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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FIGHT

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Glamour, 100:and choice have been made) "stand up and fight," and will find themselves no longer on the Path ofGlamour, 203:at the time of the third initiation in the final fight between the pairs of opposites and theGlamour, 224:will be the result of their illusory glamorous fight in the world of appearances. Healing, 14:the basic causes of disease, and to the endless fight between the imprisoned spirit and theHealing, 14:imprisoned spirit and the imprisoning form. This fight uses for its method that innate qualityHealing, 19:the will of the person, rendering him futile to fight these predispositions. He succumbs to themHealing, 136:is reached - the first great mountain top. The fight between the forces produces all disease, allHealing, 225:to which he has a constant predisposition. Man's fight for health is ceaseless and unending,Healing, 301:He found a field of battle and settled down to fight. He saw the right and knew the wrong andHealing, 476:of dying. This elemental life will sometimes fight a battle lasting for days and weeks. When,Healing, 534:is reached - the first great mountain top. The fight between the forces produces all disease, allHealing, 582:is reached - the first great mountain top. The fight between the forces produces all disease, allHealing, 595:- The Laws and Rules Enumerated and Applied The fight between the forces produces all disease, allHealing, 596:when it comes, is the result of two things: The fight between the forces, and not between energyHealing, 596:The patient has given in; the internal fight is too much for him; he can bring in no outside energyHealing, 596:- of a general nature or confined to a bitter fight in a particular area - produces so muchHealing, 667:wrong methods and are [667] endeavoring oft to fight evil with evil is entirely true, but thisHercules, 113:Shall we obey the word, O Amazons, or shall we fight the word of' God?" And as they listened to herHercules, 130:weapons given to mankind in its perpetual fight against glamor. It is [131] the source of theHercules, 179:and always has been, to struggle; and that the fight has lost nothing of its violence by beingInitiation, 103:warrior, the victor in many a hard-won fight; he speaks not of his achievements, for he is too busyIntellect, 92:evades our most frantic efforts; we struggle and fight and anguish to achieve a realization toMagic, 238:final stand is made and Arjuna triumphs in the fight, but only by letting Krishna assume the reinsMagic, 322:not be to resist and repel the pressure or to fight and ward off. Such a method centers theMagic, 350:with weak and sensitive bodies, struggle, work, fight, fail, continue and serve. Not one hour ofMagic, 409:Renaissance. Revolution and the determination to fight for the divine rights of man find theirMagic, 486:plane to adhere to the mental thought-form. Fight the matter out on the desire level, and inhibitMeditation, 4:and discord, a clashing of the colors, and a fight between the Higher and the Lower. But as timeMeditation, 145:lower self that drags down; it is a ceaseless fight to preserve the higher vibration. And - whichPatanjali, 129:lies outside of itself and progressively has to fight its way out to ever increasing freedom andPatanjali, 424:be opened; happy the warriors... who find such a fight as this... Therefore, arise, determined toPatanjali, 424:loss, victory and defeat, gird thyself for the fight." (Gita II, 31, 32, 37, 38.) Problems, 26:in trying out every kind of ideology. The fight between capital and labor will reach its climax inProblems, 66:type of energy will inevitably supersede will fight to the last ditch to prevent these new sourcesProblems, 73:the realization that, no matter what they do - fight or resign - the situation remains unchanged.Problems, 76:common man. Men in every country determined to fight for freedom and their proper human rights.Problems, 76:the confidence and power of the majority. The fight of the workers is still going on; gains areProblems, 83:can today save the world from a looming economic fight to the death, can prevent the uprising againProblems, 85:and prejudice of some of those who speak and fight for them prevent the majority from approachingProblems, 111:states is a blot upon the country; there the fight is to keep the Negro consistently down, toProblems, 111:against, is refused equal opportunity and has to fight [112] for every privilege. A few corrupt andProblems, 170:of the monied interests to preserve the old and fight the new are largely responsible for thePsychology1, 301:earth and bade us love each other. Yet still we fight and hate and use our powers for selfish ends,Psychology1, 402:body rays are subordinated to it, then the great fight takes place between the egoic ray or soulPsychology2, 34:full of terror. Upon that mountain top we must fight the final battle with the Dweller on thePsychology2, 37:he had learned to use, the longing not to fight, the thrill of finding those he fought were butPsychology2, 37:aid! The trumpet sound went forth: 'Rise up and fight, and reconcile the armies of the Lord. TherePsychology2, 47:clear. The One who treads the path and stops to fight, who wrestles blindly with the two who seekPsychology2, 47:revealed. He ceases from the clamor and the fight. He finds his way into the Presence. Knee toPsychology2, 198:Mental Unity - The Disciples. 4. Repulse The fight against evil Crusades of all kinds Love of GoodPsychology2, 290:harmony took form. The little lord, who loved to fight for what he sought, followed with swiftnessPsychology2, 366:when the disciple "relinquishes the fight in order to stand, thereby discovering victory ahead,Psychology2, 372:finite thought of God; - for these I struggle, fight and die.' Love of the truth must always be.Psychology2, 444:motive, because he is truly idealistic; who will fight intelligently to achieve it, but will fightPsychology2, 444:will fight intelligently to achieve it, but will fight fanatically to bring about these endsPsychology2, 444:and brain will enable him to put up a strong fight. At the same time, his first ray soul energy isPsychology2, 483:undesirable, the cultivation of that spirit of fight which will produce organization,Psychology2, 578:that the struggling disciple will be left to fight almost single-handed. If this cannot be done,Psychology2, 590:care must be used. Where there is a violent fight against the psychic activity going on, or wherePsychology2, 634:force. Such [634] is the case today. The masses fight and die on the urge of inflammatory speechesPsychology2, 635:and an orderly world. For this they are ready to fight, and are today fighting in every party,Psychology2, 657:emotional animals. They live, work, suffer and fight, but have no real idea of what it means, or ofPsychology2, 737:are pledged and for which they are ready to fight if need arises. The relatively acquiescent massesRays, 210:a process of attrition. He does not positively fight desire with a view to its elimination; he doesRays, 236:the old things which should pass away and to fight that which is new. As individual aspirants, youRays, 416:knows as yet little. The freedom for which men fight is one of the lowest aspects of this cosmicRays, 426:in the following way: The initiates upon Path I "fight their way" on to Path VI. The initiates uponRays, 500:of man, or the leaders against evil head the fight for the new world order or for the Four FreedomsRays, 576:difficult problem and one which enhances the fight and intensifies his problem. He discovers thatRays, 603:major events. The determination of mankind to fight out the issues involved in the world war uponRays, 603:adepts were also implicated, and the first major fight between the demonstrators of evil and theRays, 603:the Flood, it is apparent to students that the fight was focused primarily upon the astral plane,Rays, 631:is constantly withheld; they therefore have to fight blindly for their freedom, to fightRays, 631:have to fight blindly for their freedom, to fight instinctively and without knowledge of the facts.Rays, 631:the facts. They are not yet waging a successful fight. Reappearance, 80:made by the masses of men themselves, as they fight and struggle and legislate for the economicReappearance, 90:they are still doing. The progressive forces fight only for that which is new, and seek not theReappearance, 162:make? Why not let the forces of good and evil fight it out alone? Why not permit the pressure ofReappearance, 162:at long last - to bring cessation to the world fight and usher in the triumph of the good? WhyReappearance, 163:what period of time must we endure, struggle and fight? The reply comes with clarity: He will comeTelepathy, 196:and ideals must be stressed and for which a fight must be made, wherein the wider plans for the
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