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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FIRE

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Healing, 640:Disease is inharmony; it is the fault of fire by friction; diseased areas are areas of frictionHealing, 641:(the energy of the soul, sometimes called solar fire) either from some particular area of theHealing, 642:any other method, for "our God is a consuming Fire" and all fires have affinity with the centralHealing, 642:and all fires have affinity with the central Fire. Healing, 658:it is also, from a higher point of view, fire. The entire technique, procedure, and formulas willHercules, 44:our human principles. The sign Leo represents fire or spirit; Taurus, earth or body; Aquarius, airHercules, 68:profound significance. "Our God is a consuming fire", and Sirius is the symbol of the universalHercules, 130:For example, a Tartar chieftain started a great fire behind his own troops, thus forcing them toHercules, 142:Hercules burned off the heads, and the divine fire would indeed be needed for this destruction.Hercules, 142:live, and so drooped and died. The use of the fire, in the preliminary effort, still keeps thatHercules, 154:possible. Keep your eye on the eagle; call down fire; do not look at the ground; be centered inHercules, 170:die, being immortal. From heaven he stole the fire; for this he has been punished. The place of hisHercules, 195:Hercules made offerings to Helius, the god of fire in the sun. For seven days he meditated, andHercules, 196:and Hercules stood face to face. Breathing fire and flame from all three heads at once, the monsterHercules, 211:and quick reference. Aries, the Ram Element: Fire sign (as are also Leo and Sagittarius). Quality:Hercules, 211:through Gemini. Polar Opposite: Sagittarius. A fire sign (one-pointedness; preparation forHercules, 212:house and therein dwell". Leo, the Lion Element: Fire sign (as are also Aries and Sagittarius).Hercules, 213:(Law, Sex, Money). Polar Opposite: Aries. A fire sign (subjective, latent consciousness, will toHercules, 213:triumphant". Sagittarius, the Archer Element: Fire sign (as are also Aries and Leo). Quality:Hercules, 214:into group consciousness. Polar Opposite: Leo, A fire sign (individual awareness; urge towardInitiation, 13:marks the clearer shining forth of the inner fire and the transition from one point of polarizationInitiation, 18:by a burning, through the medium of the inner fire, and by the destruction, through sacrifice, ofInitiation, 18:When that web has been burned away by the inner fire the communication between the bodies of theInitiation, 76:and watch the heart. In the transferring of the fire from the solar plexus to the heart centerInitiation, 116:that man might BE. [116] As a sphere of radiant fire, linked with the initiate standing before itInitiation, 116:standing before it by that magnetic thread of fire which passes through all his bodies andInitiation, 116:Hierophant than the Bodhisattva, the electrical fire of pure Spirit, latent in the heart of theInitiation, 116:In all these words, "solar angel," "sphere of fire," and "lotus," lies hid some aspect of theInitiation, 118:concerns the relation of the electrical point of fire, which is the Monad, to the five-pointedInitiation, 127:the causal body. The arousing of the kundalinic fire (or the fire at the base of the spine), andInitiation, 127:The arousing of the kundalinic fire (or the fire at the base of the spine), and the direction ofInitiation, 127:the direction of its upward progression. This fire and the fire of manas, are [128] directed alongInitiation, 127:of its upward progression. This fire and the fire of manas, are [128] directed along certain routesInitiation, 129:Rod lies hidden "in the East," and holds the fire hidden that irradiates the Wisdom Religion. ThisInitiation, 133:using the description as embodied in the words "fire descends from heaven." Through the utteranceInitiation, 133:truth of the phrase that "God is a consuming fire." He knows past all gainsaying that fiery energyInitiation, 133:bathed in the fires of purification; he sees fire on all sides, pouring out through the Rod,Initiation, 134:are hidden from view by a wall of [134] pure fire. The initiate sees no one, save the Hierophant,Initiation, 134:and which purifies his entire nature. The fire tries his work, of what sort it is, and he passesInitiation, 134:is increased, and the activity of the resulting fire and its heat intensified. By the applicationInitiation, 135:be more fully dealt with in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire. There are just two ways in which some ideaInitiation, 137:initiation, and to the idea of the inner central fire gradually breaking through and destroying theInitiation, 138:are beginning the process of translating the fire into the three higher. The dual revolution in theInitiation, 138:which might be enumerated as follows: The fire at the base of the spine is definitely directed toInitiation, 141:the center begins to blaze forth - a light or fire which ultimately burns through the threeInitiation, 141:full inner glory to be seen, and the electric fire of spirit to be manifested. As this is broughtInitiation, 142:is concerned, in which he wields the Rod of Fire, and effects certain specific results in the bodyInitiation, 168:the Sun, or the subjective Sun. The mystery of Fire itself, or the dynamic central systemic force.Initiation, 171:of Darkness. The Clue to the Energy uniting Fire and Water. [172] In all these names muchInitiation, 174:initiation the great secret which concerns the fire or spirit aspect is revealed to the wonderingInitiation, 174:incomprehensible to man the fact that all is fire and fire is all. This secret may be said toInitiation, 174:to man the fact that all is fire and fire is all. This secret may be said to reveal to the InitiateInitiation, 174:cycles of manifestation. The triple nature of fire, and the effect of the great fire upon theInitiation, 174:nature of fire, and the effect of the great fire upon the lesser. As this Shiva, or first, aspectInitiation, 175:Vishnu Preserver Subjective Sun Four, Three Fire Fifth Shiva Destroyer Central Spiritual Sun Two AsInitiation, 192:within the heart's deep cave. If there the fire burns bright, warming his brother yet heating notInitiation, 193:him of greater moment than his own, then is the fire of love irradiating his being, and the worldInitiation, 195:4 Let the disciple tend the evolution of the fire; nourish the lesser lives, and thus keep theInitiation, 201:Man can then transfer consciously the creative fire and energy from the organs of generation to theInitiation, 204:Applicants Rule 11 Let the disciple transfer the fire from the lower triangle to the higher, andInitiation, 204:and preserve that which is created through the fire of the midway point. This means, literally, theInitiation, 204:usually understood, and the transference of the fire which now normally vitalizes the generativeInitiation, 211:into densest maya, and ends within the latent fire, the molten lake of fiercest burning, touchingInitiation, 211:of fiercest burning, touching the denizens of fire, the Agnichaitans of the scarlet heat. WhereInitiation, 215:highest of the seven planes. Agni The Lord of Fire in the Vedas. The oldest and most revered of theInitiation, 215:all the three, as he is the triple aspect of fire; fire is the essence of the solar system. TheInitiation, 215:the three, as he is the triple aspect of fire; fire is the essence of the solar system. The BibleInitiation, 215:system. The Bible says: "Our God is a consuming fire." It is also the symbol of the mental plane ofInitiation, 215:is paramountly lord. Agnichaitans A group of fire devas. Atlantis The continent that was submergedInitiation, 217:in the four kingdoms, or elements, Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Except a few of the higher kindsIntellect, 65:Uttered or unexpressed, The motion of a hidden fire, That trembles in the breast. The thought heldIntellect, 93:mysticism, aspiration involves the idea of fire. It denotes a burning desire, and a fieryIntellect, 93:which might keep him back. This same idea of fire runs through all books on Christian mysticism,Intellect, 93:Willingness to "bear the cross, "to "enter the fire," to "die daily," (it matters not what theIntellect, 94:of our goal and from then pass on, through the fire of discipline, to the heights of intellectualIntellect, 113:- Stages in Meditation In A Treatise on Cosmic Fire the following words occur: "The wise studentIntellect, 116:- Bailey, Alice, A Treatise on Comic Fire, pages 1233 et seq. It is this process of arriving at theIntellect, 173:by God That I may live for Thee. A life of fire! a life ablaze with God, Lighted by fires ofIntellect, 173:Lighted by fires of pentecostal love! A life on fire! on fire with love for men Lit by divineIntellect, 173:by fires of pentecostal love! A life on fire! on fire with love for men Lit by divine compassionIntellect, 173:other life alight for Him And thus to spread the fire on further still." Then we shall haveIntellect, 189:by meditation...,then burning with the fire of Knowledge (realizing its essential identity with theIntellect, 189:its own splendor like gold which is purified in fire." "When the Sun of spiritual Knowledge arisesMagic, 5:my earlier book, entitled A Treatise on Cosmic Fire. I will comment on them, dealing not with theirMagic, 7:produce the other two. The Treatise on Cosmic Fire dealt primarily with the solar system and onlyMagic, 24:of our subject. In the Treatise on Cosmic Fire and in the above passage it frequently appears thatMagic, 46:has been touched upon in the Treatise on Cosmic Fire. To all of these the planetary web of life isMagic, 56:The rules start off in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire with a brief summary of the process and aMagic, 75:at night, the other in the light of day... "When fire and love and mind submit themselves, soundingMagic, 76:with the One and through the blaze a fourfold fire is seen." In this pictorial writing which I haveMagic, 76:These deal with the centers and the Kundalini Fire. I would like here to point out the advisabilityMagic, 80:by the disquisitions of the lower mind. When the fire of mind burns too fiercely, it forms aMagic, 80:the higher downflow, and forces the lower fire back into seclusion. Only when the three fires meet,Magic, 80:fires meet, through the regulation of the middle fire of mind, can a full light be achieved, andMagic, 80:and the whole body be full of light, the fire from above - the triadal light - the fire of theMagic, 80:the fire from above - the triadal light - the fire of the lower self, - kundalini - and the fire ofMagic, 80:fire of the lower self, - kundalini - and the fire of mind, - cosmic manas - must meet upon theMagic, 80:macrocosmic evolution, and the subjugation of fire for the use of the [81] Divine, have temporarilyMagic, 90:its glowing warmth until its light recedes. Its fire grows dim. Then shall the second sound goMagic, 101:The Secret Doctrine and of A Treatise on Cosmic Fire belong - in their form aspect - to this line.
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