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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FIND

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Discipleship1, 272:the disastrous economic conditions which we find all around us. They are effects of causes whichDiscipleship1, 273:meditation, plus correct thinking; then you will find that that which you need will be forthcoming.Discipleship1, 277:you grasp this from the very start you will not find the complications of any great importance.Discipleship1, 278:It is in the field of esoteric endeavor that you find in yourself an antagonistic reaction. ThereDiscipleship1, 279:personality traits. There is a tendency to find one's peace and relaxation in a well-intendedDiscipleship1, 287:life at the center; that life must inevitably find its outlets. You have much to give your group -Discipleship1, 289:those who of free choice imprison themselves and find themselves within and by the law of service.Discipleship1, 289:group, but if you are to grow at all, you will find yourself inevitably within some other group forDiscipleship1, 295:in the field of esoteric psychology; you would find it of interest to watch the impact of yourDiscipleship1, 301:from your esoteric group which you will again find at a later date, though probably - notDiscipleship1, 304:to get into touch with these two, you will find success at the end of the way. You will probablyDiscipleship1, 304:success at the end of the way. You will probably find (as you are a first ray soul) that you canDiscipleship1, 311:service must demonstrate is for you gradually to find out. I but indicate to you possibility. OneDiscipleship1, 311:of your meditation. These themes I leave you to find for yourself, choosing them out of thisDiscipleship1, 317:letter written to you a year or so ago, you will find another reason why you have this specialDiscipleship1, 323:full radiance of your soul. Study all you can find out about the nature of the sixth ray. YourDiscipleship1, 326:have oft said, have you not, how difficult you find it to clothe in words the ideas you contact andDiscipleship1, 326:of knowledge in which - at high moments - you find yourself. This inability to express spiritualDiscipleship1, 327:year and, when success is achieved, you will find yourself walking in a clearer world and discoverDiscipleship1, 344:in this group, it is apparent that you should find points of contact. The problem of two of yourDiscipleship1, 350:when dealing with a patient? [350] You will find these questions of engrossing interest and wellDiscipleship1, 354:or the use of hands in ritualistic service. Find out all that you can about the hands. Later, IDiscipleship1, 354:and, as in the case of your group brother... I find it difficult to give this glamor a name. It isDiscipleship1, 389:three questions, and in their answering, we will find indication of the meditation to be given toDiscipleship1, 392:or not in writing exactly as you choose; you may find them too personal and confidential to commitDiscipleship1, 392:and confidential to commit to writing. If you find this to be so, then on the first day on whichDiscipleship1, 393:together set ajar the door to which seekers may find their way and, through your rendered service,Discipleship1, 393:way and, through your rendered service, may find their way, perchance, to us. Discipleship1, 394:can I guide my brothers on the Way and with them find the secret of the dark light which reveals?Discipleship1, 394:the point in their evolution when they can find their way into these groups. All of your groupDiscipleship1, 397:needs of others. c. Clear away the obstacles I find? 2nd month - What is the relation of happinessDiscipleship1, 399:of the review a fair trial? What basis can I find in my study that this method of reviewing is theDiscipleship1, 400:If I demonstrated joy, was it a task, or did I find it easy? What activities and qualities of myDiscipleship1, 402:the ray tendencies and qualities, and you will find it of real interest to study the problem. MyDiscipleship1, 410:you my point? You state that you are failing to find the time to do your meditation work correctly.Discipleship1, 430:for me to tread today? What basis for this do I find in my reading and my studies? [431] Does myDiscipleship1, 432:have made much progress along this line and will find release and the reward of opportunities toDiscipleship1, 434:Let the workers and those who wield influence find in you an understanding comrade, and, withal,Discipleship1, 434:can turn - detached and consecrated. Let them find in you someone whose eyes see clearly becauseDiscipleship1, 442:it a habit of your life. To this end, you will find attached to this instruction a review on theDiscipleship1, 444:it now to be desirable? Why? What basis can I find in my studies that this method of reviewing isDiscipleship1, 447:case between knowledge and wisdom. You would find it of value to put a considerable amount ofDiscipleship1, 448:are apt to forget and overlook; they then find themselves discouraged when the intensity of feelingDiscipleship1, 452:I do not intend to deal as I said all that I find it possible to say in connection with the newDiscipleship1, 452:field of activity that the world must eventually find the instruction which will lead to rightDiscipleship1, 460:butterfly which flies in tile face of the sun, I find myself poised upon the lotus petal of theDiscipleship1, 462:I direct your attention and to which you will find yourself pledged when next you take the Path ofDiscipleship1, 463:all men, incarnate and discarnate are found. Find there that which your soul can and willDiscipleship1, 464:the light and into renewed power and detachment. Find surcease from sorrow in the task of aidingDiscipleship1, 464:in the task of aiding others. You can call and find me if your need is great. Discipleship1, 467:of the Full Moon. Any information that you may find of the cause of the spiritual opportunity. Discipleship1, 472:quite fully in your diary, for you need to find an outlet in this way. [473] Discipleship1, 476:them (no matter who or what they are), you will find your main and immediate objective expressed.Discipleship1, 482:written with real thought and a determination to find something to relate in connection with eachDiscipleship1, 488:some other place than the one in which now you find yourself. A change of environment with newDiscipleship1, 494:carried on by you alone which will enable you to find out the truth of what I have indicated andDiscipleship1, 498:a self-imposed discipline. I leave it to you to find the way. You will, I know, comprehend thatDiscipleship1, 502:The situation of constant danger in which you find yourself, as well as of concentrated usefulnessDiscipleship1, 504:you can attract the positive kind of people and find your major pleasure in your contacts with theDiscipleship1, 505:to the etheric counterpart of the spleen. Find out from a diagram where the spleen is located;Discipleship1, 507:do to break the prison of thought in which I find myself, how easy it would be and how quickly IDiscipleship1, 509:the glamor in which you walk, you would find yourself so free and so useful that you would lookDiscipleship1, 519:you mount the steps which lead there, you will find yourself in the realm of clear vision, wideDiscipleship1, 522:draw you back outside your garden of peace, you find your way there again with greater speed. YouDiscipleship1, 525:a gift for friendship which is rare, indeed, to find. Your soul contact is established and this isDiscipleship1, 525:attentive ear and, by the May Full Moon, you may find that we may have talked the matter out, theDiscipleship1, 531:it forth during the next few years, you will find it shedding a light upon your own pastDiscipleship1, 543:for all the conscious creative aid that we can find. I call on you. [544] It is for you to find theDiscipleship1, 544:can find. I call on you. [544] It is for you to find the way to serve and to gain the needed senseDiscipleship1, 545:to my suggestions? If you do so, you will find changes taking place in your interests and outlook,Discipleship1, 545:fresh ways of dealing with life. You will also find repudiations taking place, which will alter theDiscipleship1, 546:your relationships with people which you would find it wise to make; these would have a releasingDiscipleship1, 549:the outer physical conditions in which they find themselves. They would live with quietness,Discipleship1, 558:golden butterfly, which flies towards the sun, I find myself poised upon the lotus petal of theDiscipleship1, 561:and in the stress of pain, I lose myself and find my Self, and enter into peace." For your seedDiscipleship1, 571:there is never any question. I have sought to find an approach to you that will in no way be openDiscipleship1, 579:soul demands it of your personality and will find you ever ready. Below are six seed thoughts whichDiscipleship1, 579:of God blows free. The weary pilgrims on the Way find cool strength and tonic life upon that hill.Discipleship1, 582:lie within the field of contact where you find yourself and reach not out over the entire planet.Discipleship1, 583:also take the Rules of the Road (which you will find attached to this instruction) and study them.Discipleship1, 584:the work accomplished within yourself, you will find yourself entering upon a period of fruitfulDiscipleship1, 587:as the Chinese call it. You will usually find, my brother, that it is easy to gather around youDiscipleship1, 592:work and more work with small groups of people. Find these small groups and raise their vibrationDiscipleship1, 599:in any way discouraged, brother of old, if you find the upward way stiff and hard to climb. You areDiscipleship1, 604:the next three months, doing no other, you will find that the whole problem of motive will clarifyDiscipleship1, 611:you were asked to do. You were determined to find time for the things that your glimmeredDiscipleship1, 613:others. Therefore, continuously, you seek to find those to whom you can stand as a spiritualDiscipleship1, 617:the powers of your personality and your soul. Find time for that service and be not entirelyDiscipleship1, 619:of affection and knowledge of you. You had to find that the picture you had, both of yourself as aDiscipleship1, 619:and completely broken up, you will be free to find your place in the work. This has been dulyDiscipleship1, 621:occultly called "the rose of attachment." They find easily the way of detachment; they create withDiscipleship1, 622:will later recognize. This means leading them to find the link with their group and their Master,Discipleship1, 625:ceremonial and of rhythmic organization, you find your line of least resistance. The first rayDiscipleship1, 626:dusty street of life with our brothers that we find ourselves passing eventually through the portalDiscipleship1, 628:If they discover what you are doing, you will find that they are all impersonal enough to permitDiscipleship1, 631:have written the Epistle to the Romans. Will you find out why? The work of this group of disciplesDiscipleship1, 635:will make real progress. I shall leave you to find out for yourself what the implications are. YouDiscipleship1, 637:and from that point (or as high a point as you find it possible to attain at any given time) toDiscipleship1, 643:unduly to the group impact in which you will find yourself as you take academic teaching. If thisDiscipleship1, 647:that through that vehicle your personality will find the least resistance; there also lies the need
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