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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FIND

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Discipleship2, 529:also to those of suffering humanity. You will find me near when you need me. NOTE: This discipleDiscipleship2, 539:for you to pass over to the other side, you will find that you can do so with a full realization ofDiscipleship2, 539:the fact that in your next incarnation you will find that the theme of "conditioning motives andDiscipleship2, 541:1946 MY BROTHER OF THE STEADFAST HEART: I do not find as I approach you today that there is a greatDiscipleship2, 545:such as yourselves, therefore, will not find release from conflict through the control of desire,Discipleship2, 545:through evasion or through inhibition. They will find it through the right use of the thoughtDiscipleship2, 550:circle of those who know the law of silence, but find it hard. They stand within the central partDiscipleship2, 561:light he has attained. As one by one the chelas find their way into the Ashram and to the centralDiscipleship2, 563:of my Ashram into theirs; among these you will find yourself. In your case you have here the chiefDiscipleship2, 565:This you can do through the key which you will find in the first sentence of the meditation which IDiscipleship2, 567:- Goodwill - Will-to-Good. [567] You would find the creation of similar combinations of spirituallyDiscipleship2, 570:people these times is oft to evade the issue and find in the daily task and [571] karmicDiscipleship2, 574:flow of energy, via the throat center, you will find much instructive value emerging and increasedDiscipleship2, 575:under the degree of accepted [575] disciple to find out much. The type must be definitelyDiscipleship2, 580:as is the case with your work along this line. I find little more to say to you, my brother. TheDiscipleship2, 580:of the quality aspect. You should now find it easier to promote the growth of the networks than toDiscipleship2, 582:undertake for me and for the Ashram. You would find it useful to make a study of the relation ofDiscipleship2, 588:give you no instructions; you will eventually find your way alone, as must all disciples. Those whoDiscipleship2, 589:insight. The New Age will not be ushered in and find true expression of its latent energies throughDiscipleship2, 607:both I and your group brothers "know where to find you." The part that you have to play will slowlyDiscipleship2, 608:move into the more advanced Ashram you might find that you could not do this, for you would notDiscipleship2, 609:becomes possible. It is here that you have to find your place. It might be pictured somewhat likeDiscipleship2, 614:to my impression. Move onward into light and find me ever there. Discipleship2, 619:you stand peculiarly alone. As I realize this, I find myself wondering in what manner I can bringDiscipleship2, 619:with the world of relativity in which you find yourself. Your personality is always in your way. ItDiscipleship2, 621:to answer these questions? That is for you to find out. I can but indicate, for truths accepted onDiscipleship2, 622:who is an older disciple than you are, you might find it suggestive and useful. But A.A.B. begs meDiscipleship2, 626:in teaching us the lesson of desirelessness, we find that the form and consciousness are one, theDiscipleship2, 626:the light is one, and the energy is one. But we find also that "one star differeth from anotherDiscipleship2, 630:the practical affairs of living. You will then find taking place a steady enrichment of your entireDiscipleship2, 630:definitely advanced form of meditation. You will find this meditation project a most interestingDiscipleship2, 633:was and as you are; seek for another entrance; find what you seek by leaving it behind; moveDiscipleship2, 635:you that which you need. What that is, you must find out for yourself. Have you learnt somethingDiscipleship2, 643:brunt of the world's cataclysm. You may perhaps find this an astonishing statement but I would askDiscipleship2, 645:of the group and to the group itself, you will find that I am giving you definite instructions inDiscipleship2, 651:and when next year closes you may find yourself surprised at the distance you will find you haveDiscipleship2, 651:find yourself surprised at the distance you will find you have traveled, the enlightenment you mayDiscipleship2, 651:you have traveled, the enlightenment you may find you have gained, and the increased sphere of yourDiscipleship2, 654:my hands outstretched - the one above my head to find it clasped with strength, the other downDiscipleship2, 654:clasped with strength, the other down below to find it full of power to lift. A burning sea ofDiscipleship2, 654:enter the mist; dry up the rain and tears and find yourself upon the other side, and near myDiscipleship2, 661:almost unknown to the average man. Endeavor to find these. I would ask you, my brother, as aDiscipleship2, 665:is at present your major mode of service. Find your own people, and write that which will inspireDiscipleship2, 679:not only to the field of criticism in which you find yourself stranded but we come to that latentDiscipleship2, 685:and of emerging soul control. You will find, if your intuition gets more dynamic and your first rayDiscipleship2, 713:of "the privilege of entrance." You will ever find me at the inner point. Discipleship2, 720:factors in ashramic relations which you need to find and express is the assured peace and innerDiscipleship2, 720:into the Ashram than the point where now you find yourself. So endeavor to keep the mind quiet. TheDiscipleship2, 722:suggestion. I would have you seek (and you will find) a place of suitable residence which will beDiscipleship2, 724:at the Headquarters of our work. You will find that these affirmations, affirmed by you three timesDiscipleship2, 735:current idealism and are driven by longing to find peace, joy and divine assurance. After the cycleDiscipleship2, 737:which I have written all the information you can find concerning this theme. And, my brother,Discipleship2, 742:Do you know what that place is? I would have you find out. An Ashram is ever in a state of constantDiscipleship2, 746:connection, no one can help you; you have to find the ways and means, alone and unaided. ThisDiscipleship2, 749:my brother, and let that penetrating energy find a channel through you. I have told you theseDiscipleship2, 750:little more that I have to say to you. You might find it of true helpfulness if you gatheredDiscipleship2, 750:To D. L. R. January 1940 BROTHER OF MINE: I find it most difficult to give a name to the glamorDiscipleship2, 750:lines. And for this nausea, you will find no real understanding in your environment. For this alsoDiscipleship2, 753:you have so ably developed and you will find in due time that I am correct in my diagnosis. ReapplyDiscipleship2, 755:in time and space and in that rhythm you must find a note that liberates. Ponder on the work of theEducation, viii:philosophy presented by the Tibetan will find its proper setting. Here we have the elements of aEducation, x:cultivate the habit of reflective synthesis and find or create a body of wisdom for human evolutionEducation, xii:a whole.' " The Tibetan's seed-principles will find prepared soil in such experimental fields.Education, 7:out of ourselves; it is that Way which we also find and tread. Education, 10:in life where their gifts and capacities may find fullest expression and enable them thus to fulfilEducation, 23:the educators of the world which you would find it of value to consider. Earlier I suggested theEducation, One of:you who are immersed in the problems and pains find it hard to view [45] the future with assuranceEducation, 62:as energy in action; by this means he learns to find his way behind the scene of outer happeningsEducation, 75:treatment in return. This is rare indeed to find in schoolrooms [76] or in homes for that matter.Education, 87:and better ways, develop the new textbooks and find the men and women who can be impressed with theEducation, 114:spread, and personal preferences and illusions find expression, bringing about the deception of theEducation, 125:in the field of practical education we shall find nations and individuals developing the ideasEducation, 125:seven rays are of general recognition, we shall find the growth of psychological understanding, andExternalisation, 15:should be cultivated. Thus we shall gradually find emerging in the world a large body of trainedExternalisation, 35:between the mass of men (of whom the foremost find their way into the new group of world servers)Externalisation, 40:those who are freeing themselves from glamor can find their way into the vortex of influenceExternalisation, 40:happen: Those who thus approach the group will find their efforts to live free from glamor greatlyExternalisation, 41:this branch of the hierarchical effort can find due expression upon earth. From the above analysisExternalisation, 41:Turning now to the work of the third group, we find ourselves concerned with the task of theExternalisation, 70:who are immersed in the problems and the pains, find it hard to view the future with assurance orExternalisation, 70:that history knows nothing of them. You would find it useful to reread those few pages at thisExternalisation, 82:the same habits of speech and thought which we find around us and to discover ourselvesExternalisation, 82:may personally or nationally approve you do not find yourselves full of hate and breaking the lawExternalisation, 91:remains and yet its quality is changed. (I can find no better word than 'quality' wherewith toExternalisation, 91:with the petals of the lotus, you will find a close connection with the forces of the five kingdomsExternalisation, 116:death stage; the second stage, in which we now find ourselves, is literally the stage of birth -Externalisation, 117:statements which cannot be checked and which find their sole arguments (as far as the averageExternalisation, 118:at this time. This is the simplest statement I find it possible to make anent this complex problem.Externalisation, 124:withdrew into the background, leaving man to find his own way out of the mirage and illusion ofExternalisation, Esoter:and of reaction to mass need, you will find France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal, all of whomExternalisation, 135:one person or group to bring liberation or to find a solution of the world problem. That is forExternalisation, 136:also in all countries. The Forces of Light find their adherents and their workers in every countryExternalisation, 162:study the above information with care, you will find that the importance of the Wesak Festival atExternalisation, 188:kindness and wise consideration for others will find no place. I would call your attention to theExternalisation, 199:which certain of the few remaining monarchies find a place; there are the totalitarian powers inExternalisation, 210:set them to work and let them - in their turn - find others, and guide them also into the way ofExternalisation, 212:immediate opportunity and situation in which we find ourselves [213] will have proved dynamicallyExternalisation, 230:these sincere but bewildered people, I write. I find that there is little that I can say to theExternalisation, 232:be no unemployment, wherein fear and terror will find no place and everyone will be happy, well fedExternalisation, 238:contacts - social, political and economic - and find means of reconciling the necessity of change
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