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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FIND

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Fire, 1275:(The PLEIADES.) These He bloweth upon and they find their place as stones in the one Way HeFire, 1277:the great Adjuster and in Their very blindness find the Path which lieth upon the further side ofFire, 1281:yet remains unknown; That which we touch and yet find unattained, That is the One Who passeth onGlamour, 2:useful mode of procedure. Should you, therefore, find these articles hard to understand and yourGlamour, 2:what the intuition is not, I think my words will find in you an inner response. Glamour, 3:of a deeply subjective unification which will find its consummation at the third initiation.Glamour, 11:in order that the intuited qualified idea may find proper form on the physical plane. Deal,Glamour, 14:is now open to you and you will increasingly find yourself in a position to move in this world ofGlamour, 22:through the accumulated glamor of the ages and find his true home in the place of light. The aboveGlamour, 27:induce these situations of difficulty. To find out what methods are effective in inducing aGlamour, 29:compromises which profoundly help humanity; to find the time or place for the realities which areGlamour, 34:Nature of Glamor I would suggest also that you find out all that you can anent the muchGlamour, 45:developed in the past, and so hard does he find it to preserve a due proportion and a proper senseGlamour, 45:illusions of the mind which is just beginning to find itself. The glamors of an emotional natureGlamour, 46:and the problem which he faces, what do we find? The disciple has freed himself somewhat from theGlamour, 48:life and group consciousness. Finally, he will find himself entering into the silent places whereGlamour, 50:Each sees and knows the villainy of each. (I can find no other word, my brother, to translate theGlamour, 75:are entering the wilderness experience, and will find in the wilderness how little is required forGlamour, 81:- held steady throughout the day. You would find it of real value to ponder deeply upon theGlamour, 89:with the problem of maya [89] and hence today we find an increasing emphasis upon the physicalGlamour, 91:which I have communicated and would urge you to find out in your own practical experience [92] theGlamour, 92:disciples. As you read and study, you would find it of value to reflect upon and then to answer theGlamour, 95:world, seeks to identify himself with it and to find satisfaction in purely physical pleasures andGlamour, 100:have been made) "stand up and fight," and will find themselves no longer on the Path ofGlamour, 104:the solar radiance, and the pilgrims will then find the enlightened way which leads from the heartGlamour, 112:have aspirants at all stages of unfoldment, and find the masses recapitulating the different stepsGlamour, 115:my duty or my responsibility lies? How can I find my way out of this bewildering situation? How canGlamour, 115:I love may be resolved into a unity? How can I find my way out of this impasse? Why must I hurtGlamour, 124:before the group work was started. You would find it of value to consider the following questions:Glamour, 129:be inherited ideas, as in the case of those who find it so difficult to adjust themselves to theGlamour, 132:and a vague interpretive reaction to an idea, we find emerging fanatics, vague idealists, sadisticGlamour, 150:life) in such a manner that the aspirant will find himself more able to function as a soul thanGlamour, 168:and both these potencies - light and love - will find radiant expression in the transfiguredGlamour, 185:major tasks of the Hierarchy is to seek for and find those who are sensitive to revelation [186]Glamour, 187:of doctrine and dogma which engulfs them, and find their way back to Christ and His simple messageGlamour, 188:into the world of divine Ideas and there find the longed for cure or key and thus he intuitivelyGlamour, 207:you to remember this as you deal with people and find them set in their ideas and unable to see theGlamour, 225:aspirant to transfer off the minor sixth ray and find his place upon the major second ray, as mustGlamour, 232:out. At the close of this instruction you will find the two long and two short formulas so thatGlamour, 248:forces applied; in ascertaining this, he will find it necessary to discover not only his soul rayGlamour, 249:and he begins to feel these energies as they find their way into the etheric vehicle. Now comes theGlamour, 249:comes the stage wherein he is in a position to find out the reality and the work of the sevenGlamour, 262:nature. That breathing exercises may eventually find a place in the training of the disciple isGlamour, 263:to the vital body from whence it can find its way to the seven centers of control. It is at thisHealing, 18:energy. In considering the Causes of Disease, I find it necessary to speak a word in connectionHealing, 24:work primarily through the etheric body and find their way out into manifestation via the ethericHealing, 25:are general, national, racial and planetary find their way to an individual via his etheric body,Healing, 28:and these you can study, if you care to do so. I find it personally not particularly satisfying. WeHealing, 30:life and they govern the kingdoms of nature and find their expression (for the human kingdom)Healing, 31:considered in occult books, but the forces which find their way into the centers from the world ofHealing, 35:or already on, the probationary path) [35] we find the above three streams reaching a point ofHealing, 35:soul energy. With the disciples of the world, we find a group of men and women coming under theHealing, 64:A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol. I.) You will find in these instructions many hints which, thoughHealing, 80:is "tied up" (to use a modern phrase which I find difficult) with the development, unfoldment andHealing, 87:in so far as those are able or not able to [87] find expression through the medium of the physicalHealing, 87:thus little force can be transmitted, you will find a physical apparatus which will be equally slowHealing, 91:imposed physical plane activity and work which find their incentive in these mental conditions.Healing, 100:by the disease, so that the forces can find no place in his body. There must also be the supplyingHealing, 129:is of interest to remember, and students would find it helpful at this time, if they want toHealing, 140:pool into which the little ones can enter and find the healing which they need." So says the OldHealing, 159:aspects of the [159] Spiritual Triad will each find a point of contact within the etheric mechanismHealing, 160:then - paralleling this development - we shall find the thymus gland becoming correctly active. AtHealing, 179:over-shadowing virgin substance. Here again we find also another divine reflection in theHealing, 187:lotus and the pineal gland. Students will find it interesting to relate all these triplicities toHealing, 223:and from the plight of the civilians who find themselves in the path of war. This movement ofHealing, 232:B. Tuberculosis It is in this situation that we find the origin of tuberculosis. It originated inHealing, 232:that which cannot last, will die in life, will find breath failing him, and yet will refuse toHealing, 234:first half of the Aryan race, in which we now find ourselves, and today they not only affect theHealing, 239:life, by misguided aspirants; they are those who find the teaching - monastic and celibate - of theHealing, 259:health, acute disease, and death itself should find their place in the overall picture. AHealing, 273:flow of energy, emanating from the center, will find itself "short circuited," if I could use suchHealing, 310:sets in motion those inner tendencies which find their way out, as vital determining factors, on toHealing, 312:are usually a mixture of all three. You will find it difficult to find a person or a patientHealing, 312:of all three. You will find it difficult to find a person or a patient "changing his focus ofHealing, 321:Germs are living organisms, great or small. They find their way into the human mechanism throughHealing, 321:to disease. When this is the case, germs can find a fruitful place in which to display theirHealing, 321:not be these predispositions, the germ cannot find a lodging, and there will not be the risk ofHealing, 331:on White Magic, pages 18-50, and you would find it of value to study the matter there outlined. TheHealing, 334:of them unlike on some points; they require to find out what it is that they, as individuals, need,Healing, 334:can enable them best to serve. Each person must find this out for himself. There is no group diet.Healing, 337:the agent of the lower concrete mind. You will find it interesting to read what can be found in TheHealing, 360:energy to ensure a cure. [360] I trust you will find these answers suggestive. Ponder deeply uponHealing, 361:potency of the inner groups. [361] You will find (fairly soon perhaps) that healing groups willHealing, 364:is then little problem. But this is rare to find. Nevertheless I have here given you a hint. ThereHealing, 364:of death" when faced with the emergency. They find themselves unable to see what lies beyond theHealing, 367:today. The present world condition forces him to find avenues of escape, and to revert to theHealing, 368:electrical nature of man is posited. You would find it interesting and helpful to search out suchHealing, 372:lie within the field of contact where you find yourself, and reach not out over the entire planet.Healing, 374:foremost, because the most necessary. We shall find that the work which is engaging our attentionHealing, 388:physical condition of the sick person. You will find, as you work along these lines, that it willHealing, 389:mankind a new and happier significance. You will find that if you work along these indicated linesHealing, 390:Healing groups and individual healers will find it necessary at times to confront their patientsHealing, 423:- incarnate and discarnate - are to be found. Find there that which your soul can and willHealing, 437:as soon as we know ourselves to be souls, and find that we are capable of focusing ourHealing, 447:given, it is obvious that that which must find entrance is that vital concentrated will which, whenHealing, 471:greatly handicaps the incarnating soul. It can find no point of focus, because essentially fireHealing, 486:yet so developed that the vehicle in which they find themselves after death is largely composed ofHealing, 486:and initiates who live mostly in their minds find themselves, after death, immediately upon theHealing, 492:environment in which the returning man will find his place. It is related to the quality of thatHealing, 493:Only in the lower three shall those related find their true existence. When soul knows soul and in
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