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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FIND

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Discipleship1, 651:notations, a registering of Ideas. You will find it fruitful and constructive. Every six months,Discipleship1, 654:position of responsibility. The place where you find yourself is, for you, the place of revelationDiscipleship1, 655:the impression you make on people. You must find out and decide for yourself whether my analysis isDiscipleship1, 666:- the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order. You will find this of deep interest and, if rightlyDiscipleship1, 668:and permit no thoughts of hatred and fear to find lodging in [669] your mind. Stand firmly forDiscipleship1, 675:voice seems to sound forth. "Enter the cave and find your own; walk in the dark and on your headDiscipleship1, 681:compromise is right, needed and very rare to find. Most of the things about which there may beDiscipleship1, 693:you. If you will reflect upon them you will find they may change somewhat your idea of whatDiscipleship1, 708:will - as a group - know what has to be done and find eventually that it is done. The major task ofDiscipleship1, 718:who, in years to come, will read my words and find their way into the Ashrams of the Masters. TheDiscipleship1, 733:his abstract mind so that he can successfully find the answer. You can see, therefore, howDiscipleship1, 735:experience the tension which releases. You would find it of value to discover where yourDiscipleship1, 740:attitude of spiritual recognition and they will find their lives greatly enriched when they do so.Discipleship1, 744:It is a form of veiled pride which beginners find it difficult to avoid. Never for a minute do theyDiscipleship1, 768:needed for world service? That is for you to find out and to prove to yourselves. This group hasDiscipleship1, 772:refuse to share in the world karma and pain will find their entire progress inevitably slowed down,Discipleship2, XIII:instructions with great care, for you will find your name and perhaps some suggestions occurring inDiscipleship2, 10:- a symbol without true balance; it will find its place upon some level of consciousness - astral,Discipleship2, 16:the exact minute free, but you can attempt to find some time, as near to the full moon period as isDiscipleship2, 39:personal instructions to each of you, you will find them as usual after this group instruction andDiscipleship2, 40:a great settling back by mankind in an effort to find security, to obliterate the effects of warDiscipleship2, 45:commands. I have only one task, and that is to find and test out those who can serve the race underDiscipleship2, 46:(as you make progress upon the Path) you will find it disappearing. If you therefore feel lonely,Discipleship2, 48:thoughts (waking or sleeping); you will then find that the grip of the Dweller will be broken, thatDiscipleship2, 61:of their enormous task of world reconstruction, find the needed time to increase their training ofDiscipleship2, 70:and does not concern the candidate's fitness. I find it needful to reiterate this fact. Discipleship2, 89:to it and the knowledge and the wisdom unfolded find expression in definite service. The serviceDiscipleship2, 95:care to have him penetrate into yours and thus find out what is the content of your thought? ADiscipleship2, 96:coincident with the postwar period, you may find a sudden spiritual deepening and strengthening ofDiscipleship2, 96:contacts and your group relation; you may also find yourselves in closer rapport with the Ashram,Discipleship2, 97:write down: Any definitions of an Ashram you may find. There are many. A short, tabulated statementDiscipleship2, 102:man (with his average vibration and quality) can find in himself a point of response. It was forDiscipleship2, 145:connection with the personality. This you will find an interesting distinction. Make the ideaDiscipleship2, 147:to the entire group by each of you. You will find this work most interesting. It is, in a way, aDiscipleship2, 150:- with the weaknesses and errors to which he may find himself prone. I would here recall to youDiscipleship2, 155:and which emanates from the Ashram in which you find yourself. This again will have the outstandingDiscipleship2, 158:of the occult teaching. The subhuman kingdoms find their consummation in humanity, and theDiscipleship2, 159:brought together. In the third three lines, we find reference to Shamballa - "the Center where theDiscipleship2, 159:- in time and space - express themselves and find fulfilment; here and here alone can love be trulyDiscipleship2, 165:Christian world, through its churches, may not find it impossible to use. [166] Second,Discipleship2, 167:forth. As you read the next few pages, you may find some clue to the attitudes and points of viewDiscipleship2, 171:In the second place, disciples everywhere will find themselves increasingly sensitive to hisDiscipleship2, 179:of old, is related to this meditation. You would find it of value to contrast what is said. Discipleship2, 183:(when correctly and persistently followed) will find expression as a Master upon the physicalDiscipleship2, 191:with care in the years to come, you will find that they will lead to an extension of your service,Discipleship2, 195:simple presentation of the antahkarana, you may find it easier to work during the coming year. AsDiscipleship2, 197:high you may go in the scale of Being, you will find - from the fourth kingdom of nature onward -Discipleship2, 199:the Path of Life upon which they will eventually find themselves and pass thence to higher cosmicDiscipleship2, 201:higher correspondence of the Nirmanakayas who find their place in relation to Shamballa; this isDiscipleship2, 205:group meditate and serve, they will gradually find that they are becoming aware of an inner group -Discipleship2, 236:employed. It is a form which each person has to find and discover for himself, because it must beDiscipleship2, 237:Seven Rays, Volume V. In other volumes you will find the Rules for Group Work; all these rules are,Discipleship2, 247:[247] relations." Each of these relations must find expression in attitude, in service, and in someDiscipleship2, 266:be found in The Secret Doctrine, I.8o, where we find the words "Matter is the Vehicle for theDiscipleship2, 275:unreal to the Real," whilst the third we shall find expresses the true [276] meaning of the wordsDiscipleship2, 277:the new disciples, the rapidity with which men find their way into the ranks of the disciples, andDiscipleship2, 284:[284] to give you, it is no easy matter to find the words to express the underlying idea - the ideaDiscipleship2, 284:of all philosophies," and in that phrase you may find light on the subject - provided you know whatDiscipleship2, 292:IV Man has learnt to use the physical eye and to find his way, by its means, around and through hisDiscipleship2, 308:and enlightenments; the disciple has to find, within the form of the revelation, that which he mustDiscipleship2, 314:objective of the work of the Hierarchy is to find and admit men into hierarchical contact. It isDiscipleship2, 315:"When the purpose of the Lords of Karma can find no more to do, and all the weaving andDiscipleship2, 318:forms are prevalent, reduced to writing; it will find its way out into expression as need arisesDiscipleship2, 322:and wonder if you have read them often. You will find it of value to take these three points ofDiscipleship2, 366:part of the program of the Ashram with which you find yourself affiliated. This you will have to doDiscipleship2, 380:on Initiation - Part IX Part IX You will find it of value, brother of mine, to summarize the massDiscipleship2, 390:fits him increasingly to do this. You would find it of interest to study again the stages ofDiscipleship2, 401:Passing on to the fourth Point of Revelation, we find it covered in the following words: "PurposeDiscipleship2, 409:civilization. Men have had, therefore, to find their way alone to the Hierarchy; in silence thatDiscipleship2, 411:then to proceed to discover its meaning and to find the significance of its indications. Owing toDiscipleship2, 415:simplicity; [415] he realizes that he must find out for himself that hint (which his own rayDiscipleship2, 415:on Initiation - Part X He has, therefore, to find a truth which is for him an immediate necessity.Discipleship2, 417:contribute much to your unfoldment. You would find it of value to apply what I have here explainedDiscipleship2, 426:the plane of the emotions; because of this, we find the words in the Scriptures that at the end ofDiscipleship2, 444:if you look back over your life, you will find that it is composed of short periods wherein youDiscipleship2, 448:this life, because in answering it you will find a release which will give you a definiteDiscipleship2, 448:A general answer will not suffice, for you will find that several widely different motivesDiscipleship2, 452:levels, free of the physical body; you will find the effort both interesting and also practical.Discipleship2, 454:As a beginning, and in order to help you to find the length of your cycles of inhalation andDiscipleship2, 456:We wonder sometimes where they think the Masters find the time, and why they should be soDiscipleship2, 457:and in that all aspects of your nature will find full mode of expression. For disciples, only thoseDiscipleship2, 457:effectiveness are of real value. Should you find it possible, I would ask you to aid (to the utmostDiscipleship2, 462:of [462] energy to the mental body, you should find it relatively easy and possible to get theDiscipleship2, 464:can any other member of the Hierarchy. I can find and reach you with a minimum expenditure ofDiscipleship2, 464:most difficult path of service. K.H. desired to find out if you were prepared to accept your firstDiscipleship2, 465:with rebuff from those you seek to help and... find very little understanding; you will meet withDiscipleship2, 479:outpouring love of which you will increasingly find yourself capable: "Let the love of the soulDiscipleship2, 483:time that there is full opportunity for you to find a wide sphere of contact, to work in fullDiscipleship2, 484:- either known to you or unknown. You might find it useful (at least for a time) to keep a diary ofDiscipleship2, 485:down the barriers which may exist; thus you will find your field of service tremendously extendedDiscipleship2, 487:city." One of the ideas which disciples would find it helpful to grasp is that the process ofDiscipleship2, 488:of work and the achievement of old age, they find themselves registering static condition, or whatDiscipleship2, 489:exercise is achieved, the hour of death will find you automatically and easily - because theDiscipleship2, 508:task of world reconstruction; you will find them acutely responsive to spiritual contacts,Discipleship2, 511:mechanism is inadequate and which, therefore, find no response in the one whom the initiate orDiscipleship2, 512:and so release you for fuller service. You would find it useful also, once and for all, to face upDiscipleship2, 521:until you again hear from me. You will find all these to be intensely practical considerations. TheDiscipleship2, 524:There will be three letters which you will find it necessary to write if these days are productiveDiscipleship2, 527:have lately published I have psycho-metrised and find it to be sixth ray in nature; it will proveDiscipleship2, 529:[529] You would profit greatly. Seek to find me and walk with me in my Ashram, where your soul ray
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