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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FIRMLY

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Astrology, 120:which is dominated and relinquished is held firmly and transformed." Gemini - The man upon theAstrology, 540:forms are made and on which the disciple must firmly stand as he takes initiation. This seventh rayAutobiography, 58:that darned donkey simply planked his four feet firmly on the ground and refused to budge. CoaxingAutobiography, 101:They are hard to take but as they are, I am firmly convinced, entered into with the full knowledgeAutobiography, 152:seems to indicate something different? I believe firmly that when I can, through the process ofAutobiography, 169:under the Christ, to do anything else but stand firmly on the side of those who were seeking toBethlehem, 244:universally repudiates annihilation, and holds firmly to the belief that the search and the goal,Discipleship1, 22:swing, whose rhythm is one and whose unity is so firmly established that naught can produce in theDiscipleship1, 46:the internal structure of the group may be more firmly and closely integrated. Next, you must learnDiscipleship1, 189:go forward along the lines you have already so firmly established. NOTE: This disciple is stillDiscipleship1, 206:lately and your first ray soul can anchor itself firmly in this personality quality and can do soDiscipleship1, 207:acquired good, and unconquered faults are firmly established. Go forward with your equipment as itDiscipleship1, 224:the presence I will take my place and there will firmly stand. And standing, see." Three wordsDiscipleship1, 294:the ajna center and in focusing your mind more firmly in the head. I have watched the result withDiscipleship1, 352:nature. You need more skill in action, a more firmly focused will to understand; thus you willDiscipleship1, 439:center and myself. Fix and hold this triangle firmly in your consciousness through the power of theDiscipleship1, 526:a word, my brother?) and your life tendency is firmly and unchangeably oriented. But in dealingDiscipleship1, 574:that I may refer. As far as in you lies, stand firmly in your endeavor to aid the New Group ofDiscipleship1, 607:done the work aright and your feet are set more firmly upon the Path, and much of the old glamorDiscipleship1, 669:fear to find lodging in [669] your mind. Stand firmly for good, looking for it in all peoples andDiscipleship1, 687:of the disciple. As the rapport becomes more firmly established, no fundamental divergences ofDiscipleship1, 771:this group comes the difficult task of standing firmly on the physical plane against that which isDiscipleship2, 271:and understood when such right relations are the firmly fixed habits of all "points of [272] divineDiscipleship2, 296:and understand my reasons. As this curriculum is firmly established it will revolutionize modernDiscipleship2, 463:to be. Hold thou to me. The bridge of light is firmly built and on it you can move this way orDiscipleship2, 627:upon the Lighted Way. The chain of Hierarchy firmly stands. The light that streams from out myDiscipleship2, 646:on this and seek to establish these contacts firmly and upon sound non-emotional lines. You have aDiscipleship2, 701:you to use the will, once contact can be more firmly established with the soul, for you are a firstDiscipleship2, 702:until the spiritual laws control, the vision is firmly established, and the soul is in control.Discipleship2, 740:it will serve to focus the consciousness more firmly in the head. If it were possible at some timeExternalisation, 206:agency of goodwill) the new world order can be firmly established on Earth. Today, in the interimExternalisation, 279:this new and vital Invocation believed firmly in the power of humanity - upon its own levels ofExternalisation, 361:two great Centers and Humanity has been more firmly established. At the June Full Moon, 1942, willExternalisation, 426:opinion of the Hierarchy. The Hierarchy stands firmly on the side of those who demand a war to aExternalisation, 527:major Ashram and its subsidiary Ashrams must be firmly established, whilst that between a majorExternalisation, 583:gifts and innate talents and with certain firmly rooted ideas, endowed with irrevocable ideals andExternalisation, 689:The Black Lodge is therefore far more firmly anchored upon the physical plane than is theFire, 1229:the second aspect, and only when this contact is firmly established can the higher concept beGlamour, 54:his soul alignment consciously and easily, and firmly established his technique of contact. TakenGlamour, 160:and attention. Inner group adjustments and more firmly established group relations are urgentlyGlamour, 169:two great Centers and Humanity has been more firmly established. At the June Full Moon, 1942, theGlamour, 214:He is dealing with very ancient evil and with firmly established [215] habits of glamor. They areGlamour, 226:but with the idea of the work being group work firmly realized and with a steady recognition of theGlamour, 257:the physical plane. When these are clear and firmly established in the mind consciousness of theHealing, 145:established so that the incarnating person is firmly anchored in physical incarnation. In the finalHealing, 157:of humanity through love. The relationship, firmly established, between a rapidly developingHealing, 442:astral plane and the physical plane will be so firmly established and so scientifically controlledHealing, 587:indeed, the inference is that the antahkarana is firmly established; the rainbow bridge can then beHealing, 654:and as one in whom monadic consciousness was firmly established, the powers then available to JesusInitiation, 78:sounds in the silence of the heart; the feet firmly placed on the path that leads to the Portal ofIntellect, 45:will be practical men of affairs with their feet firmly planted on earth and yet, at the same time,Intellect, 105:thoughts and ideas, and holding the mind firmly and steadily focused or centered on the object ofMagic, 301:astral plane and the physical plane will be so firmly established and so scientifically controlledMagic, 303:the Eternal Now. When contact with the soul is firmly established and the consciousness of theMagic, 305:temporarily. When man's contact with his soul is firmly established, and when he has developed theMagic, 418:be done is to strengthen the ties and establish firmly the link between yourselves and all thoseMagic, 574:other people's lives for them, or in grasping so firmly the reins of government in his ownMagic, 601:the book and would fix the knowledge it contains firmly in the student's memory. One of the mainMeditation, 122:personality receptive. Instead of making it firmly positive to environing factors and to all lowerMeditation, 223:to the next duty and the planting of the foot firmly on the next step ahead lies the open road toMeditation, 300:are the beginnings of the plan. When they are firmly grounded, when they are working smoothly andPatanjali, 154:when the second quality of rajas or activity is firmly established, the sixth sense or the mindPatanjali, 245:mind until, 0, King, the fixed attention becomes firmly fixed upon Him only. While [246] performingProblems, 108:be demonstrated. Right human relations must be firmly established between the emerging Negro empirePsychology1, 61:one hand (as the Old Commentary says) holding firmly to the rock of matter and with the other handPsychology1, 117:nothing for the separated self, when you stand firmly on your own feet and look for aid withinPsychology2, 8:Growth We must hold the following statements firmly in our minds. The personality is a triplePsychology2, 176:soul and the recognition of the soul have been firmly established, these different recognitionsPsychology2, 418:minded citizens of the world.) He is firmly integrated physically, etherically and emotionally. HisPsychology2, 477:expression. Secondly: that when a man is firmly polarized upon the mental plane, when he hasPsychology2, 610:and his physical vehicle becomes less and less firmly established and the link gets looser andPsychology2, 637:partisanship to any cause - the new order can be firmly established upon earth. [638] Their programPsychology2, 649:us to do our part the channel is widened and firmly established, and a day of prayer is dulyPsychology2, 744:sides of the different cleavages, and yet hold firmly to the principles of good will andRays, 43:past experience; it is anchored in the past and firmly grounded in the highest, rightly orientedRays, 78:revelation of Deity. Certain great concepts are firmly grasped by man. Certain great hopes areRays, 122:movements, once the [122] New Age idealism is firmly established. Physical coordination, personalRays, 230:recognition as the influence of Aquarius is more firmly established. The Masters, in the meantime,Rays, 256:of the "rainbow bridge" are now so strong and so firmly anchored that they not only connect the twoRays, 256:it means also that these three strands are firmly anchored in what I have symbolically called theRays, 462:aspiring, oriented and devoted), the man stands firmly upon the lower levels of that mental plane;Rays, 468:of good character and intelligent activity are firmly established - something still higher and moreRays, 498:moving forward of accepted disciples. Once firmly established upon the Path, the truths becomeRays, 508:point in consciousness and the antahkarana is firmly anchored (even if as yet but a tenuousRays, 514:using it they are not holding its significance firmly in their consciousness. So it is with a WordRays, 546:occur when the mental focus is so steady and so firmly directed in intention that emotionalRays, 583:point of tension, oblivious of crisis and firmly anchored in the love which streams forth from theRays, 617:of determining factors is, however, already firmly established; in this fact is to be found a sureRays, 638:let them not be discouraged, but let them hold firmly to the conviction of the inevitable spiritualReappearance, 135:two great centers and humanity has been more firmly established. Thus thousands of intelligent menSoul, 87:a famous anatomist of the Middle Ages, believed firmly in "animal spirits." He taught that these
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