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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FIGHTS

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Astrology, 83:stage to stage, and finally Cross to Cross, he fights for his spiritual life, in all the twelveAstrology, 228:the soul and the personality, which latter fights with power and determination to preserve theAstrology, 508:in the physical body that of the devotee who fights for that which he desires or for that to whichAstrology, 635:manifested into being... Hence: The incessant fights of the Gods in all the Old Scriptures. The warExternalisation, 180:of the New Group of World Servers clear as it fights for the rights of man, for the spiritualExternalisation, 382:same time what happens to him as he serves and fights for human freedom is of no individualExternalisation, 404:human thinking, and for them the United Nations fights. Two more great and foundational facts areFire, 1025:body suffer in consequence. He, therefore, fights fire with fire, and draws down solar fire for hisHealing, 662:idea is the mistake of organized labor as it fights and strikes for more money in order to liveMeditation, 124:of a powerful emotional body which suffers and fights and struggles to prevent entrance. TheMeditation, 134:becomes a brother of darkness. Mightily fights the Ego at first to prevent the Personality soProblems, 69:struggle for national existence, by their fights for boundaries and material gains, and by aPsychology1, 209:hates fighting but often when roused in battle fights like one possessed. He is never a greatPsychology2, 276:facts of the case, the disciple stands up and fights as best he may for the privilege of rightRays, 701:of time. Through the entire experience he fights against that which is material; under the law ofTelepathy, 4:of it all the energy which is his, and works and fights for his thought-forms. An illustration ofTelepathy, 162:also produces conflict and the personality fights the soul. But paralleling this well known
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