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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FIXED

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Astrology, 50:Initiation. II. Magnetic Energy - Solar Fire The Fixed Cross: 4. The seven solar systems TaurusAstrology, 63:the planets and our Earth there should be a fixed time from which to reckon. That fixed time is asAstrology, 63:be a fixed time from which to reckon. That fixed time is as yet unknown in exoteric astrology,Astrology, 65:ruling the constellations. There seems to be no fixed rule and the student gets bewildered.Astrology, 80:great cosmic Crosses: The Cardinal Cross The Fixed Cross The Mutable Cross a. InitiationAstrology, 82:Cross of liberation. It is a stationary Cross, fixed in the Heavens, and guarded by the Angel.Astrology, 82:crosses, the Common or Mutable Cross, the Fixed Cross and the Cardinal Cross. [83] I would ask youAstrology, 83:of crisis in each of the constellations of the Fixed Cross in particular. From point to point,Astrology, 84:of Manhood The Crisis of Reorientation. The Fixed Cross The Changing to the 2nd Cross - The life ofAstrology, 94:of the wheel. The fourfold influence of the Fixed Cross. Life in the five worlds of superhumanAstrology, 95:in the achievement of transference from off the Fixed Cross on to the Cardinal Cross, which is, inAstrology, 95:from off the Mutable or Common Cross on to the Fixed Cross. Therefore, in its lowest manifestation,Astrology, 96:and eventually from the control and pain of the Fixed Cross. Pisces sees the relinquishing or theAstrology, 96:cross: Aries - The cardinal cross Scorpio - The fixed cross Pisces - The mutable cross It is theAstrology, 98:and thus the Cardinal Cross is related to the Fixed Cross. Points of crisis can thus be noted whenAstrology, 102:to help humanity to find liberation from the Fixed Cross. Astrology, 104:and with soul purpose. The experience of the Fixed Cross covers this period. It might here be notedAstrology, 104:Lodge: The Common Cross - The E * A * Degree The Fixed Cross - The F * C * Degree The CardinalAstrology, 105:power of the two Crosses - the Common and the Fixed. Esoterically, Saturn cannot follow man on toAstrology, 106:away. When he reorients himself and mounts the Fixed Cross, he comes under the influence ofAstrology, 107:in which the growing influence of the Fixed Cross, playing upon the Mutable Cross, produces thoseAstrology, 109:liberation which leads to the mounting of the Fixed Cross, and the period of liberation with theAstrology, 111:of the Sun - Soul Consciousness - Influencing Fixed Cross. Central spiritual Sun - Life -Astrology, 119:transference, after which the influence of the Fixed Cross causes reversal and the lessons gainedAstrology, 119:worked out and the effects demonstrated upon the Fixed Cross. It must not be thought that, in theAstrology, 120:those pouring in the early stages through the Fixed Cross. It is only when the soul is becomingAstrology, 120:is aware of his duality that the energies of the Fixed Cross supersede in effectiveness those ofAstrology, 120:becoming more active, the effect of the Fixed Cross will be seen working out in the four signsAstrology, 121:the Cross of the planetary Christ, just as the Fixed Cross is that of the individual Christ in eachAstrology, 122:man and before transfer is made on to the [122] Fixed Cross. It is consequently more closely alliedAstrology, 122:intense self-consciousness of the man upon the Fixed Cross. This human interlude is in the natureAstrology, 125:with the consequence that transference to the Fixed Cross (which is all that we can intelligentlyAstrology, 127:to transfer off the Mutable Cross and mount the Fixed Cross. He comes, therefore, Through Venus -Astrology, 128:them to the energies released by the Fixed Cross upon which he stands, and thus increase theirAstrology, 128:let loose upon him whilst crucified upon the Fixed Cross, that he learns to prepare himself for theAstrology, 130:soul in form, prior to the experience upon the Fixed Cross. The Twins in Gemini are symbols of theAstrology, 140:altered. They have "determined" his nature and fixed his qualities and, therefore, remainAstrology, 140:potencies are those which in the future upon the Fixed Cross will condition and motivate graduallyAstrology, 141:people who proceed from Aries to Pisces upon the Fixed Cross. A rare few consummate the experienceAstrology, 142:welfare all he has is consecrated. Upon the Fixed Cross this consecration to others becomes worldAstrology, 143:Aquarius, as you know, is one of the arms of the Fixed Cross. This Cross is outstandingly the CrossAstrology, 144:the experience of the disciple upon the Fixed Cross. The man then takes the third initiation andAstrology, 144:to the nature of the goal ahead. The Fixed Cross - The Cross of Transmutation. Desire becomesAstrology, 145:in Taurus when the man has mounted the [145] Fixed Cross and is eventually relinquished in thatAstrology, 146:the relation of Aquarius to Capricorn and of the Fixed Cross to the Cardinal Cross and of the thirdAstrology, 146:due experience upon the Mutable Cross and the Fixed Cross - has reached a point of balance. He isAstrology, 147:is as follows:. The Mutable Cross - Pisces The Fixed Cross - Scorpio The Cardinal Cross - CapricornAstrology, 149:love as expressed and attained upon the Fixed Cross, demonstrates upon the Mutable or Common CrossAstrology, 150:individual to Uranus. When the man is upon the Fixed Cross, the words come forth: "Water of life amAstrology, 150:is part of the Mutable Cross, Aquarius of the Fixed Cross, and Capricorn of the Cardinal Cross, andAstrology, 151:the Mutable Cross) or of consummation (upon the Fixed Cross). In the case where they stand forAstrology, 151:the lower self. Selfishness. Experience upon the Fixed Cross. When these three signs form the endAstrology, 151:selfishness. Culmination of experience upon the Fixed Cross. Pisces - 2nd Aspect - expressed. -Astrology, 151:governs the wheel in ordinary progress and the Fixed Cross governs it on the reversed progressAstrology, 152:cause of the changes upon the Mutable and Fixed Crosses. Taurus - The desire to overcome desire.Astrology, 152:the experiences of the Mutable Cross and of the Fixed Cross have been transcended and the CardinalAstrology, 153:brings about planetary awareness. The Fixed Cross brings about systemic awareness. The CardinalAstrology, 157:in connection with these three signs. Upon the Fixed Cross: Eventually the Ram becomes theAstrology, 158:In these signs and their relationship upon the Fixed Cross lies hid the mystery of Makara and ofAstrology, 160:their potencies. It then became possible for the Fixed Cross to function esoterically in the lifeAstrology, 160:wherein they could consciously mount the Fixed Cross and be prepared for a major initiation. ThisAstrology, 161:most human sign of all, and indicative of the Fixed Cross; and Gemini, which gives the sense of theAstrology, 162:Gemini. You have here three signs found in the Fixed Cross and one in the Mutable CrossAstrology, 163:Gates stand wide." Taurus - Leo - Scorpio: The Fixed Cross. "The Disciples dominate the world."Astrology, 163:wheel, or whether he is on the Mutable or the Fixed Cross. When he has taken the third initiationAstrology, 164:stand wide open. On the Mutable Cross and on the Fixed Cross we have the so-called green ray,Astrology, 174:Personality Egoic focus Monadic focus The Fixed Cross The Mutable Cross The Fixed CrossAstrology, 174:focus The Fixed Cross The Mutable Cross The Fixed Cross Centralization Orientation DecentralizationAstrology, 178:crucifixion of the [178] personality upon the Fixed Cross of the Heavens, will reveal that everyAstrology, 183:simply the expression of great mutable, and yet fixed and initiated spiritual Lives. It is for thisAstrology, 184:purpose. This is particularly the case upon the Fixed Cross of the Heavens. You will note that myAstrology, 185:the Mutable Cross before the energies of the Fixed Cross can change the ambitious selfish man intoAstrology, 185:life whilst he, as a soul, is upon the Fixed Cross, comes under the directed energy of fourAstrology, 185:soul, for that is essentially the task of the Fixed Cross and the goal of the disciple. It is inAstrology, 193:sign and of three signs which form part of the Fixed Cross of the heavens. We could express thisAstrology, 193:the Son, the cosmic Christ, crucified upon the Fixed Cross in the heavens. The activity of GodAstrology, 199:as these constitute the active Hierarchy. The Fixed Cross - a fusion of four major energies,Astrology, 199:and through humanity. Scorpio - an aspect of the Fixed Cross, of peculiar and specialized potencyAstrology, 199:of reorientation, whereby a man mounts the Fixed Cross and leaves the Mutable Cross. The discipleAstrology, 204:expression is through the Mutable Cross and the Fixed Cross but not the Cardinal Cross. We mightAstrology, 209:that Scorpio is upon one of the four arms of the Fixed Cross. In the study of previous signs, muchAstrology, 209:In the study of previous signs, much anent the Fixed Cross has already been covered and there is noAstrology, 221:Cross - Focused impulse - Incarnation. Scorpio - Fixed Cross - Reversing impulse - Return. AquariusAstrology, 221:Cross - Reversing impulse - Return. Aquarius - Fixed Cross - Group impulse - Service. These areAstrology, 221:disciple. Scorpio is one of the four arms of the Fixed Cross of the heavens, as you well know. UponAstrology, 223:with the vertical and the horizontal life of the Fixed Cross, it is instructive to note that theAstrology, 225:at this midway point or at the center of the Fixed Cross in Scorpio. The spiritual imagination,Astrology, 240:an initiate, vacates his position upon the Fixed Cross and begins the relatively slow process ofAstrology, 241:is revealed only to the man who has mounted the Fixed Cross and gone through its fourfoldAstrology, 241:- Equilibrium. Aquarius, the Water-Carrier - Fixed Cross - Initiation. These three, therefore,Astrology, 273:called are: The Desire of All Nations - Taurus - Fixed Cross. He Whom the masses sense or He WhomAstrology, 273:shows the light and gives the water - Aquarius - Fixed Cross. All these signs indicate forms ofAstrology, 273:Hence the two energies which come from the Fixed Cross. This is consequently one of theAstrology, 278:- Relation - Mutable Cross. Taurus - Desire - Fixed Cross. Cancer - Movement - Cardinal Cross.Astrology, 278:- Cardinal Cross. Scorpio - Test - Trial - Fixed Cross. Sagittarius - Direction - Mutable Cross.Astrology, 278:Direction - Mutable Cross. Aquarius - Service - Fixed Cross. Pisces - Salvation - Mutable Cross.Astrology, 279:successfully prepared the man for mounting the Fixed Cross. The personality is prepared to be theAstrology, 279:prior to treading the path of discipleship). The Fixed Cross governs the present solar system andAstrology, 279:four energies of the Mutable Cross, three of the Fixed Cross and two of the Cardinal Cross pourAstrology, 283:its history, humanity is beginning to mount the Fixed Cross of the disciple, thus reversing its
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