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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FIXE

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Discipleship1, 583:In any case - again for a disciple - any idée fixe (beyond that of a right spiritual orientation)Discipleship2, 282:seeking here to divorce your minds from the idée fixe that the initiate works because he knows. IGlamour, 29:worst aspect, produces mental insanity or idée fixe, but in its least dangerous and normal resultGlamour, 119:thought-forms of any school of thought, idée fixe, the sense of the dramatic or of importance, or aHealing, 317:suffer, for instance, from what is called idée fixe, or they may be completely the victim of someHealing, 339:materialized but which does constitute an idée fixe, so that the person is the victim of a wellMagic, 162:to the thing he has created. This is the "idée fixe" of the psychiatrist; the obsession whichPsychology2, 293:to crystallize, to harden, or to have an "idée fixe." In this connection, it will usually bePsychology2, 293:discovered that the man who succumbs to an "idée fixe" has not only a fifth ray mental body butPsychology2, 444:brain and can range all the way down from idée fixe and mental crystallization to insanity (if thePsychology2, 454:to that psychological phenomenon called idée fixe. They are largely the problems of thought-formPsychology2, 467:wrong focus, of narrow minded belief, and idée fixe. We become obsessed with the idea of the soul;
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