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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FINDING

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Magic, 362:on the correspondence and pass into pralaya, finding their focal point in the throat center. ThusMagic, 374:to function therein, and then subsequently finding them pass away to give place, in their turn, toMagic, 400:the very selflessness of their service. They are finding their way to the top in every departmentMagic, 529:world. They are principally occupied with the finding of the center within the form aspect, thatMagic, 529:acquainting themselves with that soul and thus finding peace. This is right and in line with divineMeditation, 47:of the pupil, both from the point of view of finding the line of least resistance and ofMeditation, 148:occultist and works then with all the rays. By finding the kingdom of God within himself and by theMeditation, 151:the seventh ray, the Ray of Form or Ritual, the finding of the occult path, and the assimilation ofMeditation, 151:or endeavors to transcend mind in his process of finding the Self. The occultist, through hisMeditation, 168:of contact between the higher and the lower, all finding their focal point through the sameMeditation, 180:the line of some one stream of force. It is the finding of the line of least resistance whereby toMeditation, 201:two men who will give their entire attention to finding out the intention of the Manu and HisMeditation, 204:study of the why and how of phenomena. It is the finding out of the method whereby results areMeditation, 271:in that body corporate. That is the secret: the finding of one's place, - not so much one's placeMeditation, 311:importance but differs according to the need of finding a situation whereon to found a preparatoryMeditation, 312:aim is only to put the student in the way of finding out for himself the needed knowledge. [313]Meditation, 344:seeks to find his particular sphere, and who, finding it, gives effort gladly for the benefit ofPatanjali, 120:in number, the various other so-called "yogas" finding their place in one of these three groups:Patanjali, 130:to which he belongs, and he does this through a finding of his own inner reality as latent in hisProblems, 105:these new attitudes are germinating, even if the finding of the right solution may take much time.Problems, 114:The Solution It will be obvious that a finding of a solution to the problem of the minorities isProblems, 114:the problem of the minorities is essentially the finding of a solution to the great heresy ofProblems, 171:of the planet is primarily interested in finding the men who will work along these lines. It isPsychology1, 37:and appearances. This discovery he makes by finding that his own soul is tinctured by one of thePsychology1, 87:next solar system) will constitute the majority, finding their synthesis on ray one. This is aPsychology1, 112:of the soul. Disciples grow these days by finding out the reservoir of their soul's nourishment;Psychology1, 113:In the pressure of world work, the Masters are finding Themselves with less and less time to givePsychology1, 332:play upon him and affect his consciousness, finding entrance into his form equipment through thePsychology1, 385:Today many British administrators are finding their way back to their own home land, little as theyPsychology2, 37:to use, the longing not to fight, the thrill of finding those he fought were but brothers andPsychology2, 151:themselves in the three lower spiritual laws, finding their way into the lower consciousness viaPsychology2, 192:primarily, linking it with the present, and finding it also indicative of the future. 10. MembersPsychology2, 283:been said, meet and blend in the personality, finding their expression through the medium of anPsychology2, 355:the significance of that familiar reaction of finding no satisfaction in the familiar things; thePsychology2, 401:The small lesson mastered (and many of you are finding it a hard lesson) leads inevitably to widerPsychology2, 415:to this particular type of difficulty and finding the cleavages in human nature so widespread andPsychology2, 436:ray. These ray conditions will result in a man's finding his right field of usefulness and rightPsychology2, 665:must be remembered in planning the work and in finding the workers. A word should be spoken herePsychology2, 683:of educating public opinion is pursued, and the finding of the men of good will is carried forward,Rays, 15:Hence also many probationary disciples are finding their way into the ranks of accepted disciples,Rays, 21:in the halls where move the Masters but finding pause and prolongation within those radiant hallsRays, 29:possess a strong inner spiritual life - hence my finding the time to work with them. But the groupRays, 53:of the AUM and, in their higher brackets, are finding that AUM the expression of something fromRays, 54:of the soul is being found again, and with that finding the little self is lost in the glory andRays, 136:in the halls where move the Masters but finding pause and prolongation within those radiant hallsRays, 143:goal which they define to themselves as that of finding the light, appropriating the light, andRays, 156:left-hand path and so perhaps, in rare cases, finding his way into the Black Lodge. The majorRays, 377:and from thence into an Ashram, without finding that his will nature is being affected. It willRays, 405:as far as our solar system can give it, finding Their way eventually on to the cosmic mental plane.Rays, 409:admitted to the Path of Discipleship and were finding their way into the Ashrams, thus forcing theRays, 435:to the Path of Discipleship and who is just finding his place within an Ashram, seem an adequatelyRays, 560:becoming the dominating factor; men are rapidly finding their way on to that ray, and the number ofRays, 628:she must inevitably find her own soul, and in finding it - through the medium of the illumined mindRays, 747:one of them is wickedly totalitarian and is finding followers; another is the victim of the stupidReappearance, 16:even the many false Christs and Messengers are finding this universal curiosity and cannot beReappearance, 20:it is penetrating into the Western countries and finding devoted adherents in every land. TheReappearance, 65:is to be found or is in process of finding expression; it is the aggregation of all who love theirTelepathy, 90:- established before the worlds were created and finding their prototypes upon the cosmic mental
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