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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FIND

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Statement:knowledge of the Ageless Wisdom wherever I can find a response, and I have been doing this for manyAstrology, 13:the highly developed man. They would find some interesting and convincing results eventuate.Astrology, 14:- transmuted and "occultly refined" - eventually find their way into our solar system. I would likeAstrology, 14:for our purposes - of the major influences which find their way from far distant Sources into ourAstrology, 26:the various aspects of the teaching, we shall find three propositions emerging which govern theAstrology, 39:their own plane, being too sinless and holy to find opportunity in that very material andAstrology, 39:intellectual evolution. Even in this, they will find it impossible to do more than influence theAstrology, 54:goes forward. Upon the physical plane we find the merging of the dense and the etheric forces. ThisAstrology, 102:sphere of influence in order to help humanity to find liberation from the Fixed Cross. Astrology, 109:also as we consider the other signs. You will find that I have indicated significances and pointedAstrology, 123:of the form nature are positive and beginning to find increasingly potent expression. The naturalAstrology, 124:the mental principle. It would be of interest to find out two things scientifically: Whether theAstrology, 125:and thus influence our planet and humanity, we find a most interesting situation. Two major raysAstrology, 127:directing power of the [127] mind. Students will find it interesting to work out the implicationsAstrology, 131:tests in the twelve signs. Therefore, when we find that the power of Mercury is lessened in PiscesAstrology, 145:the question of consciousness, students would find it illuminating to study the subject along theAstrology, 161:(expressive of man's essential duality). You find, therefore, today, the activity of the massAstrology, 172:affairs, Saturn controls, and we consequently find ourselves today in a state of chaos and trouble,Astrology, 181:(the developed and purified personality) and find where the arrows of intuitional aspiration willAstrology, 186:sign in which a man may take incarnation. We find that we shall have to consider: The Sun Sign - InAstrology, 203:and upon the Path of Discipleship the man may find himself passing into this sign for testing andAstrology, 211:upon astrology and the rays. We shall then find that Scorpio rules and governs the fourth CreativeAstrology, 223:(no matter in what sign his sun may temporarily find position), is ever Aquarius-Leo. ThisAstrology, 236:attitudes and conditions wherein sex can find right expression. Libra, as you know, governs theAstrology, 254:of the personality through which the Christ must find expression. The sign of Virgo itself standsAstrology, 258:and each serves the other. In Sagittarius, we find emerging the service of the One Life in terms ofAstrology, 260:the sign into which we are now entering - we find that there are just eight signs: Virgo, Leo,Astrology, 269:again, in relation to our solar system, do we find another great triangle of energies, of which theAstrology, 299:religion is founded and is working, we shall find that the major, monthly festival in August, heldAstrology, 302:discriminate between the pairs of opposites and find the narrow razor-edged path which passesAstrology, 312:approach to the world problems as we now find them. We have, therefore, three signs which (from theAstrology, 324:parts in man's unfoldment, and students would find it of interest and of value to relate theAstrology, 340:the appearance of the soul in form. You would find it an interesting study to compare the effectsAstrology, 340:the effects of these ray potencies as they find expression in Cancer upon: The unevolved man as heAstrology, 344:effects would lead one to imagine. You will find, I think, that it is these hints and suggestionsAstrology, 349:is essentially a sixfold one, and here you will find a hint as to the resolution of the pairs ofAstrology, 354:therefrom and also of the Plan. Again you find the note of duality in the relationship [355]Astrology, 364:aspect because the Gemini person can always find points of contact with people on nearly every ray.Astrology, 369:decanates and their rulers, it is interesting to find that Sepharial and Alan Leo give entirelyAstrology, 373:necessitating clear thought (a thing rare to find), the removal of undesirable conditions by theirAstrology, 385:He is the one who goes down into the depths to find the material upon which to expend his innateAstrology, 386:inner, spiritual man; in his activity we find the key to the soul's task upon the eternal round ofAstrology, 389:within the life of these signs. They can only find outward expression in the life of the subjectAstrology, 389:and blended and so form one unity, you will then find emerging the "Star of Christ." This is one ofAstrology, 392:of the esoteric ruler of Taurus, we find ourselves confronted by Vulcan, one of the veiled andAstrology, 403:These forces, pouring out from cosmic sources, find their way into our solar system, beingAstrology, 403:Law of Contradictions or the Law of Contraries - find their way to certain planets. Thus theyAstrology, 410:Triangles - Introductory Remarks Students would find it of interest to make the followingAstrology, 415:many triplicities which we shall study, we shall find correspondences to the monad, the soul andAstrology, 415:the soul and the personality in man; we shall find one line of the triangle embodying determiningAstrology, 447:a great rhythmic awakening. Astrologers would find it of interest to note similar combinations inAstrology, 449:aspect and not of the spiritual. Students would find it useful to reread some of the foregoingAstrology, 451:- all disciples must at this time seek to find their dominant reaction in a planned response to theAstrology, 466:himself and turn his back upon the past and find his way on to that section of the Path wherein heAstrology, 476:etheric body, and advanced students will later find that there is a close cyclic interrelationAstrology, 490:tabulation that several of the constellations find themselves in one or more of the triangles ofAstrology, 510:of the sacred planets and the non-sacred he will find the sacred planets endeavor to fuse theAstrology, 510:will get much intuitive understanding. He will find himself able to throw much light upon theAstrology, 510:astrology of the soul will take place. He will find it useful also to work out the higherAstrology, 516:divinity requires a golden thread whereby he can find his way out of the caverns of bewildermentAstrology, 517:the [517] investigating astrologer will find that the complexities of the problem will disappearAstrology, 528:the rays of nations and of races. You will find a wealth of information hidden in my variousAstrology, 544:brings in likewise the influences of Libra. You find today a cycle wherein an appropriate balanceAstrology, 563:investigators, it is almost impossible to find the needed words which will convey clearly theAstrology, 566:Christ sent His disciples into the city to find the man "bearing a pitcher of water" upon hisAstrology, 567:Cross In the four signs of this Cross we find Him also manifesting their energies in their highestAstrology, 618:first and practically achieved later) they would find it useful to work at the process ofAstrology, 622:with the planetary Logos and humanity, you will find indication of a growing response between theAstrology, 687:subsequent awakening of manas in the human units find their analogy in the awakening of the lifeAtom, 13:to these questions, and as we study them we find that the answers given fall into three mainAtom, 23:by another for something different. If we can find a word similar in intent, yet not tied to anyAtom, 23:tied to any particular line of thought, we may find fresh light thrown upon our problem. AttractionAtom, 27:to know what we think and why we think it, to find out the meaning of group consciousness throughAtom, 27:study of the law of sacrifice. Not only must we find [28] ourselves through the primary childhoodAtom, 28:better. For us the immediate goal should be to find the group to which we may belong. We do notAtom, 28:our place in the one great Body, but we can find some group in which we have our place, some bodyAtom, 31:then, to make some suggestions which we may find helpful in adjusting our minds to this greatAtom, 32:evolving by means of that outer form. You will find, I think, that that is the line which I shallAtom, 33:of the atom, for instance, you will usually find Newton quoted. He defined the atom as "a hard,Atom, 36:scientific book last week it was discouraging to find the author pointing out that the atom of theAtom, 46:which even our God has to play His part and to find His place. It is a wonderful picture if true. Atom, 47:selfishly and apart from the group in which we find a place; we are commencing to learn that if ourAtom, 49:their constitution, but we shall consciously find our place within the group, and direct our energyAtom, 54:really is. If we turn to a dictionary we will find the word defined as follows: "The external shapeAtom, 57:and study its objective significance, you will find that always a definite thought is conveyed toAtom, 82:divinity in the atom and in the form, we shall find the triplicity perfected in man. We have beenAtom, 84:this great ladder of evolution, and we will then find that the human being is the logical sequenceAtom, 86:of a group, so the human atom equally has to find his place within a greater form. Let us,Atom, 93:For men begin to pass their nature's bound, And find new hopes and cares which fast supplant TheirAtom, 99:take a dictionary and look up this word you will find it defined somewhat as follows: "The state ofAtom, 99:textbooks dealing with this subject is apt to find them very confusing, for they divideAtom, 102:also in the mineral kingdom; we should find, should we do so, that even minerals show symptoms ofAtom, 105:stage in which the majority of the human family find themselves. In it we pass through the periodAtom, 109:consciousness. As the atom of substance has to find its way into some form, and add its quota ofAtom, 109:Men are seeking to understand themselves, to find the kingdom of God within themselves, and throughAtom, 110:conscious response to that greater call, and to find possible channels whereby he can understandAtom, 110:does not know. If he persists in this, he will find the group to which he belongs, and will thenAtom, 112:the more spiritual aspect of meditation, he will find that he has covered the hardest part of theAtom, 112:best for any particular individual. We need to find our own way of concentrating, to ascertain ourAtom, 113:yet he does not realize, and will enable him to find his place within the group. He will be no
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