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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FIRES

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Fire, 1025:magician seeks to work, and should these latent fires of the body and the latent fires of theFire, 1025:these latent fires of the body and the latent fires of the planet be brought into too closeFire, 1025:Himself. Thirdly, on this planet the planetary fires are not as yet dominated by solar fire, andFire, 1025:before proceeding with the work. Otherwise, the fires of his own body may get out of control, andFire, 1026:owing to the powers it confers. RULE XV The fires approach the shadow, yet burn it not. The fireFire, 1044:It is merged in its greater whole. As the fires of the sphere concerned blaze up, the "fire byFire, 1044:their courses hand in hand. Through union the fires blaze up, the two become the one, and liveFire, 1046:of: Three focal points of energy or force. Three fires, each producing a definite effect, and eachFire, 1046:In relation to a solar system, these three fires on the cosmic planes are called: 9 [1047] TheFire, 1049:part. But when the heat grows fierce, and the fires within the earth and beneath the waters burnFire, 1067:atom of a solar system. In every case the three fires or types of energy play their part; in everyFire, 1071:exception of the spleen which hands on the solar fires, pranic force, pure and simple. StudentsFire, 1079:numbers have passed successfully through the fires of transmutation, and thus transcended theFire, 1086:the Bird can fly." A system formed of "three fires which form a fourth." A system in which the BirdFire, 1093:and the constant circulation of the forty-nine fires constructed of the sixty thousand millionFire, 1118:not here referred to, but the brilliancy of the fires, and the rapid scintillation of theFire, 1118:to the periphery of the outermost circle. The fires of living energy circulate around eachFire, 1118:of interweaving and the circulation of the fires is (as may be well realized) sevenfold in natureFire, 1119:process of revelation is completed. The lower fires die out; the central fire is absorbed, and onlyFire, 1120:is unified, and through the raying forth of the fires of the Jewel, a specific rhythm is imposedFire, 1122:of the Sun." It is the envelope which holds the fires of the microcosmic system; in it are centeredFire, 1122:system; in it are centered not only the pranic fires, but those seven centers which are theFire, 1122:become luminous and radiant, and all the fires of the body are so stimulated that the atoms whichFire, 1154:Initiation through the merging of the three fires. It is only a correspondence, and the detailsFire, 1154:regarded as having absorbed the "frictional fires of systemic space"; Neptune is looked upon as theFire, 1154:schemes are simultaneously stimulated and the fires pass from one to another in a triangularFire, 1158:gain thereby and produce definite effects in the fires of the microcosmic system. [1159] Fire, 1159:center to the Monad. In the evolution of the fires of the spine, we have a correspondence to theFire, 1196:likewise septenary in nature, and the forty-nine fires of Brahma are the lowest manifestation ofFire, 1204:a consequent coordination of the manifesting fires. A clue to the mystery lies also in the relationFire, 1224:the 5th Cosmic force (Mahat). 6. The Sacrificial Fires. The Aspirants. 6 or 11 A silver MoonFire, 1249:of all limiting forms, the merging of the fires, and the blazing forth into objectivity of theFire, 1250:such heat. The adepts use the "dry alchemical fires" to produce the results they desire in aidingFire, 1250:the evolutionary process. As they use these "dry fires" the reaction upon themselves is such thatFire, 1280:All is, yet all is not. The wheels turn not. The fires burn not. The veils of color dissipate. TheGlamour, 268:for him to submit his personal lower self to the fires of the final purification. The personal selfGlamour, 272:you to pass courageously through [272] the fires of the burning ground is my earnest prayer; thatHealing, 183:and with it blend, unify and raise the three fires. [184] One of these paths is the one along whichHealing, 185:the West, is in reality the union of these three fires, which are focused by an act of theHealing, 186:succeeds in arousing the lowest of the three fires, the fire of matter, fire by friction; thisHealing, 211:itself in and through the personality, the three fires of the creative process - the fire ofHealing, 212:burn away the protective web, and to raise the fires of matter before the fire of spirit hasHealing, 212:fall victims to premature stimulation of the fires of substance before the balancing of the forcesHealing, 336:effect, then they affect the vagus nerve and the fires of the body are unified and raised,Healing, 450:A Treatise on the Seven Rays: The eighteen fires must die down; the lesser lives (embodying theHealing, 468:are radiated thence, causing the forty-nine fires to glow and burn. Upon the plane of manifestedHealing, 470:of the light and life. The forty-nine fires within the physical organism die down; their heat andHealing, 565:fire and through fire by friction. These three fires I dealt with at length in A Treatise on CosmicHealing, 642:for "our God is a consuming Fire" and all fires have affinity with the central Fire. Initiation, 24:of the form by the medium of the purificatory fires, suffices to give them a firm hand, an abilityInitiation, 127:cause certain effects: Stimulation of the latent fires till they blaze. Synthesis of the firesInitiation, 127:latent fires till they blaze. Synthesis of the fires through an occult activity that brings themInitiation, 133:of all that is. He is literally bathed in the fires of purification; he sees fire on all sides,Initiation, 134:- and therefore more easily eliminated. The fires of the body are stimulated, and the total energyInitiation, 140:form building, and in the synthesis of the three fires. Upon his ability to retain thatInitiation, 153:Words related to the forty-nine subplanes or Fires. These again are committed to the forty-nineInitiation, 153:to the forty-nine Builders of the Sacred Fires. The above two groups of words are in theInitiation, 194:across the desert over the sea, and through the fires which separate him from the veiled and hiddenInitiation, 196:- Rules for Applicants Rule 6 The purificatory fires burn dim and low when the third is sacrificedInitiation, 198:applied, right motive, purified in the fires. An adept is a creator in mental matter, an originatorInitiation, 201:their lives, and no careless trifling with the fires of the body. They will simply apply themselvesIntellect, 173:life of fire! a life ablaze with God, Lighted by fires of pentecostal love! A life on fire! on fireMagic, 75:the form rebuilt; the house prepared. The fires unite, and [76] great the light that shines: theMagic, 80:fire back into seclusion. Only when the three fires meet, through the regulation of the middle fireMagic, 107:center into line with the highest. Thus the fires of the body (the sum total of the energy of theMagic, 216:and evil forms fade out, and all the little fires die out; the lesser lights are no more seen. "TheMagic, 359:away the mud and slime of nature's growth. The fires burn the hindering forms which seek to holdMagic, 359:sweep the pilgrim to the Father's Heart. The fires destroy the veil hiding the Father's Face."Magic, 390:governed by Varuna. Agni controls not only the fires of the earth and rules the mental plane but heMagic, 565:force. The dangers incident to working with the fires or with the pranas of the Universe. ThisMagic, 566:be brought into contact with three "most ancient fires". These are the fires of the dense physicalMagic, 566:with three "most ancient fires". These are the fires of the dense physical objective matter or ofMagic, 566:teaching of differentiation. These three ancient fires are an aspect of fire by friction. At thisMagic, 568:and gains power in the control of the vital fires or the pranas of his own little system. It seemsMagic, 568:and for them, therefore, an understanding of the fires and of the energies with which they mustMagic, 590:of the merging, by an act of will, of the fires which circulate in the human body. Such stimulationMagic, 592:before there can be the free play of the fires of the body. A complete network of nadis and centersMagic, 592:are burnt away by the ascending and descending fires can the true centers really be seen. ManyMagic, 601:Fifteen - The Esoteric Sense RULE FIFTEEN The fires approach the shadow, yet burn it not. The fireMagic, 611:of form. The Secret Doctrine refers to the three fires, and these are of ancient usage; the VishnuMagic, 611:of ancient usage; the Vishnu Purana gives these fires exactly the same nomenclature as does H.P.B.Magic, 611:earlier Treatise on Cosmic Fire referred. These fires are esoterically one fire but this fireMagic, 611:all phenomena. In this final rule for magic the fires which are considered are those of matterMagic, 611:raise them to the fiery point from whence the fires of living light and radiant life have come." Magic, 612:to the adept) is how the merging of three fires can produce moisture or the watery element. ThisMagic, 615:and gloom which are produced by the union of the fires in the early stages. The secret of theMagic, 616:the initiate sound the note that unifies the fires". This is significant and of much encouragementMeditation, 79:from above. If I might so express it, the two fires meet, and eventually the egoic body disappears;Meditation, 100:in like manner to the microcosmic. The internal fires of the terrestrial globe, deep in the heartMeditation, 130:devas of the mental levels manipulate the latent fires of the system and thus incidentally theMeditation, 130:of the system and thus incidentally the latent fires of the inner man. It is woefully possible toMeditation, 184:the purpose of meditation is achieved. The vital fires that keep the internal economy of the humanMeditation, 185:and what must be aimed at. You have the three fires: The vital divine spark. The spark of mind.Meditation, 186:as a feeder of that heat. When these three fires - that of the quaternary, of the triad and of theMeditation, 187:its surmounting diamond, focuses the three fires in the same way that a burning-glass reacts to theMeditation, 210:lets loose the inner light divine. Then the two fires merge, mount upwards and are lost in thePatanjali, 62:in the etheric body, the centralization of the fires of the body and their just progression up thePatanjali, 63:more esoteric and occult work connected with the fires of his little system. This point cannot bePatanjali, 63:for the man to deal consciously with the vital fires and direct [64] their right progression up thePatanjali, 72:life breath or prana, b. The life force or the fires of the body. It is the misuse of the life
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