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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FINDINGS

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Autobiography, 233:the sign of the ram. Something apart from the findings of academic astrology, which even at presentExternalisation, 56:the work of the destroyer of outgrown forms, the findings of the scientists who penetrated behindFire, 916:revealed which will tend to revolutionize the findings of modern science, and bring about changesFire, 919:the hylozoistic nature of all that exists, their findings and their work will be brought into aHealing, 271:of people who run down and refuse to admit the findings of modern medicine. This I have earlierHealing, 277:a chemist or a biologist. These astrological findings will not only be related to the personalityHealing, 279:It will be simplified when true astrological findings become possible, when man knows the hour ofHealing, 279:their own), so violently opposed to all the findings [280] of the past, and so unwilling toHealing, 404:but omit to recognize the illusory nature of all findings based on astral clairvoyance. TheInitiation, 21:in this recognition they are approximating the findings of the Divine Wisdom. In the vegetableMagic, 14:of science, the theologies of religion, and the findings of the philosophers and thinkersMagic, 336:and is serving an invaluable purpose, and the findings of the behaviorists are sound in fact,Psychology1, 92:the mass of untrained opinion and the findings of visionary people (who were probably psychopathicSoul, 32:speaking... reduces to physiological facts and findings, in turn to those of the field of biology,
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