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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FIERCE

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Discipleship1, 678:early stage are lost within a light illusory. "Fierce grows the heat; next comes the loss of powerDiscipleship2, 570:on pride in fancied achievement but is more a fierce resentment over failure. You add your ownExternalisation, 172:these workers struggle to stand steady under the fierce impact of wrong thinking and of worldwideExternalisation, 201:different, and the theological adherents are so fierce in their loyalties and partisanships, thatFire, 340:out" (occultly) when the fires are sufficiently fierce. As regards the fire of Spirit, or pureFire, 476:then heat with ever-growing warmth and fierce intensity; then force that presses, drives andFire, 542:vitalizes the nine petals) becomes equally fierce, and when the electric spark at the innermostFire, 1049:heat doth play its part. But when the heat grows fierce, and the fires within the earth and beneathGlamour, 118:no matter how great the glamor or how fierce the strife. Thus, the ascertaining (by the aspirant)Healing, 320:for instance, may have their effects as a fierce and fiery and hot devotion to an idea or a person,Healing, 320:or a person, or they may work out as an equally fierce and fiery fever in the physical body, and toHealing, 462:are in violent conflict and the process is often fierce and long; it is this battle which is beingHercules, 27:marshes of his land. Wild were these horses and fierce the mares and all men trembled at theirHercules, 97:find your weapons and your shield. The lion is fierce and strong, and numbers vast he has devoured.Hercules, 98:him came the lion, untouched, unscathed and fierce with rage, quite unafraid. Throwing his bow uponHercules, 99:in and out, and shutting both himself and the fierce lion within the cave. Then turned and facedHercules, 126:from distant points. In wrath they came, and a fierce battle then took place and in spite ofHercules, 126:of the snow he went, following the tracks of the fierce boar; up to the heights and bitter cold heHercules, 127:driving before him, on the downward way, the fierce though tamed boar. By the hind legs twain, heHercules, 138:that suckled Romulus and Remus; and was the fierce animal which Saint Francis of Assisi tamed byHercules, 143:realizes that he is nourishing and sustaining so fierce a creature. The burning arrows of flamingHercules, 155:At nearer view he saw the birds. Large and fierce and hideous they were. Each had an iron beak thatHercules, 169:bound him were tied to iron rings. A vulture, fierce and bold, kept pecking at the prostrateHercules, 196:had it been shot that all three bodies of fierce Geryon were pierced. With a shrill, despairingIntellect, 93:does three things for the aspirant. It throws a fierce light upon his problems, and constitutes theIntellect, 94:brace ourselves for the arduous climb and the fierce endeavor. We must say with J. C. Earle: "IIntellect, 181:himself of the dim struggles (becoming more fierce as the intellect develops) to know, toMagic, 358:early stage are lost within a light illusory. "Fierce grows the heat; next comes the loss of powerPatanjali, 209:my feet have trod. The Way of Fire calls me with fierce appeal. Naught in me seeks the way ofPatanjali, 288:its heart to drink the morning sun. Let not the fierce sun dry one tear of pain before thyself hastProblems, 15:of the idea. History portrays the fierce determination of every nation to preserve its boundariesPsychology1, 63:not as yet but shines as light electric. Fierce are its rays. It burns all forms, yet touches notPsychology1, 253:kingdom. Objective agency: Fire and Water, - fierce desire and incipient mind. These are symbolizedPsychology1, 428:kingdom. Objective Agency: Fire and water, - fierce desire and incipient mind. These are symbolizedRays, 302:this. Turn on the light with will and power and fierce desire, and then recount the vision that mayRays, 633:and labor awaiting solution; the conflict is fierce but a compromise will eventually be worked outRays, 765:and yellow the spreading fire. Like a mantle of fierce heat it shuts out the vision and obscuresRays, 766:on, O Pilgrim, towards the flame; brave the fierce ardor of the fire; enter within the portal which
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