied fields of thought. The truths accepted as such haveMagic, 14:is rejected and a consequent clarifying of the fields of thought results. This discriminating andMagic, 15:of correct conclusions whether in the fields of science, of economics, of philosophy, psychology orMagic, 16:guides all advanced thinkers into the newer fields of learning is but the forerunner of thatMagic, 56:of souls so that they include all the exoteric fields of human life (political, social, economic,Magic, 59:develops, the radius of awareness grows and new fields of knowledge unfold. The first field ofMagic, 100:airways, outlined with their searchlights and fields of blazing globes; our oceans, dotted withMagic, 134:and the modern philosophers and workers in other fields of human thought - are gradually andMagic, 184:brain cavity and throws into objectivity three fields of knowledge. This is often forgotten andMagic, 260:and subjective relation between workers in all fields in all parts of the world. For the first timeMagic, 276:others unconsciously. They are gathered from all fields of expression but are all creative in someMagic, 401:few or many. They see their group members in all fields - political, scientific, religious, andMagic, 433:one finds the seven types of souls, the seven fields of expression, and the seven grades ofMagic, 476:bring into being the creation of the soul in all fields of creative enterprise? The training ofMagic, 536:Already human beings are working in all three fields. Prisoners within the human form. ThisMagic, 538:to the source of light and outwards into the "fields of darkness". When he has thus attained heMagic, 549:as they express themselves in these seven fields of awareness. Finally, as far as the aspirant whoMagic, 606:of human knowledge. Working in the many fields of human awareness, they are distinguished by aPatanjali, 288:these are the streams that irrigate the fields of charity immortal." Through dispassion, theProblems, 74:several years and the situation around the coal fields both in the States and Great Britain. TheProblems, 75:of worldwide means of distribution provided new fields of employment and the demands of the mostPsychology1, 46:all forms in all kingdoms of nature, and in all fields of development; it carries the life throughPsychology1, 60:thus all states of consciousness in all fields of awareness. For the purpose of this treatisePsychology1, 93:the past, the present and the future, or in the fields of literature, art and of science itself, orPsychology1, 100:that I can only indicate some of the possible fields of research: The investigation of the naturePsychology1, 100:and contact. This is one of the most promising fields of investigation, though it still presentsPsychology1, 103:of opinion in the religious and spiritualistic fields and in the field of biblical prophecy, andPsychology1, 103:far-reaching effects. There are certain other fields of activity which will all do their part inPsychology1, 105:by our leading scientists in their various fields of research today. The study of the soul willPsychology1, 129:by their ray destiny, are found in certain fields of activity, and a particular field of endeavorPsychology1, 161:you will have a brilliant worker in the varying fields of human endeavor. When, as is occasionallyPsychology1, 162:- 1st kingdom - Mineral. These are their main fields of influence in the three worlds, and uponPsychology1, 177:will be brought about by the workers in the fields of education, of science, and of psychology.Psychology1, 178:the work is being carried forward in three fields of human thought and activity, the net result isPsychology1, 179:as constituting the three main objectives in the fields of science, of politics and of religion.Psychology1, 186:end, and workers will enter into more extensive fields, if the work proves effective. Should thePsychology1, 253:lives found in our forests, our jungles and the fields of our planet. Instances of these in thePsychology1, 361:of the understanding of illumination in all fields will eventually be regarded as synonymousPsychology1, 422:Ritual 1st kingdom Mineral. These are their main fields of influence in the three worlds and uponPsychology1, 428:lives found in our forests, our jungles and the fields of our planet. Instances of these in thePsychology2, 15:A study of the outstanding individuals in all fields of world expression today, when entirelyPsychology2, 54:aspects of force, in order to produce those fields of magnetic activity wherein certain neededPsychology2, 54:speaking, are swept into contact with great fields of force, which we call planes. According to thePsychology2, 132:for one can easily waste effort by entering fields already well handled from the point of view ofPsychology2, 142:ray personalities to be found working in various fields of service at this time. Psychology2, 181:the physical plane; but - to the differing [181] fields of individual effort - there will be addedPsychology2, 206:They are writers, artists, thinkers in various fields of human knowledge and aspiration,Psychology2, 249:of its endeavor will work out into the many fields of human art according to the ray of thePsychology2, 358:substitution. The alchemy of transmutation. The fields of Service Avocation Vocation. The lack ofPsychology2, 404:and by the pioneering minds. One of the first fields of investigation to be benefited by thisPsychology2, 436:in the political, religious, or scientific fields, and in other modes of divine manifestation.Psychology2, 445:larger areas of difficulty, and in each of these fields of conflicting energies there are lesserPsychology2, 447:then unification or at-one-ment occurs. New fields of energy then are entered, [448] recognized andPsychology2, 534:lower man) has to become accustomed to the new fields of consciousness and the opening areas ofPsychology2, 534:the man able to enter more easily the wider fields of service which he is discovering. It might bePsychology2, 574:time (for the whole problem shifts into changing fields as evolution proceeds) to the psychicPsychology2, 574:to the psychic becoming aware of a field or fields of phenomena which are always present but whichPsychology2, 639:the very lowest depths of humanity. All fields of human thought are involved in the divisions andPsychology2, 650:Group members are to be found working in all fields of human enterprise, - economic, political,Psychology2, 655:not be occupied with experiments in the various fields of human life or in connection with worldPsychology2, 656:in the economic, political and religious fields. Through them the Plan must work out, and if theyPsychology2, 661:understanding of human relations in the various fields of human expression. By means of right innerPsychology2, 669:are working in isolated fashion in the various fields of human endeavor (political, religious,Psychology2, 728:of the [728] Wisdom - distinctive as to Their fields of service, specific as to Their methods, andPsychology2, 736:in the common task of leading humanity into the fields of peace! I approach you therefore, thePsychology2, 743:talking of understanding and cooperation in all fields of human thought and life, and areRays, 6:out upon vast and (to the majority) unknown fields of knowledge. Rays, 88:that much evil has been destroyed in all fields of human activity - in the field of theologicalRays, 181:is gained) is to compel men "to wander in the fields of maya, to drown in the sea of glamor, and toRays, 240:the accepting Master. He is thus freed for other fields of service. This, in itself, is one of theRays, 254:who labor in relation to religious and other fields in a manner different [255] to yours. ForgetRays, 288:difference which exists between two differing fields and areas of perception. The aspirant is toldRays, 338:relation to humanity. The initiate works in many fields of divine creativity of which the field ofRays, 360:two worlds of superhuman effort, making the five fields of the spiritual activity of man. Love andRays, 472:ready for Nirvana, which is but the Way into new fields of spiritual experience and of divineRays, 539:has worked and lived; it simply means that new fields of responsibility and of opportunity confrontRays, 594:These thought-forms fall into three major fields of thought or thought-form areas of consciousness:Rays, 628:for the situation in the political and economic fields in France, plus the difficulties which theyRays, 747:ideologies in the political, social and economic fields but these with which I have dealtReappearance, 18:shift of His emphasis and attention into two new fields of endeavor: first, into the field ofReappearance, 77:the will-to-good; His potency works in three fields of activity at this time: Within the spiritualReappearance, 92:because they are to be found working in all the fields of activity mentioned above. Soul, 17:be the attitude of mind for students in all fields of human knowledge, Bertrand Russell says: "WhatSoul, 49:pugnacious, aggressive, charging kings of the fields and forests. The emotion experienced by themSoul, 143:standing in the business, artistic and literary fields, and with accomplishment to their credit.Telepathy, 53:the progressing disciple does not move into new fields or areas of awareness, like a steadyTelepathy, 63:soul. Modern science, through its work in the fields of psychology and medicine (to mention onlyTelepathy, 68:(the third). These analogies are often fertile fields of illumination. As regards Shamballa, theTelepathy, 186:Earth; even if they did emerge in these three fields of expression they could do little good, for
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