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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FIERY

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Astrology, 38:of Brahma are the lowest manifestation of their fiery nature. Each group also may be regarded asAstrology, 46:of the fifth Hierarchy are called "The Hearts of Fiery Love"; They save through love, and in TheirAstrology, 53:- is the "five-pointed star and, at the fiery points, the forces of the man pour out and upon eachAstrology, 53:the forces of the man pour out and upon each fiery point appears a center of reception." This is ofAstrology, 82:to another Cross - a Cross of blinding light, of fiery pain, of bitter woe, and yet the Cross ofAstrology, 89:path of fire, and each center a wheel of living fiery force rotating at terrific speed; the centerAstrology, 89:Above all, at the top of the head will be seen a fiery display that seems to put all the otherAstrology, 95:vision is achieved." Old Commentary. Through the fiery processes of war and strife, brought to theAstrology, 96:aware of the divine Plan which underlies all his fiery experience. Scorpio, which brings aboutAstrology, 97:I died to form (Aries). The heat of earth, the fiery temper of the mother, destroyed the form,Astrology, 288:which can be brought to bear upon him when the fiery triplicity plays its part and the influence ofAstrology, 316:force) which constitutes that "pool of pure, fiery light" through which all those who take theAstrology, 333:Libra relates the two in Gemini Unbalanced fiery passion The weighing of the opposites BalanceAstrology, 374:increase selfishness and bring humanity to the "fiery heights of self-interest" instead of to theAstrology, 418:by such qualifying terms as earthy triplicity or fiery triplicity, composed each of a cardinal, aAstrology, 520:be transmuted in the present furnace of pain and fiery agony and will be raised into the heartAstrology, 587:as ancient Atlantis was destroyed by water. But, fiery goodwill and the conscious focused use ofAstrology, 693:the astral plane. Vulcan (1st) - The School of Fiery Stones. There is a curious connection betweenAstrology, 693:living stones'; on the Vulcan they are called 'fiery stones.' [694] Jupiter (2nd) - The School ofAutobiography, 70:on what should be done. The rabid speeches of fiery Hindus over here loom larger than the calmDestiny, 95:transmuted in the present furnace of pain and fiery agony. This transmutation will bring about aDiscipleship1, 107:achievement. That must inevitably come if the fiery aspiration of each of you and the power toDiscipleship1, 107:Your gift to this group of co-disciples is that fiery, dynamic, zealous aspiration which is theDiscipleship1, 172:connected with all the other phases by lines of fiery energy, thus bringing all parts of it intoDiscipleship1, 217:it or that you could in any way relinquish your fiery aspiration has in no way caused me anxiety.Discipleship1, 262:BROTHER OF OLD: And what shall I say to you, fiery warrior in our work? Just this: In quietness andDiscipleship1, 324:the technique is superseded by the Presence. The fiery force of your life is now one-pointedlyDiscipleship1, 394:succeeded in tarnishing the white shield of your fiery faith. This you have held ever before you.Discipleship1, 596:worldly life seem to affect in any way your fiery devotion and persistence towards the goal. ThisDiscipleship1, 678:then active within the tiny sphere and does its fiery work. Moisture likewise is seen; dense fog,Discipleship1, 720:ideas. To bring about and render effective this fiery stimulation, the disciple must apply the fireDiscipleship1, 721:not be "enough of the will-to-love with the fiery essence." Where that will is present two thingsDiscipleship1, 723:light. A chela in the light directs the burning, fiery light which dissipates the enervating fog.Discipleship1, 729:mind; these must be first comprehended and their fiery essence quenched before the fire of theDiscipleship2, 73:golden lotus of the heart. The burning ground of fiery red. The mountain top, bathed in the morningDiscipleship2, 175:a point of sacrificial Fire, focused within the fiery Will of God. And thus I stand. I am a way byDiscipleship2, 565:been necessary for you to develop more will and fiery determination and powerful understanding,Discipleship2, 670:in your nature is the evocation of a new and fiery incentive. For this reason, I have (as I seldomExternalisation, 259:material aggression and selfishness, then the "fiery ordeal" might be unavoidable. There are alsoFire, 13:in union. They called the guardians of the fiery zone. [14] Matter and water mixed with fire, theFire, 31:at the inner center. The thirty-five circulating fiery vortices extend along the circle of theFire, 44:5. Super-astral light 5. Atomic matter. 6. Fiery serpent 6. The serpent of evil. 7. Mulaprakriti.Fire, 65:called by H. P. B. "Fohat." He is that active fiery Intelligence, Who is the basis of the internalFire, 66:internal furnaces. We are not dealing with the fiery essences of the higher planes at this stage inFire, 66:fire spirits who can be contacted deep in the fiery bowels of the planet. Fire spirits, latent inFire, 67:more important group of devas, who form the fiery envelope of the sun. The pranic elementals, thoseFire, 67:of the sun. The pranic elementals, those minute fiery essences who have the ability to permeate theFire, 67:for our present purpose. 2. The Astral Plane The fiery essences of this plane are more difficultFire, 68:Agnisuryans, and in [68] their totality are the fiery essences of buddhi, hence their lowestFire, 75:of the inner latent heat and its gradual fiery increase until we have within the atom a repetitionFire, 136:the power in himself. It is an electric fiery occult, or fohatic power, the great pristine forceFire, 161:of matter until finally we have a blazing, fiery wheel, turning every way, with radiant channels ofFire, 167:effect that can be seen by the clairvoyant as fiery wheels situated: In the region of the spine,Fire, 170:path of fire, and each center a wheel of living fiery force rotating at terrific speed; the centerFire, 170:Above all, at the top of the head will be seen a fiery display that seems to put all the otherFire, 204:fourth dimensional, till we have a wonderful fiery activity demonstrating on all the three planes.Fire, 205:from one to another, till we have a web of fiery lines, uniting centers of living fire, and givingFire, 232:Occultly blaze forth and demonstrate light or fiery objectivity. Expand so as to include that whichFire, 346:of Spirit through the latent presence of the fiery spark of mind. This spark of mind, workingFire, 393:the needed stimulation or an [393] increased fiery vibration to our Earth scheme. The fact thatFire, 484:planes. These steps or stages are: [484] The fiery stage - the blending, fusing, burning period,Fire, 484:in the old Commentary they are thus stated: "The fiery lives burn within the bosom of Mother. TheFire, 484:fiery lives burn within the bosom of Mother. The fiery center extends to the periphery of theFire, 484:its five divisions deals with the burning of the fiery lives. The Manu's department concerns itselfFire, 485:and sixth Rays deal with the burning of the fiery lives. The fourth blends the two fires within theFire, 489:they set loose upon the ignorant and the unwary, fiery essence which burns and destroys. PostulateFire, 513:living substance; within it can be seen three fiery points. At the heart of the sphere is a centralFire, 518:- The Egoic Ray and Solar Fire b. The Planes and Fiery Energy It seems desirable [519] that weFire, 520:subplane comes a primary blending of the three fiery Lives, producing archetypally that forceFire, 521:point out that the Lord Agni shows forth His fiery life on the atomic subplane of each plane; HeFire, 522:- gross. The seven differentiations in terms of fiery energy are: Plane of divine life (Father) -Fire, 524:As the cycles pass away, the balancing of these fiery currents will be gradually brought about, andFire, 538:to the vision [538] of the clairvoyant as fiery wheels or the flaming petals of a lotus. b. TheFire, 545:Becoming, while the petals of the lotus, or the fiery spokes of the wheel, deal specifically withFire, 630:self-conscious Identities, and the "Fiery Lives" are real, and conscious, vital Existences. Thus weFire, 640:swing into action forces which will control the fiery destructive elements. 8 The "entified" natureFire, 665:yet merge upon the planes of yoga. When the fiery essences permeate all, then there is no more theFire, 784:is true of Gods, of men, and of atoms. 3. The Fiery. The internal energy of the rapidlyFire, 784:and repulsing other spheres. "Pitris of the Fiery Spheres" add their labors to those of the earlierFire, 784:4. The Watery. The ball or sphere of gaseous fiery essence becomes still more condensed andFire, 839:Mother contracts, and expands with these sixty fiery breaths. The lines become allied, and cubesFire, 868:the first of the means of spiritual growth, that fiery quality of the will which enkindles andFire, 878:general reservoir in interplanetary space. The fiery triangle is lost sight of in the generalFire, 878:by a final one, and offer themselves upon the fiery altar. The causal body is completely destroyed.Fire, 878:(by the force and energy generated in the fiery furnace and blaze, and through the stimulationFire, 887:the great breath, or the AUM, takes effect. Each fiery spark, or atom, becomes (through the actionFire, 896:or those lives which are linked to all fiery essences, being volatile and the result of heat.Fire, 903:devas will eventually form part of the gaseous fiery group and become those fires which are theFire, 904:are dealing with the devas of fire, and with the fiery essences of substantial nature which can beFire, 904:to students, such as: The Salamanders, or the fiery lives which can be seen by clairvoyants leapingFire, 904:The Agnichaitans; this is a term applied to the fiery lives, which are the sumtotal of the planeFire, 904:and men will realize that they are working with fiery lives, and that they are themselves closelyFire, 905:contact with the human vibration of a group of fiery deva lives hitherto uncontacted. Just as eachFire, 940:from the nebulous and chaotic stages through the fiery to the solid, or to the relatively solidFire, 943:to one or other of the seven logoic streams of fiery energy. According to a man's egoic Ray, soFire, 943:the sheath of intricate lines of interlacing fiery strands, which is in [944] reality an extensionFire, 944:The etheric web is literally the fine network of fiery threads which spreads itself over theFire, 944:elementals. One group concerns itself with the fiery channels, with the fires of the human body,Fire, 946:likewise that our basic conception is one of fiery energy, of force centers set in motion, and keptFire, 946:of still greater centers. Every form is built of fiery atoms, or energetic lives, through the
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