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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FIGHTING

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Astrology, 153:the sign of the Unicorn which is the "fighting and triumphant creature" of the ancient myths. UnderAstrology, 525:the temptation is to hide behind the glamor of fighting for an ideal rather than react to worldAstrology, 525:by the evil German group, with Italy and Japan fighting at intervals (consciously seldom butAstrology, 532:is no need to despair. The courage of those fighting for freedom remains unimpaired. The HierarchyAutobiography, 159:and claim making and, therefore, constant fighting between personalities - fighting that was notAutobiography, 159:constant fighting between personalities - fighting that was not confined just to oral battles butAutobiography, 252:the attitude and aims of the United Nations, fighting for the freedom of the whole of humanity andAutobiography, 292:took a firm stand against the nations who were fighting the Forces of Light; that was in no way aAutobiography, 303:At least until the outer physical plane fighting was stopped, the reaching of the disciples, whoBethlehem, 6:and also to humanity. We have been busy fighting over the non-essentials of traditionalBethlehem, 7:have fought over the historical Christ, and thus fighting, have lost sight of His message of loveDestiny, 9:is headed in spite of its many ideologies, each fighting with each other for supremacy andDestiny, 10:is devoted to a particular ideology would cease fighting other ideologies for he would rememberDestiny, 22:to range yourself upon one side or another, fighting furiously and under the cloak of so-calledDestiny, 99:the temptation is to hide behind the glamor of fighting for an ideal rather than react to worldDestiny, 100:by the evil German group, with Italy and Japan fighting at intervals against the evil influenceDiscipleship1, 27:body. This leads to a constant condition of fighting and of turmoil. It negates all peace andDiscipleship1, 396:into her new rhythm. Still another brother is fighting deep discouragement, and the glamor ofDiscipleship1, 474:thought but do this not so much by constantly fighting undesirable thoughts as by substitutingDiscipleship1, 527:soul to strengthen you. This courage is not a fighting courage or any sort of struggle to be whatDiscipleship1, 600:belief that you are animated by principle or are fighting for principle and thus occupied withDiscipleship1, 662:of World Servers. NOTE: This disciple is still fighting out the battle but no indication has yetDiscipleship1, 784:the attitude and aims of the United Nations, fighting for the freedom of the whole of humanity andDiscipleship2, 171:welcome light; men are tired of hating and fighting, and therefore welcome goodwill. Let me touchDiscipleship2, 212:meditation, dreaming of better things, fighting for desired material benefits, longing for thatDiscipleship2, 220:mind the fact that through the medium of all the fighting forces of the world (naval, military andDiscipleship2, 220:all mankind. I make here no defense of war or of fighting, brother of mine. I simply deal withDiscipleship2, 238:brother of mine) agents of the Black Lodge are fighting; they will not win; in the long run theyDiscipleship2, 698:BROTHER: I call you this, for never do you cease fighting and struggling, sometimes under the urgeEducation, 90:itself as one human family and not as a fighting aggregate of many nations and people,Education, 90:of the One Humanity. This growing idealism is fighting its way into the forefront of the humanExternalisation, 119:senses; man became primarily a selfish and a fighting animal with, however, at times, vagueExternalisation, 171:neutrality, as in America, or are actively fighting for that which is against the material forces.Externalisation, 172:effective in service, whilst at the same time fighting off emotional reactions. The capacity of theExternalisation, 176:The following groups of people are involved: The fighting aggressor nations, ruled by ambitiousExternalisation, 176:and will not come to the assistance of those fighting for the preservation of national andExternalisation, 177:against the dictator powers but not against the fighting democracies. The battle today is beingExternalisation, 177:war faces every country not yet actually in the fighting line. The fear of defeat, of death andExternalisation, 178:out: one group, the instigators of the war, fighting to acquire material power, the glory of aExternalisation, 178:subjugation of the defenceless; and the other, fighting to preserve its own liberty of action, theExternalisation, 178:that might was right. Therefore, the forces fighting for progress and civilization had to meetExternalisation, 179:the world straight and end the war. Such people, fighting the existent fact of war, usually doExternalisation, 179:in countering these ideas and in justifying the fighting spirit of the Christian democracies, [180]Externalisation, 180:it is killing an individual who is murdering, or fighting a nation which is warring on theExternalisation, 186:totalitarian powers and the nations which are fighting for the rights of the human spirit and forExternalisation, 203:the defeat of Germany and the end of the actual fighting. [204] The period after the guns haveExternalisation, 204:on the side of the constructive forces which are fighting for the democratic values and the freedomExternalisation, 210:The interim between the end of the physical fighting and the final peace settlement. It is to beExternalisation, 218:are no issues and principles which are worth fighting for and dying for, if need be? Do you standExternalisation, 220:right action on the part of those who are fighting under the Forces of Light, and will lead to anExternalisation, 221:that the Forces of Materialism are today fighting. For this reason, humanity is swept into a vortexExternalisation, 233:and wrong) are fearlessly and with true insight fighting humanity's battle, and with them theExternalisation, 234:ordinary pacifist inspires those who are today fighting [235] in order that peace may be the resultExternalisation, 244:humanity and arrest the tide of evil? If he is fighting already upon the side of the Forces ofExternalisation, 245:and will uphold the hands of those who are fighting for world peace and security, preparatory toExternalisation, 248:from any further advance. This might mean fighting in the ranks of the Allied Armies, or it mightExternalisation, 280:means of invocation and prayer, plus the needed fighting for the right, is done by those who canExternalisation, 294:In one life he may be entirely occupied with fighting the Dweller on the Threshold or withExternalisation, 309:situation) and focus every possible effort on fighting evil upon the physical plane, as well as onExternalisation, 313:disciples and aspirants are spending their time fighting a psychic sensitivity, evoked by worldExternalisation, 320:universal among the masses - both those in the fighting countries and the neutrals also. In theExternalisation, 339:the future. For this, men are today working and fighting. They call the vision by many names:Externalisation, 340:been lacking in the case of the United Nations, fighting for the Forces of Light and on behalf ofExternalisation, 349:the objectives for which the United Nations are fighting. These have been voiced for humanity byExternalisation, 365:there are many today whose task is not that of fighting and whose place and function is perforce inExternalisation, 367:to ally themselves actively with the nations fighting totalitarianism, and their inability toExternalisation, 369:both in the conquered lands and in the nations fighting, with their backs to the wall, for humanExternalisation, 375:For its abolishing, the United Nations are fighting, but the difficulties are many, even though theExternalisation, 375:men is on their side and the Forces of Light are fighting to aid them. The nationalistic spirit isExternalisation, 396:everywhere through the United Nations who are fighting for the liberation of mankind and throughExternalisation, 414:everywhere today and for which humanity is now fighting. As the Members of the Hierarchy approachExternalisation, 427:Their efforts prolong the war, dishearten the fighting forces, break down national and militaryExternalisation, 428:are apt to mean that the Hierarchy is literally fighting against the Axis nations. This is not soExternalisation, 429:and in the diplomatic arena) who are today fighting for the freedom of humanity, for the eternalExternalisation, 431:spread of idealistic aspiration to all who are fighting this battle for freedom. For this unity ofExternalisation, 476:fight a conclusive victory on the merits of its fighting units. But this time a great deal more wasExternalisation, 477:did not find its way into the ranks of those fighting human freedoms, for it stimulates the mindsExternalisation, 477:offset by directing Their thought to the forces fighting under the leaders of the United NationsExternalisation, 477:cleverer and more calculating than those fighting for human freedom. It is this distinction and itsExternalisation, 478:through goodwill and openly sided with those fighting to drive evil back whence it came, and toExternalisation, 481:but it will mean the end of all aggressive fighting and all organized resistance, leading to aExternalisation, 494:Owing to these steps, the efforts of those fighting in the realm of science for the establishing ofExternalisation, 550:during the war, upon the side of the Forces fighting for the freedom of humanity and refused in anyExternalisation, 550:humanity and refused in any way to endorse those fighting on the side of darkness. The Hierarchy isExternalisation, 550:the side of darkness. The Hierarchy is a great fighting body today, fighting for the souls of men,Externalisation, 550:The Hierarchy is a great fighting body today, fighting for the souls of men, fighting all thatExternalisation, 550:body today, fighting for the souls of men, fighting all that blocks the expansion of the humanExternalisation, 550:blocks the expansion of the human consciousness, fighting all that limits human freedom (I said notExternalisation, 550:limits human freedom (I said not license) and fighting to remove those factors and barriers whichExternalisation, 618:divine right of humanity to achieve freedom by fighting for freedom, individually, nationally andExternalisation, 623:aware of infinite possibilities, emotionally fighting for that plan which seems to them to be theExternalisation, 626:talk of "saving the world for democracy" and "fighting a war to end war," the main motive wasExternalisation, 627:Thus, my brother, the story goes - each nation fighting for itself and rating each other in termsExternalisation, 640:and terrible years the Forces of Light had been fighting totalitarianism. In the early days of theExternalisation, 672:is the developing intelligence of men everywhere fighting blindly for freedom and forExternalisation, 688:acutely aware of the Forces of Evil which are fighting furiously against the externalization of theGlamour, 30:by an analogous idea, into groups of idealists fighting each other on behalf of their pet concepts,Glamour, 36:four members of this group of students have been fighting glamor in their own individual lives, andGlamour, 116:condition of impotency. Against the disciple are fighting all the forces of his own nature, andHealing, 18:carelessness of other people, and the results of fighting, as in labor strikes or war. They can
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