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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FIERY

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Fire, 1025:formed, it is now ready to take to itself a "fiery" or gaseous body, and it is these fire buildersFire, 1060:of force currents, energy centers, and dynamic fiery systemic peripheries. Fire, 1081:The sons of heavy rhythm, The points of fiery excellence (a name given oft to magnetic,Fire, 1093:this concept; the downpouring of the streams of fiery sparks; their flashing forth into points ofFire, 1093:deva monads: fire on every side - a network of fiery rivers of living energy, focal points ofFire, 1094:his picture a hint of the interplay of all these fiery essences, colored with certain predominantFire, 1097:when considering "fire by friction," and the fiery motion of substance itself. We will only touchFire, 1098:of the various bodies on account of its fiery gaseous constitution. He should also seek to bringFire, 1129:form an esoteric triangle, and can thus pass the fiery energy hidden in each center in circulatoryFire, 1154:is in etheric matter; it is this etheric fiery energy which brings to a consummation (and soFire, 1158:focal points, transmitting and circulating fiery energy. These centers not only receive the energyFire, 1161:of triple energy. This triangle transmits fiery energy via the pineal gland, the pituitary body andFire, 1178:of the astral plane. VULCAN - The School for Fiery Stones. There is a curious connection betweenFire, 1178:"the living stones"; on Vulcan they are called "fiery stones." JUPITER - The School of BeneficentFire, 1196:of Brahma are the lowest manifestation of their fiery nature. Each group also may be regarded asFire, 1204:of the fifth Hierarchy are called "The Hearts of Fiery Love"; they save through love, and in theirFire, 1220:Impulse. The Law of the Polar Union. Two fiery balls and triangle. Radiatory energy 2nd Ray.Fire, 1220:A Male and Female Form, placed back to back. Fiery energy 5th Ray. Vitalizing factor. The symbolsFire, 1251:that the effects of fire and the laws of fiery energy and vibration are here dealt with. Those sonsFire, 1268:impaled upon the spear and thrust within the fiery light which veils the balance. The mysticFire, 1268:turns all the time for those who battle on the fiery ground beneath the dragon's feet." The firstFire, 1269:motion of the disk slows down. The portal of the fiery light opens more widely yet. A form is seen.Fire, 1269:yet. A form is seen. Unto the Master of the Fiery Heart, this form presents three precious jewels.Fire, 1269:These jewels three give to the Master of the Fiery Heart a portion of the triple force whichFire, 1270:known as the fourth and is not holy, seeth the fiery WAY; He respondeth to its heat and seeks toFire, 1270:itself its own. The smoke which issues from this fiery wheel formeth a living WAY, veiling theFire, 1277:it, and those few elude the scales, escape the fiery eye of the great Adjuster and in Their veryGlamour, 182:In that world of illusion, it undergoes the "fiery ordeal" wherein "some of the fire within thatHealing, 320:instance, may have their effects as a fierce and fiery and hot devotion to an idea or a person, orHealing, 320:or they may work out as an equally fierce and fiery fever in the physical body, and to this fever,Healing, 564:by friction," the third aspect of the divine "fiery nature" of God, for "our God is a consumingHercules, 27:the sons of God. The son of Mars, Diomedes of fiery fame, ruled in the land beyond the Gate, andHercules, 121:opposite sign of Pisces, and the airy Gemini and fiery Sagittarius completing the four arms. It isInitiation, 116:this solar system, love and intelligence. This fiery sphere is linked likewise with many othersInitiation, 116:pulsates and circulates through all, via the fiery strands. This is part of the revelation whichInitiation, 117:of a divine Entity, of a great center of fiery energy, and of the full flower of evolution, liesInitiation, 133:fire." He knows past all gainsaying that fiery energy and electric force constitute the sumtotal ofInitiation, 134:the Hierophant, and is aware of nothing but a fiery blaze of pure, blue-white flame, which burns,Initiation, 194:of the indwelling divinity; to pass through the fiery furnace those motives words, and thoughtsIntellect, 93:which make for union with the soul are first, fiery aspiration, then spiritual reading and, lastly,Intellect, 93:idea of fire. It denotes a burning desire, and a fiery determination which eventually does threeIntellect, 94:they were cast into the midst of the burning fiery furnace, yet the result of that apparent tragedyIntellect, 95:Daniel III, 23-24). There is no escaping the fiery furnace, but the reward is commensurate with theIntellect, 97:a search for truth in every form, and a fiery longing for liberation - are the three parts of theIntellect, 222:internal and external purification, contentment, fiery aspiration, spiritual reading, and devotion.Magic, 105:or from a planet. Along those living lines of fiery essence pass all the contacts that do notMagic, 108:[108] as there is a rising up the spine of that fiery energy. This is brought about by the magneticMagic, 358:then active within the tiny sphere and does its fiery work. Moisture likewise is seen; dense fog,Magic, 389:into the discard. Basically again, these fiery lives, are found in all that burns, and in theMagic, 611:development) the effect of differentiated fiery essence. This fiery essence can be known as LifeMagic, 611:the effect of differentiated fiery essence. This fiery essence can be known as Life itself, or asMagic, 611:which will absorb them and raise them to the fiery point from whence the fires of living light andMeditation, 101:You have here a correspondence between the fiery aspects of the earth economy in their relationshipMeditation, 110:the emotional body. We think of the Italian as fiery, romantic, unstable and brilliant; we think ofPatanjali, 112:of action, leading to union with the soul is fiery aspiration, spiritual reading and devotion toPatanjali, 112:Internal and external purification, contentment, fiery aspiration, spiritual reading and devotionPatanjali, 112:of contentment bliss is achieved. 43. Through fiery aspiration and through the removal of allPatanjali, 112:of action, leading to union with the soul is fiery aspiration, spiritual reading and devotion toPatanjali, 123:certain methods and rules, and these three are: Fiery aspiration, the domination of the physicalPatanjali, 123:of his brother, and God as seen in every form. Fiery aspiration is the sublimation of karma yoga.Patanjali, 180:The gradually increasing downpour of fiery energy increases steadily the "light in the head," orPatanjali, 187:Internal and external purification, contentment, fiery aspiration, spiritual reading and devotionPatanjali, 189:three remaining rules can be more easily kept. Fiery aspiration will be dealt with more fully inPatanjali, 190:permitted to become the disciple of some Master. Fiery effort, steady persistent longing andPatanjali, 208:- Book 2 - The Steps to Union 43. Through fiery aspiration and through the removal of all impurity,Patanjali, 208:fire streams upward through the system, as the fiery element makes its presence felt, that which isPatanjali, 208:words "waters of sorrow" so often used. Now the fiery ordeal is undergone and the entire lowerPatanjali, 209:the aspiration of his heart is of the needed "fiery" character, and that the steady purification ofPatanjali, 211:or lot in life contentment, 3. His soul or ego fiery aspiration, 4. Environment and physical planePatanjali, 250:the yogi knows himself to be light, a point of fiery essence. Through facility in the meditationPatanjali, 423:wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked. And take the helmet ofPsychology1, 63:a word. That word reverberates along the line of fiery essence, and when it sounds within thePsychology1, 64:The Liberator from Form The Great Abstractor The Fiery Element, producing shattering ThePsychology1, 86:of the Square The Orienting Force [86] The Fiery Unifier The Key to the Mystery The Expression ofPsychology1, 206:and to take no thought of the morrow. Rajas is fiery, impatient, ever urging to action. ThesePsychology1, 209:superstition, prejudice, over-rapid conclusions, fiery anger. Virtues to be acquired: Strength,Psychology1, 209:nature, but he can always flame into fury and fiery wrath. He will lay down his life for thePsychology2, 109:of Magnetic Impulse The Law of Polar Union Two fiery balls and triangle Radiatory Energy Second RayPsychology2, 116:head center - two balls of fire, symbolic of the fiery [117] consciousness of the soul, and not ofPsychology2, 117:potency. There is also another line of outgoing fiery power toward the top of the spinal column. AsPsychology2, 198:with the throat center, form a "triangle of fiery light". Such is the Way of Group Progress, andPsychology2, 603:of mental breakdown. Occultly speaking, "the fiery vision proceeds to burn its victim and thusPsychology2, 613:and in this life) in what has been called the "fiery light of their misunderstanding and theRays, 10:[10] is this power which at present forces the 'fiery energies' of the body to feed the lower threeRays, 39:control, and the steady development of the "fiery aspiration" to which Patanjali (The Light of theRays, 439:Them no [439] concern or strain, no anxiety or fiery aspiration; They know, as no disciple canRays, 474:and present the medium along which can pass the fiery will and the predetermined purpose of Deity.Rays, 604:"fire from heaven"), by the evocation of the fiery emotions so prevalent in the councils of men atRays, 633:conflict. This is largely owing to their fiery temperament and their strong [634] emotional biasRays, 728:enables you to love your fellowmen with ardent, fiery warmth." I am quoting some ancient aphorismsRays, 762:changed; the bitter now becomes the sweet; the fiery essence then is lost in cool, life-givingRays, 764:to wash away a brother's sins; the need of fiery courage that can hold a brother's hand, and liftReappearance, 12:exemplified it. The Church has preached the fiery Saul of Tarsus and not the gentle Carpenter ofSoul, 135:Internal and external purification, contentment, fiery aspiration, spiritual reading and devotionTelepathy, 197:a point of sacrificial Fire, focused within the fiery Will of God. And thus I stand. I am a way by
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