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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FIND

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Meditation, 184:the cosmic mental levels. In the Microcosm you find this fivefold differentiation again, and it isMeditation, 201:hint only can I give here but I think you will find it interesting. The time is coming when thoseMeditation, 206:with those enumerated by H. P. B. You will not find they [207] do, but both of us use blinds, andMeditation, 221:medium of violet the deva and human kingdoms can find a place of contact. Esoterically violet isMeditation, 222:always he does three things: That he seeks to find the esoteric colors and their right applicationMeditation, 237:and if you can, by use of the intuition, find out which colors thus shroud a virtue you have theMeditation, 237:of the past years by the student he will find the material of these letters conducive to theMeditation, 251:the World Teacher and the Mahachohan. It will find its basic expression and its familiarMeditation, 257:the inner center do we achieve the goal, and find the Ones we seek. Only by the domination of allMeditation, 257:forms under the rule of the God within, can we find the God in all, for it is only the [258]Meditation, 283:be studied and brooded over. This brooding will find expression in a rigid disciplining of theMeditation, 293:point is reached when the pupil can at any time find out what is the will of the Master and haveMeditation, 294:getting a similar response, then he can begin to find out the method and watch the causes that setMeditation, 310:make certain fundamental suggestions that may find their place in the [311] final working out. IMeditation, 311:work it is to make the necessary beginning must find out for themselves the method, place andMeditation, 311:things that the novitiate has to learn is to find his [312] center within himself, independent ofMeditation, 319:presumed - ready to work for themselves and to find the way to the portal of initiation alone. TheMeditation, 339:the body of the emotions. Four small initiations find their culmination in the initiation proper.Meditation, 340:levels and from the intuitional planes can find a receptive sheet whereon they may inscribeMeditation, 344:and he who wisely renders it, who seeks to find his particular sphere, and who, finding it, givesPatanjali, 55:search for this word for only the freed soul can find it. This word concerns the highestPatanjali, 65:questions about the inner realities and then to find the answer for themselves through a search forPatanjali, 65:heart of all beings. To ask intelligently and to find the answer, they must first free themselvesPatanjali, 80:will be found illuminating. Students would find it valuable to work out the analogy between thesePatanjali, 87:a measure of psychic peace. Students will find it of interest to work out these seven ways to peacePatanjali, 98:this idea is extended to the macrocosm, we will find that we can meditate upon the external form ofPatanjali, 101:into the realm of the formless. Students will find it interesting to compare the four stagesPatanjali, 169:of the real nature of the soul and an urge to find out its own nature and its powers is the causePatanjali, 169:and its consequences, the soul fails to find what it is seeking, there comes the stage when thePatanjali, 186:be so quieted that the things of the soul can find entrance. Patanjali, 195:speak only that which is entirely accurate will find himself confronted by very definitePatanjali, 232:of yoga are given in detail. Students will find it useful to note the graded and accurate methodPatanjali, 258:at any of the translations of the sutras he will find that this one is [259] variously translatedPatanjali, 267:be more than touched upon here. Students will find it of interest to search for information givenPatanjali, 270:to the three dimensions, and students will find it interesting to work out these analogies of thePatanjali, 292:in the course of his long pilgrimage. These find their analogies in the three temples found in thePatanjali, 295:heart reveals. It leads us to the head, where we find the first portal of the Path proper and enterPatanjali, 297:investigator. Using Wood's translation we find the following: 7. Satya - the world of those GodsPatanjali, 301:as the object of Raja Yoga is to enable a man to find the light within himself and in that lightPatanjali, 302:light see light. It enables him also [302] to find the door to life and subsequently to tread thePatanjali, 357:Book IV. Sutra 30 to 34. in Book I. Sutra 4, we find the true man entangled in the meshes of thePatanjali, 358:of his soul with all other souls. He has to find God in his own heart and in every form of life.Patanjali, 361:off the path into the realm of illusion. He will find it also of interest to contrast and comparePatanjali, 364:knowledge, dealt with in this sutra; others will find it of great difficulty and would wisely turnPatanjali, 387:reveals the nature of the macrocosm. He will find that he, the real or spiritual man, the thinker,Patanjali, 387:aspects, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. He will find that he is responsible for the formation of allPatanjali, 418:the plan of evolution. In Book I. Sutra 41, we find these words: "To him whose VrittisPatanjali, 424:heaven will be opened; happy the warriors... who find such a fight as this... Therefore, arise,Patanjali, 428:by its main exponent, Patanjali, will eventually find its greatest demonstration in the West. ThisPatanjali, xiv:and unimaginative tongue. The student may find it of use in the study of these sutras to compareProblems, 6:is at this time confronted, and which must find some solution during the next twenty-five years.Problems, 18:trouble facing the United Nations will be to find the strong and good leader who can enforce thatProblems, 47:courteous to others. This is rare indeed to find in schoolrooms or in homes, for that matter. ThisProblems, 60:and better ways, develop the new textbooks and find the men and women who can be impressed with theProblems, 86:recognized than racial virtues; racial qualities find themselves in conflict with nationalProblems, 89:to the nations within which or among which they find themselves. It is largely the problem of theProblems, 94:situation in which the minorities today find themselves; they know that the use of force producesProblems, 102:be found only when the Jews themselves seek to find the way out and cease their present policy ofProblems, 102:and Christians make all the concessions, find the solution of the problem alone, and, unaided byProblems, 102:to the civilizations and cultures in which they find themselves but insist on remaining apart; theyProblems, 113:to change conditions. When they do so, they will find the Negro as responsive to good and fairProblems, 114:and the peoples of the countries in which they find themselves. These children of mixed race, asProblems, 115:of goodwill are everywhere and are struggling to find a solution, to build a new world structure ofProblems, 119:and a willingness to spread goodwill and find the men of like mind in their environment. The workProblems, 122:to pilgrims and all such pilgrims, all souls, find their way eventually into the Father's Home. TheProblems, 124:offer spiritual guidance and help, humanity will find another way. Nothing can keep the spirit ofProblems, 125:of appeals for men to turn again to God and to find in religion a way out of the present chaoticProblems, 126:to explain them, passing the ideas they find through the filter of their own minds and brains andProblems, 127:which are universally recognized and which find their place in every religion are truly necessaryProblems, 172:so eagerly awaiting? The answer is not hard to find and involves all nations: nationalism,Problems, 180:and right human relations. Thus many will find those who will cooperate with them in theirPsychology1, xix:nature and ideals of the group into which he may find his way if he profits by the teaching andPsychology1, xxiii:in the particular and the individual to find it easy to apply the same interest to the greaterPsychology1, xxiv:in unison with another. The ego or soul may find itself upon still a third type of ray, thusPsychology1, xxv:appearance or disappearance of a ray. We shall find, as we study, that words will greatly handicapPsychology1, 4:sphere, we shall gain much and the teaching will find corroboration. We shall see emerging a newPsychology1, 5:his nervous system, brain and glands permit. We find, however, that some of the theories, even thePsychology1, 6:an unknown and undefinable quantity. They find it impossible to discover its origin; they know notPsychology1, 8:and with our friends and associates. We shall find ourselves able to cooperate more wisely with thePsychology1, 9:to speak. Some of the points I may make you may find yourself capable of checking up in your ownPsychology1, 20:being. This idea is ancient and true. We find reference to the seven aeons and the seven emanationsPsychology1, 26:question arises here: How does it happen that we find people in incarnation on all the rays atPsychology1, 28:of karma, and from the very nature of their need find light and peace at last." [29] ChristianityPsychology1, 40:rules given to mystics in Atlantean times we find these words: "Let the disciple know the nature ofPsychology1, 51:has produced what we call science. In science we find a condition which is rare in the extreme.Psychology1, 53:its evolutionary interplay an addition, and we find emerging quality and capacity to react toPsychology1, 58:and thus each son of God will eventually find his way to that center - withdrawn [59] andPsychology1, 76:major activity and it is on this plane that we find the triple aspects of mind: Abstract or higherPsychology1, 80:cruelty to man. In the above mantram. you will find the clue to the sixth ray purpose as it appearsPsychology1, 87:the greater cycle (manvantara) the majority will find their way to the synthetic love ray; a smallPsychology1, 87:to the synthetic love ray; a small minority will find their way to the power ray. This minority arePsychology1, 91:visions and their ideals. On the planet today we find a humanity at all stages of development, withPsychology1, 91:of varying kinds, adequate and inadequate. We find all of them, without exception, breaking downPsychology1, 93:dreams and imaginings, and which, in their turn, find expression in the formulated schemes of thePsychology1, 94:become aware of and to react to our surroundings find its source in the body-nature, or is there anPsychology1, 96:controlled and illumined minds, they [96] will find themselves initiated into a consciousness ofPsychology1, 99:awareness. These latter supernormal states find expression through the medium of the great artists,Psychology1, 101:Through this imminent development we shall find ourselves seeing more and penetrating deeper intoPsychology1, 101:enjoy. Man himself has changed so much that we find it difficult to recognize homo sapiens in thePsychology1, 103:are awake to these issues and happenings will find it interesting to note what is going on. The
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