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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FINDS

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Patanjali, 207:a vision of the reality which is himself, and finds out the truth of the words of the Christ thatPatanjali, 301:at the heart of our solar system and eventually finds that portal which admits a man to thePatanjali, 308:which it functions upon the physical plane, he finds that all that he is (physically andPatanjali, 314:turns his lamp and light into other realms and finds the "way of escape" into those worlds wherePatanjali, 397:passes downward from the originating cause and finds its object or final manifestation in the vitalProblems, 17:home to many the eternal verities. When France finds her spiritual soul and not just herPsychology1, xxiii:and critical mind, and in which the mystic finds such relief and joy. I will however ask those whoPsychology1, xxiv:bear in mind that he himself - as a human unit - finds his place on one or other of these rays. ThePsychology1, 37:and the purpose for which he has "appeared." He finds that this quality expresses itself throughPsychology1, 37:the revelations of the divine purpose. This, he finds, is essentially a septenary aggregation ofPsychology1, 37:until at the final initiation (the fifth) he finds himself consciously at-one with the unifiedPsychology1, 61:and the left hand grasps the flower of life, man finds himself to be the seven-leaved plant whichPsychology1, 75:Knowledge of God and how He veils Himself finds consummation in the thoughts of man. The energiesPsychology1, 92:environing [92] group in which a particular form finds itself; of the life, impersonal and abstractPsychology1, 114:within the radius of the circle in which he finds himself. These small outer attempts at aPsychology1, 128:the true understanding of man. Every human being finds himself upon one of the seven rays. HisPsychology1, 161:for the personality to handle. The man then finds that the path to the inner worlds ofPsychology1, 227:The geometrical faculty of the Universal Mind finds its most material perfection on the physical orPsychology1, See pa:a manner differing from any other ray; each ray finds its point of prime contact through one orPsychology1, 322:that situation and those conditions in which he finds himself is relatively rare. ConsciousPsychology1, 330:the process of developing group consciousness he finds that multiplicity of contacts which isPsychology1, 340:causes becomes gradually the world in which he finds happiness, and his selection of his majorPsychology1, 403:forces, and, owing to the smoke of the battle, finds himself unable to see clearly. Eventually, thePsychology1, 406:through the intuition. The Personality ray finds its major field of activity and expression in thePsychology1, 406:mind nature to achieve that clear vision which finds its consummation at the fourth initiation, andPsychology2, 47:He ceases from the clamor and the fight. He finds his way into the Presence. Knee to knee, and footPsychology2, 66:and nirvanic realization. This process finds its consummation at the third initiation. [67] In thePsychology2, 120:which so much has been written and [120] spoken, finds its outlet in service, can man begin toPsychology2, 136:of power which will enable him to cooperate, it finds its way into the emotional or astral body.Psychology2, 167:world of thought, he burrows like a mole, and finds his way into the darkness; he arrives atPsychology2, 167:found and stored and used. This he repulses and finds his way into that Hall of Wisdom which isPsychology2, 240:of the Principle of Continuance, which finds its distorted reflection in the word so often used byPsychology2, 241:upon, the previous two trends considered. It finds its microcosmic reflection in the many plans andPsychology2, 250:to mental training. It is based on inertia which finds creative work the line of least resistancePsychology2, 275:crisis of appropriation on the Path of Ascent, finds its culmination) and the second initiation.Psychology2, 311:and upon the vogue for physical training, which finds its expression in the world of sport, inPsychology2, 317:no difficulty in the vehicles of expression but finds its correspondence and higher truth in thePsychology2, 336:not intelligently understand but in which he finds himself. This is the primitive and so-calledPsychology2, 387:and to the environment in which the disciple finds himself will increasingly be achieved. This isPsychology2, 388:ray disciple, employing the Technique of Fusion, finds that: [389] It evokes a full functioning ofPsychology2, 456:the thought form can become so potent that he finds he is an avowed devotee, unable to retreat fromPsychology2, 527:affect present opportunity or hinder the man who finds himself upon the Path and is, therefore,Psychology2, 535:through the opening at the top of the head and finds its way to some one or other of the centers,Psychology2, 544:previous fluidic and spasmodic efforts) that one finds a definite point of crisis in the life ofPsychology2, 594:of duality in the "nadis", the disciple finds himself able to use the two channels - ida andPsychology2, 601:clothes itself and their sense of duality finds satisfaction. These ideas exist as powerful thoughtPsychology2, 615:weakness. The expression of the group attitude finds its outlet in him and he is, at times,Psychology2, 739:political creed, or national government. It finds them in all and cooperates with [740] all. This IRays, 37:from progressive point to progressive point, finds itself in the position of intuitive interpreterRays, 43:beautiful experiment" faces the initiate. He finds that this time alignment is not his need, butRays, 43:As the disciple then creatively works, he finds that there is a reciprocal action on the part ofRays, 58:with which identification must be sought. He finds his soul through the fusion of soul andRays, 58:through the fusion of soul and personality; he finds his group through the absorption of thisRays, 65:and not soul force, you can understand why he finds it necessary ever to work behind the scenes. HeRays, 66:or desired by the group with which the initiate finds himself associated. The mode of workingRays, 67:[67] accepted disciple learns much. First, he finds a group upon the physical plane whose idealsRays, 67:learns, and in learning, suffers much. Later he finds his way into a Master's Ashram, where hisRays, 89:night of time. The saving principle of pure love finds its expression at the hour of humanity'sRays, 104:in the three worlds must end. The disciple finds his group in the Master's Ashram, and consciouslyRays, 106:identification with both the part and the whole finds its point of tension in the will-to-be, whichRays, 106:exists in its perfection in the solar Logos and finds a medium of expression through the planetaryRays, 153:which lies within some particular framework, he finds that it is only a part, a small fraction, ofRays, 154:submit to the Law of the Supplementary Seven, he finds that from the life angle and through his ownRays, 166:except that of the greater whole in which it finds its place. Neither form nor quality (body norRays, 181:to the Path of Initiation, just as the initiate finds himself (after mastering illusion) on theRays, 200:passes on to the cosmic astral plane and finds - What? Who knows? I do not. Thus the veils serveRays, 310:by the major ray upon which the initiate finds himself, from the angle of his monadic ray. EveryRays, 339:from the reversed wheel whereon he, as a soul, finds himself. He is consequently the recipient ofRays, 430:picture of the true situation; it is one which finds Great Britain temporarily weakened andRays, 430:of her people and her political maturity); it finds the United States, unused to power, somewhatRays, 449:indivisible. It conveys the energy of life and finds its final anchor in the center of the humanRays, 481:unit of all-inclusive buddhic awareness, he finds his place and mode of service, conditioned by hisRays, 481:he can now consciously work. Here he finds himself still crucified, but on the Cardinal Cross. (SeeRays, 506:quiescent, except in so far as the will finds its reflection in the activity of the sacrificeRays, 535:that Path himself." Increasingly the disciple finds what it is to become a creative agent, usingRays, 545:- a stimulation which the person frequently finds it very difficult to handle, evoking not onlyRays, 546:- of the Master of the Ashram and the disciple - finds no impediment; there is consequently no riskRays, 593:mental consciousness or state of thinking; this finds its exponents and [594] its "race members" inRays, 685:not in the form usually pictured. The initiate finds himself in the company of those who haveRays, 712:the soul-infused personality, and from thence it finds its way to the brain. I am of courseRays, 737:is a livingness coupled with awareness which "finds its own place and the spiritual house of itsRays, 753:purify them. The true nature of cosmic evil finds its major expression in wrong thinking, falseReappearance, 100:at the end of his tether that the disciple finds his way into that Kingdom and is ready toReappearance, 131:force which stirs in the heart of humanity and finds expression through the medium of such greatReappearance, 167:it in a gentle, futile and innocuous manner. He finds himself helpless before the task ofReappearance, 172:the subject, we can assume that money finds it way into four main channels of expenditure: Into theReappearance, 181:as he has. In this way and in due time, he finds that there exists on Earth a well organized andReappearance, 181:the name of the New Group of World Servers. He finds that they are everywhere, and are functioningSoul, 30:Throughout the literature on this subject, one finds statements to the effect that little is known,Soul, 33:organism, in the [33] environment in which he finds himself - the science of the interplay betweenTelepathy, 4:of truth is suddenly recognized by many and finds expression simultaneously through the medium ofTelepathy, 6:interplay of thought-directed energies which finds one terminal of expression in the mind of someTelepathy, 19:the human consciousness is ever externalized or finds its analogy upon the physical plane, and soTelepathy, 60:whereon our entire threefold planetary Life finds expression and which we have subdivided (for theTelepathy, 95:to draw as he seeks to serve his fellowmen. He finds himself in possession of a reservoir or poolTelepathy, 114:workers are everywhere mobilizing, but it finds expression also in all the plans and schemes, theTelepathy, 179:in which every form, from a universe to an atom, finds its location. Telepathy, 189:three worlds; and though the average human being finds it difficult to understand that the medium
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