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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FIRES

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Astrology, 35:Mental Plane 3 11 VI Lunar Lords Sacrificial Fires (C.F. 378) 6. Sagittarius Planet - Mars Color -Astrology, 38:likewise septenary in nature, and the forty-nine fires of Brahma are the lowest manifestation ofAstrology, 46:a consequent coordination of the manifesting fires. A clue to the mystery lies also in the relationAstrology, 89:highest plane. This marks the blending of the fires and the deliverance of man from the trammels ofAstrology, 100:of the Path, when the fire of Aries and the fires engendered through the potency of Uranus produceAstrology, 214:him and there is no escape. He drowns. The fires of passion are then quenched. The life of desireAstrology, 293:all the time, and emanating from Leo, are the "fires of God" - cosmic, solar and planetary -Astrology, 293:and from Leo comes solar fire; and each of these fires "clears the way by burning" for theAstrology, 669:regarded as having absorbed the 'frictional fires' of solar space." (C. F. 1154) Astrology, 682:until the fire of Spirit burns up all lesser fires. [683] As earlier pointed out, each Heavenly ManAutobiography, 122:trotting after me, and collect the wood for the fires. I cannot, therefore, say that this was aAutobiography, 195:for probationers in the world as it fed the fires of aspiration and nurtured devotion in itsAutobiography, 236:who would give information concerning the three fires with which The Secret Doctrine deals:Autobiography, 246:given in The Secret Doctrine on the three fires - electric fire, solar fire and Are by friction -Autobiography, 262:disseminated; the many planes, the creative fires and the differentiation of substance have beenAutobiography, 275:hints as to the raising of the kundalini fires, the awakening of the centers and other enticingBethlehem, 74:of material life, of purification through the fires of adversity, and of the suffering to which itBethlehem, 238:sectarian Christ upon the world. We have fed the fires of separation by our Christian divisions,Destiny, 26:pride and other characteristics which feed the fires which threaten to bring disaster to the world.Discipleship1, 224:place thereon, the results of the clarifying fires and the heat of purification become theDiscipleship1, 465:to be faced by all who have passed through the fires of Renunciation, who are walking the way ofDiscipleship1, 480:little self. 3rd month - Purification. Let the fires of divinity burn out all dross. Let the pureDiscipleship1, 610:serve; relax and live a normal, useful life. The fires of your own intensity and the heat of yourDiscipleship1, 652:in activity." 3rd month - Refinement - "The fires of God, electric and dynamic, burn out alloy.Discipleship1, 652:- "The Rest of God underlies all life. The fires of God blaze forth. Men warm themselves before myDiscipleship1, 678:away the mud and slime of nature's growth. The fires burn the hindering forms which seek to holdDiscipleship1, 678:sweep the pilgrim to the Father's Heart. The fires destroy the veil, hiding the Father's Face." Discipleship1, 720:them so that they may set the world on fire. The fires of judgment and of substance, of karma andDiscipleship1, 720:attempt to use the fire of love to offset the fires of the critical mind but at the best it is noDiscipleship1, 723:fog. "This is the Transmutation. These fires release the hidden light and blend it with theDiscipleship1, 729:first stages in the task of understanding the fires of the mind; these must be first comprehendedDiscipleship1, 778:given in The Secret Doctrine on the three fires - electric fire, solar fire and fire by friction -Discipleship2, 48:force of attrition and its form destroyed in the fires of sacrifice. Such, briefly, is the story; IDiscipleship2, 164:and the men of goodwill, producing the purifying fires of pain and agony through the medium of war,Discipleship2, 394:the place of knowledge when, in the transmitting fires of struggle, pain and [395] hard work, theDiscipleship2, 553:the future holds for you any passing through the fires of purification. You have moved across theDiscipleship2, 553:whole of mankind is passing en masse through the fires which precede the first initiation. EveryDiscipleship2, 554:have you now consider glamor in the light of the fires of comprehension. There comes a time in theDiscipleship2, 554:this living process you will let loose the fires of comprehension. I wonder if I am making someDiscipleship2, 563:A transfer and centralization of the lower fires into a higher center is oft the cause of troubleExternalisation, 18:more than [18] can wrong diet, and they feed the fires of separativeness more than any other oneExternalisation, 19:have for their objective the arousing of the fires of the body, the awakening of a particularExternalisation, 75:to the peoples and to feed steadily the existing fires of hate, of separateness, of criticism andExternalisation, 90:of the world and the fifth could not appear. The fires which were forty-nine in number proceededExternalisation, 113:enriched thereby, and purified in the fires of adversity. These are not platitudes but eternalExternalisation, 138:the solution? What must be done to arrest the fires of hate and of aggression, of revenge and ofExternalisation, 185:suicide and murder; the smoke of countless fires blackens the skies; the seas are strewn with deadExternalisation, 291:the waters; he [291] controls the electrical fires of the planet, and he flies triumphant throughExternalisation, 369:during which the heat of battle and the fires of revenge can have time to die down, the agony ofExternalisation, 450:was happening. But those days are over. In the fires of suffering and through deepenedExternalisation, 473:earlier submitted Themselves to the purificatory fires of daily living, working out their ownExternalisation, 536:of the destroyer, proceeded to "burn up" in the fires of destruction, all such hindrances upon theFire, xvii:earth and man (are) the products of the Three Fires. (Secret Doctrine, II. 258) Fire and flameFire, xvii:him immortal. (Secret Doctrine I. 35) The Three Fires I. The Internal Fire or Fire by FrictionFire, xvii:have acquired it and are emancipated are called Fires. (Secret Doctrine I. 114) III. The Fire ofFire, xviii:- Contents Contents SECTION ONE - THE INTERNAL FIRES - FIRE BY FRICTION Introductory RemarksFire, 15:life wheel the first. It circulated. A million fires rose up. The quality of matter densified, butFire, 17:and the seventh had passed it through their fires. The Sons of God emerged from out their source,Fire, 31:till it weareth out the form. The forty-nine fires burn at the inner center. The thirty-fiveFire, 33:Yet the time is not yet. Many the circling fires; many the revolving rounds, but only when theFire, 38:by friction, or internal vitalizing fire. These fires animate and vitalize the objective solarFire, 38:as the sumtotal of the sparks of mind, the fires of the mental bodies and the animating principleFire, 38:terms as follows: First, we have the animating fires of the solar system, which are the fires ofFire, 38:fires of the solar system, which are the fires of the primordial ray of active intelligent matter;Fire, 38:aspect of the Logos. Next are to be found the fires of the divine Ray of Love-Wisdom, the ray ofFire, 38:aspect logoic.4 Finally are to be found the fires of the cosmic mental plane, which are the firesFire, 38:fires of the cosmic mental plane, which are the fires of the cosmic ray of will. They might beFire, 40:Law of Economy is the law governing the internal fires of the system so the cosmic Law ofFire, 41:Remarks - Fire in the Macrocosm The internal fires that animate and vitalize shew themselves in aFire, 44:ponder on this for it holds hid a mystery. The fires of the mental plane also demonstrate in aFire, 44:does not as yet manifest (as do the other two fires) as a duality, though what lies hidden in aFire, 44:and by its perfected merging with the other two fires as the evolutionary process proceeds is seenFire, 47:macrocosm the blending of the three essential fires of the cosmos marked the point of logoicFire, 47:attainment, so, in the blending of the essential fires of the microcosm, do we arrive at theFire, 48:To continue our consideration of the fires which sustain the economy of the visible solar system,Fire, 49:appears. 15 As [49] the merging proceeds and the fires become more and more synthesized, thatFire, 50:and not a cause, It is produced by the two fires of spirit and of mind (electric and solar fire)Fire, 51:in [51] matter itself as the internal fires of the sun, and of the planets and finds a reflectionFire, 51:planets and finds a reflection in the internal fires of man. Man is the Flame Divine and the fireFire, 51:cognizable. It persists only when the other two fires are associated, and it does not persist apartFire, 51:itself as the synthesis of the acknowledged fires of the system, and demonstrates, for instance, asFire, 51:which is an expression of the active internal fires of the system and of the planet just as innerFire, 51:is an expression of the latent internal fires. These latter fires are to be found in the interiorFire, 51:of the latent internal fires. These latter fires are to be found in the interior of each globe, andFire, 51:life. Secondly, we might note that the internal fires are the basis of life in the lower threeFire, 51:The Fire of Mind, when blended with the internal fires, is the basis of life in the fourth kingdom,Fire, 51:Spirit finally, when blended with the two other fires (which blending commences in man at the firstFire, 51:in the fifth or spiritual kingdom, these three fires blaze forth simultaneously, producingFire, 52:of matter in the three worlds. The internal fires of the system, of the planet, and of man areFire, 52:our first two statements concerning the internal fires, express the effect that the fire entitiesFire, 54:take up somewhat in greater detail the interior fires of the systems, microcosmic and macrocosmic.Fire, 55:Fire - Section One - Division A - The Internal Fires of the Sheaths SECTION ONE - DIVISION A - THEFire, 55:Sheaths SECTION ONE - DIVISION A - THE INTERNAL FIRES OF THE SHEATHS I. The Three Channels for theFire, 55:it will be noted that we are considering those fires which manifest through the medium of thoseFire, 55:on the higher planes, but simply deal with the fires that animate the three lower vehicles - theFire, 55:the physical. In the physical body we have the fires of the lower nature (the animal plane)Fire, 57:Fire - Section One - Division A - The Internal Fires of the Sheaths In the etheric body, which isFire, 57:The subject of the blending of these two fires, which is complete in a normal and healthy person,Fire, 57:in this solar system by the blending of the fires of the body, of the mind and of the Spirit, so inFire, 57:was marked by the blending of the latent fires of matter with the radiatory or active fires, and
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