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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FIT

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Astrology, 21:effect there are few astrologers at this time fit to deal. I would remind you that to the lives whoAstrology, 587:theme of their meditation and who would try to fit themselves - by right understanding - to contactAutobiography, 40:perhaps the most important part. How could I fit these things into my limited theology and my dailyAutobiography, 116:arms, followed by a tall, pretty woman looking fit to be in a hospital. He said he had brought theAutobiography, 137:struggled with the presented ideas and sought to fit my own beliefs and the new concepts together.Bethlehem, 6:into it the religion of Christ must, and does, fit. God has never left Himself without witness, andBethlehem, 235:and eternal punishment, and then tried to fit it in to the general belief that God is love. Yet theBethlehem, 249:to enter and work in the world of values, and so fit ourselves for citizenship in the kingdom ofBethlehem, 260:and He opened the door wide for all who could fit themselves (through service and discipline) toBethlehem, 282:us are learning, in the daily dying to self, to fit ourselves for the final Crucifixion initiation,Discipleship1, 35:general plan into which it is desired that they fit. In the early stages of any hierarchicalDiscipleship1, 88:the task ahead for you also as you seek to fit yourselves for the first or the second initiation. IDiscipleship1, 158:done and in many ways. Steps have been taken to fit you for what you have to do. Go forward as atDiscipleship1, 200:problem more easily and, therefore, more quickly fit yourself for service. As you know, yourDiscipleship1, 264:the work of training people to be workers and so fit them to be cooperators with the Plan. You willDiscipleship1, 268:given to your fellow disciples, and seek to fit more definitely into the general plan. You areDiscipleship1, 298:upon which you can work, unless I see fit to change it later... Will you also, my brother, writeDiscipleship1, 301:and enable me more rapidly to integrate it, and fit it for an instrument for service. I begin thisDiscipleship1, 478:strenuously at attaining love to all beings and fit yourself to serve the Plan more effectively andDiscipleship1, 613:be also definitely yours. But, when asked to fit into the work of a group already existing, you areDiscipleship1, 738:themselves from the form aspect of life and fit them to undergo certain great expansions ofDiscipleship1, 746:not come about as the result of any effort to fit oneself for this position of power and ofDiscipleship2, 79:of universality has been developed, in order to fit them for the work of the coming cycle. In theDiscipleship2, 123:at this stage - the stage of seeking to fit themselves for the first or the second initiation. WeDiscipleship2, 325:come about in initiate circles and many fit candidates are supplied for hierarchical vacancies;Discipleship2, 483:enforced fortress of your being. You must now fit yourself to teach adults in your nextDiscipleship2, 485:and it must ever be undertaken in order to fit you to work in the Ashram, as a branch of the greatDiscipleship2, 498:all disciples, including you, must endeavor to fit. Have you studied with care the six statements IDiscipleship2, 563:experience, plus repeated frustration, is to fit you in a later life (next life, if you profit byDiscipleship2, 594:the preliminary stages of being trained so as to fit themselves to be on the periphery of someDiscipleship2, 611:nature and scope of the information which I saw fit to impart to you. I wonder if the implicationsDiscipleship2, 615:are dedicated and have much, very much, to give. Fit yourself, therefore, for a richer giving. DropDiscipleship2, 636:is a point which you must grasp. You must then fit the tasks assumed and undertaken into theDiscipleship2, 639:anew and alertly in the hierarchical plans, and fit yourself into the time schedule of my ashramicDiscipleship2, 671:those who are to undergo a special training to fit them to form the special group of the "friendsDiscipleship2, 738:reverence, my chela. The chain of Hierarchy is a fit subject for reflection. Upon that chain youEducation, 4:Education is more than a sincere effort to fit a child or adult to be a good citizen, anEducation, 4:to play his part in the work of the world and fit him for living peaceably and helpfully and inEducation, 48:as the custodians of civilization; they must fit the child for citizenship, teach him his place asEducation, 74:to the whole and his responsibility to fit into the general picture in a constructive manner andEducation, 80:the new attitudes and techniques which will fit a child for complete living and so make him trulyEducation, 100:the major task of the educational systems is to fit the child for citizenship. By that they meanExternalisation, 93:in this particular cycle it is not possible to fit them in such a way that the correspondence willExternalisation, 311:what are the objectives of the Avatar, and thus fit themselves to cooperate. The second step is toExternalisation, 604:work through all groups just in so far as they fit themselves for planned service, for theExternalisation, 652:they are left entirely free to work as they see fit - after due recognition of the information andFire, 16:its action on the Stone rendered it still more fit. Yellow the blending tint, orange the innerFire, 17:handled the work of sevenfold fire. "It is not fit," He said, "merge thou this Stone within theFire, 139:his material bodies, whether subtle or physical, fit himself to be a vehicle for the divine birth,Fire, 142:of prakriti, or matter, so as to make it fit, or equal to, the demands and needs of the Spirit.Fire, 224:theme, he can then more easily and accurately fit the detailed information into its appropriateFire, 353:act, and by acting, force cooperation as we see fit. The Logos does the same on a larger scale. InFire, 405:into Pitric essence or the no loka is made fit to appear as a loka down below or the unmanifestedFire, 582:is on the third subplane, and as a man becomes fit for the merging into the Triad, that causal bodyFire, 1038:world of science and religion, so his work must fit in with other force emanations, such as theFire, 1150:return into incarnation occasionally so as to fit into the plan of a greater than himself. When aFire, 1245:be found out as members of our humanity fit themselves to contact the Brothers of the Hierarchy.Glamour, 14:you and where, within the Eternal Plan, they fit. [15] If aspirants will do three things: DevelopGlamour, 21:nature, which hinders his being recognized as fit to tread the Path of Holiness. None of theseHealing, 360:work through all groups just in so far as they fit themselves for planned service, for theHealing, 405:processes undergone upon the Higher Way. These fit the initiate to pass off the cosmic physicalHealing, 469:yet serve the purpose of their souls and fit into the greater Plan. And then a Word sounds forth.Hercules, 19:type of contact; his physical body must be a fit medium of expression for the indwelling soul andHercules, 202:from disciples wherever found and, secondly, to fit ourselves to form part of that group. TheHercules, 203:unimportant and important things. How shall we fit ourselves to meet that requirement, to possessHercules, 227:are now achieved characteristics and that he is fit to undertake the tremendous task provided forInitiation, viii:men and women everywhere may - if they choose - fit themselves for the condition of discipleshipInitiation, 7:of the Logoic thought-form into which he can fit the details as he acquires them through manyInitiation, 20:in all Beings The Hierarchy seeks to provide fit conditions for the development ofInitiation, 31:was coordinated and stimulated, and became a fit receptacle for the coming in of the self-consciousInitiation, 60:work of training their pupils and disciples to fit them to be of use in two great events, one, theInitiation, 62:seeking to force their vibration and to fit them so that they may be of use at the time of theInitiation, 63:gaps that may exist, and seeking to make it a fit receptacle for the Christ principle. The analogyInitiation, 185:to wield the law. Our part at this time is to fit ourselves for the treading of the Path ofInitiation, 186:will be found out as members of our humanity fit themselves to contact the Brotherhood. Their fieldIntellect, 41:in a physical body) the self gradually builds a fit instrument through which to manifest, andIntellect, 43:and indiscriminately, is to make him physically fit, mentally alert, to provide a trained memory,Intellect, 130:[130] will then have two functions. It will fit man to handle his worldly contacts with theIntellect, 251:will respond to the law of correspondences, and fit into the world picture; above all, it willMagic, 6:of peculiar powers. This book will endeavor to fit the information given into the scheme of life asMagic, 114:grade initiates, though utterly free agents, fit into the plans of their superiors just as do youMagic, 128:to give needed assistance to those who seek to fit themselves for active work as disciples. I am aMagic, 188:but they learn to control themselves and to fit themselves for service. There are other karmicMagic, 188:group of chelas. It may not be because he is not fit. It may simply be because his ego has chosenMagic, 192:makes the aspirant a server of humanity and a fit associate of the Elder Brethren of the race. WhenMagic, 260:before have there been so many endeavoring to fit themselves for this function of beingMagic, 419:worker free to teach his own group as he sees fit. The terms used, the methods employed, the typesMagic, 518:consciously uses energy, directing it as he sees fit; in them, he consciously comes in contact withMagic, 520:and the preparation consequently going on to fit man to work easily with the new forces andMagic, 538:Instructions the necessity for renewed effort to fit themselves for service by a conscious andMagic, 584:that self-knowledge and self-reliance which will fit him in his turn to be a Master. ThisMagic, 622:are intended by the aspirant to enable him to fit in with the plan. But the trouble with which weMeditation, 186:and, acting as a stimulant to the causal body, fit it more rapidly as a vehicle of consciousness,Meditation, 283:of rounding out the bodies and of making them fit instruments for service. It is perhaps theMeditation, 289:a day (usually when astrological conditions are fit and the moon approaches the full) when heMeditation, 325:whereby he is gradually led on until he is fit to pass on into the more advanced college. We willPatanjali, 419:still. Limpid the waters of the lower life and fit to offer to the thirsty ones who, groping, cryProblems, 46:to the whole and his responsibility to fit into the general picture in a constructive manner andProblems, 51:the new attitudes and techniques which will fit a child for complete living and so make him trulyPsychology1, xxv:interest making that needed progress which will fit you for more active and useful service. That
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