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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FINAL

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Discipleship2, 399:from the immediate point of revelation on to the final glory, must and will be forever protected.Discipleship2, 418:normally precede any true understanding of this final hint which I have here given you. There are -Discipleship2, 453:your duty to contribute. Then let there be the final interlude of recognition. The point I seek toDiscipleship2, 468:of this in full waking consciousness. In the final race the process will be repeated on a stillDiscipleship2, 524:You are in process of taking some of the final tests which precede the taking of the secondDiscipleship2, 574:group of accepted disciples. NOTE: This was the final instruction given to the disciple whoseDiscipleship2, 575:Man should become aware of the centers as a final stage and this because his emphasis andDiscipleship2, 596:the ordinary course of events and as part of my final planning in relation to the work preparatoryDiscipleship2, 614:- the immediate issue is uncertain, though the final issue is not. The problem with which you areDiscipleship2, 624:the physical plane, on and up to that great and final desire which is for liberation into lifeDiscipleship2, 634:of ashramic conduct. These pillars embody the final phase of illusion - those illusions whichDiscipleship2, 635:process of recognition which oft constitutes the final test, prior to being allowed through theDiscipleship2, 642:those which appear on the surface. NOTE: This final instruction to this disciple followsDiscipleship2, 643:to shoulder all responsibilities and make all final decisions. Leave people, brother of old, theDiscipleship2, 689:and my tried friend, you know that until the final initiation is taken, all progress is a series ofDiscipleship2, 743:moving forward. When disciples take one of the final initiations, or when they are admitted to aDiscipleship2, 744:freely and with understanding. [744] The final thing which calls for your attention is to grasp inDiscipleship2, 768:of God: Those who have reached the Portal of the Final Way must prove themselves and in theirEducation, 27:It conveys the energy of life and finds its final anchor in the center of the human heart and atEducation, 50:which may make my position sounder in your final estimation. You would all do well to studyEducation, 65:of Their labor will be seen in the third and final solar system. Their activity will produce aEducation, 114:it has a direct bearing on our theme: "In the final analysis, the main problem of world governmentEducation, 121:can stop the effect - growing, stabilizing and final - of the new, incoming influences. These willEducation, 124:and to enquire what is liable to be the final outcome of this widespread ability of the human mindExternalisation, 21:I seek to emphasize the point that the final activity which will bring about this spiritual eventExternalisation, 21:appeal can be made for the putting forth of that final last effort which will bring the desired andExternalisation, 65:seems now to me to be unavoidable. It is not final. It does not touch the enduring, unchangingExternalisation, 115:undesirable emotional attitudes do precipitate a final, physical breakdown and eventually death.Externalisation, 124:ancient cleavages. War must be brought to its final consummation and expression with a view to itsExternalisation, 124:consummation and expression with a view to its final discarding as a means of arriving at desiredExternalisation, 125:defined groups is now so complete that the final struggle has become possible. [126] IntelligentExternalisation, 126:bias, the race has gone a long way towards its final emancipation. There is, therefore, a certainExternalisation, 168:achieving the same ends and the result of this final stage of the Piscean Age will be the fusion inExternalisation, 208:healing processes and adjustment before the final peace terms are settled by the nations, sittingExternalisation, 209:up: The interim between the present time and the final adjustment falls into two major periods andExternalisation, 210:between the end of the physical fighting and the final peace settlement. It is to be hoped - forExternalisation, 213:is largely responsible for the slowness of the final crisis and the postponement of the advancingExternalisation, 223:time by the people of the world, a further and final stage becomes ever possible. The form can beExternalisation, 230:This judgment day is now upon humanity, and the final decision will be [231] arrived at by thoseExternalisation, 234:the Allies stand waiting the opportunity for the final struggle with that potent nation, preparedExternalisation, 236:of Light. In this interlude prior to the final struggle I write to those [237] who are looking onExternalisation, 243:arrest its appearance, arming for battle so that final disarmament may be possible. A clear visionExternalisation, 254:of true free will which is today holding up the final activity. This is a statement of importanceExternalisation, 276:make this possible, but it can be done. In the final stanzas (which we need not take phrase byExternalisation, 289:cosmic relation (God Transcendent) which is the final guarantee of all progress and of progressiveExternalisation, 319:and social security. [319] Sixth, after the final destruction of the Nazi tyranny, they hope to seeExternalisation, 356:and thus the three forms of glamor and the final form of the conflict between the spiritual idealExternalisation, 365:along [365] the line. It is only the time of the final victory of right against might which remainsExternalisation, 413:personality life be lost in the group life. The final result of the work of the Christ is to beExternalisation, 432:conflict the Hierarchy is concerned with the final issue, with the future welfare and the ultimateExternalisation, 443:has been going on for five long years, the final stages of [444] this destroying but cleansingExternalisation, 450:Germany is defeated, but is still capable of a final effort of destructiveness and violence. JapanExternalisation, 451:and thus delay the day of their own final defeat. This defeat, when accomplished, must include theExternalisation, 454:provide the subject of Their discussions and final decision until the middle of June. When the sunExternalisation, 457:recognition will make them slow in arriving at final decisions, because they will realize the needExternalisation, 457:the need for a cycle of restoration before final and lasting decisions are made. They willExternalisation, 473:new birth, the baptism, the transfiguration, the final crucifixion and the resurrection. But theyExternalisation, 474:and to arouse the men and women of goodwill in a final effort to awaken humanity to the need forExternalisation, 488:service and of activity. I send you herewith the final Stanza of the Great Invocation, as IExternalisation, 490:recall to you what I said last year anent this final Stanza of the Invocation. I am preparing toExternalisation, 492:through into the stages of experimentation and final success. One point should here be remembered,Externalisation, 546:attention still another - the effort to avert a final war. This incipient war is contrary to theExternalisation, 546:associated as it is connected with His final service to mankind. The establishing, by all meansExternalisation, 547:Externalization 3. The world war then reached a final stage; the first stage was from 1914-1918; itExternalisation, 560:deal that has been conveyed to you in the two final categories has been merged by you into anExternalisation, 566:a very long way from any germination - of the final act of destruction which will take place whenExternalisation, 567:fusion of soul and form) are left. This event of final dissolution will take place only at theExternalisation, 606:are apt to forget that the crisis in the final hours of the Christ was not in those spent upon theExternalisation, 632:you should do and I have no intention (in this final message) of pleading with you to do it -Externalisation, 634:you should now lay your plans. In the third and final decade of my work, the time and opportunityExternalisation, 636:by the second world war, or rather by the final phase of World War I. The Hierarchy had hoped thatExternalisation, 643:decisions. As I have often told you, the final decisions in world affairs have to be made throughExternalisation, 678:The intermediate agonies are distressing but not final, and they are not triumphant from the angleFire, 23:touches; four [23] the divine assistance. At the final fourth the work is done and the whole caveFire, 27:are gathering now. The buddhas of will at the final turn of the third major wheel will flash intoFire, 51:consciousness. This blaze results in the final [52] purification of matter and its consequentFire, 73:all from the standpoint of mind, and in the final from the standpoint of the Divine Ray. Here weFire, 100:them to the periphery of its little system. This final circulation carries the prana, via the fineFire, 127:he may bring upon himself a destruction that is final for this manvantara or cycle. He may, by theFire, 136:in the subtler vehicles and causes the final consummation and the liberation of Spirit. The mergingFire, 155:the physical body within the form microcosmic. Final combustion or disintegration, when the firesFire, 155:achieved a specific stage. This is the secret of final obscuration and of pralaya, but cannot beFire, 183:name of this center is one of the secrets of the final initiation, the seventh. These are the onlyFire, 192:sound, the method of being; sound, the final unifier; sound therefore realized as the raisonFire, 200:Creator, the Preserver and the Destroyer. In the final perfection of this third sense of sight, theFire, 200:of identification, utilization, manipulation and final rejection of the not-self by that Self whoFire, 210:that the "Flaming Diamond" at certain of the final initiations (the sixth and seventh) transmitsFire, 216:of certain cosmic Entities or Existences. The final two will be taken up in their right place. NowFire, 218:sounds (5 + 7 + 9) of this solar system. The final nine sounds produce spiritual synthesis, and theFire, 266:hid, which are the synthesizing planets. The one final synthesizing planet - the Sun. Seven addedFire, 269:Questions 4. The Heavenly Men and Man The final part of question six is: Who are the Manasaputras?Fire, 289:this, they can then gain - through the final initiations - something of the group concept, or theFire, 306:proceed with the concluding remarks anent this final question. It has been stated that a mysteryFire, 314:higher subplanes of the logoic plane see His final absorption or abstraction, and the three planesFire, 315:or radiant light. Second, obscuration, or the final disintegration of matter owing to intense heat.Fire, 333:then through a steadily dimming twilight to final obscuration. Dawn, day, midday, twilight, night -Fire, 335:is that of instinct. This instinct, towards the final stages of the animal's evolution, and as itFire, 371:round reaches full maturity, but requires the final process of rounding out and perfecting which HeFire, 371:and perfecting which He attains during the two final periods Of synthesis into the major threeFire, 371:the major three schemes. Of resolution into the final one; making again - with reverence may it be
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