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Bethlehem, 72:"And this shall be a sign unto you, Ye shall find the babe, wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying inBethlehem, 77:51, 52.) [77] Frequently in the Gospel story, we find the word "down" occurring. Christ went withBethlehem, 78:they fail in their first responsibility, they find no [79] understanding reaction to their demandBethlehem, 88:body, and it is through the heart that we find our way to the Heart of God. Only through love canBethlehem, 89:the vision is discouraging. In all kingdoms we find death and disease, and in the animal and humanBethlehem, 94:of deity. In the subhuman kingdoms of nature we find three major types of consciousness: theBethlehem, 97:meditation, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, we find the teacher proclaiming, "Through purificationBethlehem, 97:is psychic purity, which is a rare thing to find, and mental purity. The word "purity" comes fromBethlehem, 126:or of blindness in which we may temporarily find ourselves. But the doubt in the world today willBethlehem, 139:would-be totality of the disinherited self can find no other unity." - The Value and Destiny of theBethlehem, 144:Law and of the Prophets. In the one figure we find symbolized the past of man, with its summationBethlehem, 154:[154] "rejoicing in the way," and wherever we find reference to the basic dualities of pleasure andBethlehem, 154:and in the various triplicities which we find in the Bible, we discover a symbolism which isBethlehem, 154:the authority of love and of understanding. We find also this basic triplicity in the persons ofBethlehem, 154:Peter and James and John, and in their names we find the same essential symbolism working out, thusBethlehem, 157:or understand what they had seen, nor do we find any record of their ever having done so. TheBethlehem, 162:in the Gospel story does an opposite statement find support. Christ, at the communion service, gaveBethlehem, 164:to the test, discover its reality and truth, and find out also wherein lies for us our next pointBethlehem, 167:presentation of Christianity and there find reality. His service consisted primarily at this timeBethlehem, 170:illumination, and illumination in its turn must find its expression in renewed and consecratedBethlehem, 170:in renewed and consecrated service, and thus we find our way - through service to our fellow men -Bethlehem, 175:and the true nature of the kingdom of God will find expression on earth. Of this, past [176]Bethlehem, 177:- if not identical - so markedly similar as we find them. "I cannot of course go at length intoBethlehem, 182:I, 10.) And again in the Book of Revelations, we find the same astrological symbology: "And beforeBethlehem, 186:God. "He that loseth his life for my sake shall find it," (St. Matt., X, 39.) is a fact which isBethlehem, 189:hangs fixed until the last weary pilgrim shall find his way home. (The Secret Doctrin, Vol. I, p.Bethlehem, 193:into the next sign, that of Aries the Ram, we find the lamb was sacrificed and the scapegoat sentBethlehem, 211:as the major characteristic of divinity, only to find that this life of loving service brought HimBethlehem, 226:must grasp this; we must realize that we shall find release only in the service of the kingdom. WeBethlehem, 226:But it is quite possible that we may find the ordinary orthodox theological interpretation atBethlehem, 227:as sons of the Father. This, many Christians find impossible to accept, and some of the best mindsBethlehem, 236:rose again, and finally ascended into Heaven. We find, for instance, that "the Obsequies of AdonisBethlehem, 238:by Annie Besant, pp. 247, 248, 249. Thus we find that the resurrection story is of very ancientBethlehem, 246:the present limiting vehicle in which most of us find ourselves. Its value seems inadequate for theBethlehem, 251:extreme theory of annihilation, which does not find much response from the healthy-minded. TheBethlehem, 265:of Israel under Moses, we must go forth and find the "holy land." How then can those who haveBethlehem, 266:the glimmer of light which we can see, we do not find it sufficiently interesting to call forthBethlehem, 269:which they seek to impress upon the minds of men find their way into circulation through theBethlehem, 270:here and now, in the situation in which we find ourselves, without demanding the least deviationBethlehem, 279:of the world. It is only in ethics that we can find the driving force for such action, transcendingDestiny, 37:predominantly through the mental principle, we find the susceptibility of the untrained masses toDestiny, 37:the forces which work on the side of matter find a line of least resistance which is not availableDestiny, 44:psychical research groups, would seek for and find the natural sensitives (and not the tranceDestiny, 74:have to end, if the true soul of France is to find expression. Therefore, the following signsDestiny, 84:Pluto, another agent of the first ray. Again you find in this ruler of Great Britain's TaurianDestiny, 86:of Certain Countries Again, in Italy, you find Leo appearing, thus relating Italy to France, toDestiny, 88:Leonian influence. In the above hints you may find much that is explanatory and much that willDestiny, 133:the etheric body. It is for this reason that we find a growing interest in the nature of vitality;Destiny, 144:Initiation, Human and Solar, and which you will find in the appendix to the first volume of ADiscipleship1, XII:affairs and takes up his cross in order to find his way back to the Father's home; they picture forDiscipleship1, 14:Age I - Talks to Disciples - Part II You would find it useful to keep what might be called aDiscipleship1, 15:will indicate the type of phenomena which should find its place in this diary. Any experiences of aDiscipleship1, 15:lost and not registered and recorded. You will find it interesting to note, at the end of a fewDiscipleship1, 23:devotion in a human being is not rare but to find it in a group is rare indeed. The submergence ofDiscipleship1, 23:heart has manifested itself down the ages. To find such an attitude in a group of people and to seeDiscipleship1, 30:your approach. When you do so rightly, you will find me waiting. Go to your work with clear vision,Discipleship1, 40:become objective. The work of the disciples who find their place in these various groups is to keepDiscipleship1, 64:or sensitive person. It is then their task to find and direct the mind and activities of thoseDiscipleship1, 86:of the present opportunity. Many of them will find out later that they have been left behind as farDiscipleship1, 90:and profitless but, if you persevere, you will find eventually that it becomes effortless andDiscipleship1, 93:relation of Guru and disciple that it did not find expression in words and was not, therefore,Discipleship1, 97:or some physical condition will cease. You will find the cultivation of a "divine indifference" (asDiscipleship1, 100:to do at this time of desperate crisis is to find those who are dependable points of living energyDiscipleship1, 106:this suggestion but - in the thought of being - find your way into the center of life from whichDiscipleship1, 106:above injunctions and I will answer. You will find this line of more quiescent activity hard atDiscipleship1, 108:Do you not also realize that your deep desire to find the Master and to have with him a definiteDiscipleship1, 109:on to the Path of Discipleship. He can then find his way also into the group of one of the GreatDiscipleship1, 125:work. Yet in all of this, you take no joy nor find any rest. Should you not realize the truth ofDiscipleship1, 132:of earlier preparatory work in which we now find ourselves, then it is worth while from many anglesDiscipleship1, 132:teaching re maya, glamor and illusion. You will find much to interest you.... You are a creativeDiscipleship1, 136:not for your second ray personality, you would find it hard to work in my Ashram, but it is thisDiscipleship1, 137:You can now live for the sake of others and find in our work the reward, interest and compensationDiscipleship1, 141:rules I gave you as to diet, etc. You may find that in the coming years, your hours of sleep willDiscipleship1, 147:discriminative ability which will enable you to find those who will warrant the expenditure of yourDiscipleship1, 147:You are learning fast, my brother, and will find ample compensation as the work proceeds. GoDiscipleship1, 154:among those you help, but there you will not find them. It was this idea I had in mind when I toldDiscipleship1, 155:been times when I have been hard put to it to find you because of the obscuration brought about byDiscipleship1, 165:a three year cycle and to this rhythm you will find yourself conforming. The end of one such cycleDiscipleship1, 166:in right and new conditions upon the earth. To find and organize the needed funds for this task.Discipleship1, 173:and definite alignment. To this end, you will find, at the close of this instruction, that I [174]Discipleship1, 179:in this life and the environment in which you find your chosen field of service. Your personalDiscipleship1, 190:center. To this end a meditation which you will find in this instruction will be of service to youDiscipleship1, 199:these results and changes be? What basis can I find in my study work which would indicate that IDiscipleship1, 206:and assurance, particularly in service. You will find that assurance is held before you as the goalDiscipleship1, 208:brought into expression in past lives, you will find yourself increasingly being conditioned byDiscipleship1, 214:with this particular group of my disciples. I find it necessary to work slowly. I seek not toDiscipleship1, 216:focus will force your idealistic tendencies to find expression in teaching. Idealism is the majorDiscipleship1, 218:yourself to what I am referring. As you know I find it useful to indicate to all in my group [219]Discipleship1, 226:discipleship. In this last category you now find yourself. It was the coming under my influenceDiscipleship1, 228:week, you can follow any meditation which you find useful and helpful. I seek to leave you free. Discipleship1, 229:at the point of evolution at which you find yourself. It is good for the aspirant who is workingDiscipleship1, 229:your personal life and in your service. You will find this of major interest. You are in a positionDiscipleship1, 231:are shut. Pass on, oh pilgrim on the Way, and find the open door. Sixth month - The rising dawn; aDiscipleship1, 236:- no matter how temporarily humiliating you may find it to be. If all is ultimately to be revealedDiscipleship1, 255:rays of our solar system: In your case they find their expression through rays 4 and 6, and throughDiscipleship1, 258:you to make a careful study of all that you can find anent the fourth ray in A Treatise on theDiscipleship1, 261:avoided by you at all costs. If, therefore, you find that the use of this meditation produces anDiscipleship1, 263:do the attached review on Detachment. You will find it profitable to use for a while. Go forward inDiscipleship1, 267:and present. It is for this reason that you will find it of value to study with care all theDiscipleship1, 268:a rhythm that the demands of the future will find you equipped to meet them. That you may with
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