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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FINDS

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Hercules, 210:is no part of the mission of a son of God. He finds himself as an individual only to discover thatHercules, 226:and this spiritual dedication to service finds its expression in the two last signs of the zodiacalInitiation, 35:that aspect. Having thus achieved liberation he finds indeed that all is one, that spirit andInitiation, 75:and the energy which now, in the majority, finds expression through the lower or generating centersInitiation, 99:in whose bodies each human Monad and each deva finds his place, form the seven centers in the bodyInitiation, 101:in his waking consciousness, a ceremonial fact, finds all these manifestations of increased growthInitiation, 108:within whose lines of force the initiate finds himself. At the first two initiations, wherein theInitiation, 121:ray to which he belongs, that upon which his Ego finds itself. All egoic units are upon some subrayInitiation, 134:By the application of the Rod the initiate finds: That the activity of each individual atom in theInitiation, 196:which is of the earth, earthy, and that which finds its home within the sun. Two verses in theIntellect, 8:from the fact that the follower of both schools finds he is standing at the portal of aIntellect, 56:later discovers his relation to the universe; he finds that his physical body and his vitalIntellect, 56:is, in fact, the outer garment of Deity; he finds that his ability to love and to feel makes himIntellect, 56:central Fact. Knowing himself to be divine, he finds the whole is equally divine. Dr. F. KirtleyIntellect, 56:within himself which is one with all that is; he finds he is equipped with an apparatus which canIntellect, 60:entirely out of all past fields of endeavor. He finds that he can walk with God, dwell in Heaven,Intellect, 77:is, therefore, an ordered process whereby a man finds God. It is a system, well-tried out and muchIntellect, 103:to meditate, something further is discovered. He finds that the mind, when properly governed andIntellect, 115:manifest that soul-energy or substance which he finds he can manipulate. To train people to work inIntellect, 139:abode, His field of action; it is there that He finds His likeness. It is there that we must seekIntellect, 140:this gateway of vision the man passes and finds himself to be the soul. From the vantage of theIntellect, 152:mystic forces himself behind the outer form and finds the good and the wonderful. - Hall, W.Intellect, 169:too short for what he seeks to accomplish. He finds himself so anxious to cooperate with the PlanIntellect, 169:does enter the realm of divine energy, and finds himself intensely responsive to it; he senses hisIntellect, 189:of union) knows himself as he is in reality. He finds, when ignorance gives place to transcendentalIntellect, 210:The secluded point to which a man withdraws, he finds to lie within himself; the silent place inIntellect, 221:he is totally unable to control, and he finds very often that he is unable to shut out sounds andIntellect, 256:in the region of the solar plexus. The student finds himself prone to irritation and to anxiety andMagic, 11:doors wide to spiritual energy. In so doing he finds that the law [12] which he has hated andMagic, 14:Through the use of matter the soul unfolds and finds its climax in the soul of man, and thisMagic, 19:of the environment in which the individual finds himself and within which he has to function and toMagic, 63:plane of physical life to the soul realm, and finds that when he can tread it with steadiness itMagic, 83:Therefore the true inner comprehension finds no room for expansion, and the activity that should beMagic, 98:time of his individualization in past ages. This finds its reflection in the light in the head.Magic, 150:by the apparently empty stillness in which he finds himself. This is called, in advanced cases,Magic, 171:true of the early stages of discipleship. He finds that it is he who shuts the door in the majorityMagic, 171:and ceaselessly with his lower self. He finds that one of the first things he has to do is to learnMagic, 171:that the Master is endeavoring to reach them. He finds also that it is not the habit of the MastersMagic, 172:the spirit of separateness. The disciple soon finds also that the Masters are not easilyMagic, 172:usually at the time of the full moon in May. He finds also that the relationship between Master andMagic, 198:the mystical life. When this creative awakening finds expression through any of the arts -Magic, 198:work there is no harm wrought, for the energy finds a normal creative outlet. These points shouldMagic, 200:Faced with these questions, the true teacher finds a difficulty. It is not easy to make clear theMagic, 216:eye towards the center to be used that the force finds its correct outlet. That force is madeMagic, 225:line between these pairs which the aspirant finds and treads, turning neither to the right nor toMagic, 246:perception, of feeling, and of emotion, he finds himself at-one with the sensitive apparatus ofMagic, 252:to the ideal. As he perfects his technique he finds a transmuting, transforming power at work uponMagic, 263:Always the vibration measures up to the goal, finds that goal, passes it and disintegrates. PainMagic, 275:the waters of space are to our solar system. He finds himself, as does our sun and its attendantMagic, 280:the building of his aspect of the great plan and finds one day when the building is completed andMagic, 308:sweeps him into that hysterical condition which finds its vent [309] in unrestrained merriment andMagic, 321:force which stirs in the heart of humanity and finds expression through the medium of worldMagic, 331:no longer lost in the world of effects. Then he finds himself standing shoulder to shoulder withMagic, 349:It is only as the consciousness expands, and one finds one's true position in the cosmic whole thatMagic, 366:the needed ideas. Through contemplation he finds himself able to enter into that silence which willMagic, 394:and becomes the center of a group; he finds himself to be a focal point for other lives, and is anMagic, 397:which step of the ladder and in which phase one finds oneself at any particular time. Behind eachMagic, 433:impacts, playing upon the matter of space, one finds the seven types of souls, the seven fields ofMagic, 484:of a powerful mind upon a weaker. If it finds its way into some group, analogous impulsive formsMagic, 495:the principle of coherence or of integration, finds its way to the heart and is focused orMagic, 507:it is just here that he encounters failure and finds that his inner grasp of reality does notMagic, 523:the present stage in which the average aspirant finds himself. This has been attempted in theseMagic, 529:human family and - again speaking in symbols - finds himself part of the center of light andMagic, 554:objective world in which the individual aspirant finds himself. He will need to consider the factMagic, 584:by his compeers. Nothing satisfies him until he finds the Way, and nothing appeases the desire atMagic, 615:the discovery that there is no astral plane; he finds that the astral plane is a figment of theMagic, 617:when that soul has conveyed to him the words. He finds them for himself as the result of tirelessMagic, 626:thralldom of age-old fear concepts. The student finds himself becoming steadily detached from theMagic, 628:the following: The instinct of self-preservation finds its consummation in assured immortality, andMagic, 628:guarantee. The sex instinct has worked out and finds its logical consummation in the relationship -Magic, 628:through physical plane marriage, but as it finds its consummation (for man) in the sublime marriageMagic, 628:negative and receptive form. The herd instinct finds its divine consummation in an awakened groupMagic, 637:incident upon the bringing in of force which he finds himself unable to handle. The second point ofMagic, 637:ideas and his own methods of working, a disciple finds that his group lacks those factors and thoseMeditation, 28:of the adult. It is the period wherein a man finds himself, discovers what his line of activity mayMeditation, 57:into the source progresses. When the Personality finds for itself (after lives of stress andMeditation, 57:chord with infinite care and pains. First, be finds out the third of the Personality and soundsMeditation, 57:harmonious life in the three worlds. Then he finds the dominant fifth of the Ego, the keynote ofMeditation, 60:and to carry out the needed experiments until he finds for himself that which he needs. Only thatMeditation, 79:of the equipment of the Spirit and eventually finds its way to the Spirit or Monad on its ownMeditation, 115:to ward the left-hand path. Unless inner growth finds expression in group service the man treads aMeditation, 140:The pupil follows the point emphasized, and finds on thus acting that further light pours in,Meditation, 149:of power working through intelligence, unless be finds a purpose for that will and knowledge by anMeditation, 160:to the unclean criminal emotion that finds its expression in violent orgies and license. Under allMeditation, 169:work in the closest collaboration. The man who finds himself on one line has to remember that inMeditation, 172:over it and by the employment of lower mind, finds out all that can be known and sensed. Then,Meditation, 213:The second subray of Love and Wisdom. It finds its great expression on the second monadic plane,Meditation, 216:relationship to the fourth Ray of Harmony. It finds a demonstration in the triangle formed by theirMeditation, 240:occult law, therefore, in service the subjective finds liberation, and is set free from objectiveMeditation, 268:center within the Heavenly Man in Whose Body he finds a place. It is the working out of the Law ofMeditation, 271:ever closer to the heart of the group, and finds his own place and functional activity in that bodyPatanjali, 35:one reality, and this in his physical brain. He finds that truth which is himself and which is thePatanjali, 47:hands the "jewel in the lotus." Thus the devotee finds Ishvara. When the devotee becomes the rajaPatanjali, 89:this knowledge concerns groups. Consequently he finds his place and knows his work. Finally hePatanjali, 94:it through the medium of his own soul, he finds that all souls are one and can put himself withPatanjali, 107:also. With that life he identifies himself. He finds it at the heart of his own being and can therePatanjali, 135:turns inward. It is no longer outgoing but he finds the kingdom of God within. All desire thenPatanjali, 185:tendencies to that which is not the self, which finds physical plane expression in the relationPatanjali, 187:no matter what the locality in which one finds oneself, and no matter what age one may be or whatPatanjali, 194:to the world of forms in which the true self finds itself when in incarnation, and with which it
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