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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FIXED

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Initiation, 68:and through the measurement of vibration is fixed the grading of the scholars. Hence nothing canInitiation, 78:course through circumstances, keeping the eyes fixed upon the vision ahead, the ears attentive toMagic, 265:less disruption than those more crystallized and fixed. Particularly now should pliability andMagic, 420:the life of the actor. When the attention is fixed upon the soul, the physical plane life will beMagic, 469:behind. But onward goes the living soul, eyes fixed upon the cross, ears open to the wailing criesMeditation, 319:indicate probabilities and not ascertained and fixed facts: [320] The pupil must be free fromPatanjali, 231:They must be drawn away from their objects and fixed upon the mind and assimilated to it, so thatPatanjali, 234:or remote. 26. Through meditation, one-pointedly fixed upon the sun, will come a consciousness (orPatanjali, 245:other support. This should be understood to be fixed, attention, when the mind stuff is fixed uponPatanjali, 245:to be fixed, attention, when the mind stuff is fixed upon this form. And what is this incarnatePatanjali, 245:let that be heard by thee, 0 Ruler of Men. Fixed attention is not possible without something onPatanjali, 245:concentrate his own mind until, 0, King, the fixed attention becomes firmly fixed upon Him only.Patanjali, 245:0, King, the fixed attention becomes firmly fixed upon Him only. While [246] performing this orPatanjali, 246:mind does not wander, he should then deem this fixed attention to be perfected." (Naradiya PuranaPatanjali, 246:his nature being directed to the attainment of fixed attention or a concentration of all the mentalPatanjali, 246:scattering, unsteady and outgoing, but is fully "fixed in attention." Vivekananda translatesPatanjali, 247:and the object." The man's attitude becomes pure fixed attention; his physical body, his emotions,Patanjali, 263:Such terms as one-pointed, single in intent, fixed, synthesized, perfected concentration, all givePatanjali, 297:Results 26. Through meditation, one-pointedly fixed upon the sun, will come a consciousness (orPatanjali, 399:the stream of mind-images but is withdrawn, and fixed one-pointedly upon reality. This is firstProblems, 12:The stage of national selfishness and the fixed determination to preserve national integrity -Problems, 89:a dream, a hope and, let us [89] believe, a fixed intention. This type of nationalism rightlyProblems, 163:of spring. The eyes and thoughts of men will be fixed on life, not death; Good Friday will noPsychology1, xxi:the hierarchy which they constitute and to be fixed on wider horizons and vaster realms ofPsychology1, 75:can now be read. God's purpose and His plans are fixed, and man can read the form. The plan takesPsychology1, 169:for the moment of birth for every individual is fixed in accordance with karmic necessities, andPsychology1, 203:how great his knowledge, his mind is still fixed on the unknown, the beyond, and on the heights asPsychology1, 211:man will often be sectarian. He will delight in fixed ceremonials and observances, in greatPsychology1, 312:of the heavenly vision, or they are open but fixed upon the mud and slime with which his feet arePsychology2, 91:angle, stands today crucified upon the fixed Cross in the Heavens, and through the medium of thePsychology2, 124:of soul contact. This contact is so definite and fixed that the life of the soul can pour throughPsychology2, 171:no true objective. The eyes of the Magician were fixed on chaos. He liked it not. His back wasPsychology2, 227:all life and circumstance, remaining for us fixed and unalterable, are the expression - as far asPsychology2, 276:learning the secret of duality, and like Arjuna (fixed at the midway point) he seeks the way out,Psychology2, 329:that transmuted desire which makes the soul the fixed objective in the life of the man inPsychology2, 456:anyone who seems to them inimical to their fixed idea of what is right and true. The men whoRays, 47:of Rule One on Initiation, we gained (or perhaps fixed more clearly in our minds) three majorRays, 128:in them. His eyes are off himself and are fixed on the world of true values. He has no sense ofRays, 175:invocation, though used as the affirmation of a fixed objective by the aspirant to initiation, isRays, 232:forward upon a straight line with its one eye fixed upon the goal and beaming light." But what isRays, 242:seeks incarnation in order to carry forward some fixed design and to take one of the higherRays, 242:of this planet in order to carry forward His fixed designs (known to Him as a cosmic Soul on cosmicRays, 242:for you - on your tiny level of awareness of fixed design - is the microcosmic parallel of HisRays, 244:which produces the full beauty of the creative fixed design of the individual soul, or - on aRays, 244:a different level of initiatory process - of the fixed design of the universal soul of the Lord ofRays, 244:all that can be said as we attempt to sum up the fixed desire and the pattern or purpose of divineRays, 246:of desire into aspiration, and then into fixed determination. When, however, the initiate hasRays, 350:of the divine nature) that they remained of "fixed and selfish material purpose" and a plannedRays, 350:place. Some follow selfish intention and the fixed determination to remain with the separativeRays, 392:an increasing revelation of the purpose and the "fixed intention" of the planetary Logos but (evenRays, 479:(which can only be done when man is upon the Fixed Cross), then finally the Cross gives place toRays, 481:monadic ray. He then expresses the values of the Fixed Cross. (See Esoteric Astrology, Chapter VI.)Rays, 482:of the gap between: The Mutable Cross and the Fixed Cross. Humanity and the Hierarchy. The lowerRays, 485:cannot appear on physical levels. Because of his fixed orientation, that which he builds will "moveRays, 504:of his own identity. He is conscious of a fixed point of tension. He is aware actively of his soulRays, 581:to this plane and to the symbol of water; it fixed in the human consciousness the realization thatRays, 659:it is of the nature of a strict adherence to a fixed intention. At each transition from oneRays, 693:shifts at the fourth initiation, from the Fixed Cross of the heavens. This fixed cross is the oneRays, 693:from the Fixed Cross of the heavens. This fixed cross is the one on which he has been crucifiedRays, 693:of time he transfers from that cross on to the Fixed Cross, which is set up in the world of meaningRays, 693:and difficulties which crucifixion on the Fixed Cross inevitably entails; he can now take his placeRays, 693:planetary Logos, Sanat Kumara, is still on the Fixed Cross; He mounted the Mutable Cross in theRays, 693:the Mutable Cross in the first solar system; the Fixed Cross still holds Him in this solar systemRays, 693:Cross still holds Him in this solar system "fixed in His place"; in the next solar system, He willRays, 694:to another phase of unfoldment. [694] The Fixed Cross governs the five worlds of human developmentRays, 694:is, curiously enough, governed by neither the Fixed Cross nor the Cardinal Cross. The disciple isRays, 694:Cross. The disciple is descending from the Fixed Cross and seeking to mount the Cardinal Cross, andRays, 694:self-consciousness; that the disciple upon the Fixed Cross is rapidly becoming group conscious whenRays, 695:with its tremendous transition from the Fixed Cross to the Mount of Ascension, symbol ofRays, 715:a man to carry out his plans and attain his fixed purpose - if he has one. Where the will isRays, 725:or the planetary wanderer, he now becomes a fixed point upon another cosmic plane, for the physicalRays, 725:at the ninth initiation the initiate becomes a "fixed or stationary point of light within hisRays, 729:different situation. The decision once made is a fixed decision, and there is no turning back orRays, 752:destroy the prejudices, the animosities and the fixed ideas which have prevented synthesis, whichRays, 758:to the unseen spiritual Center, there is a fixed surety that such a Center exists. Invocation is asReappearance, 66:In the future, the eyes of humanity will be fixed upon Christ and not upon any such man-madeReappearance, 153:of the Knowers. Many church festivals are fixed by reference to the moon or a zodiacalReappearance, 155:Indicator of the divine purpose. This will be fixed annually in relation to the Full Moon of May,Reappearance, 155:of right human relations. This will be fixed annually in relation to the Full Moon of June. It willSoul, 86:by a minute opening with the first, was fixed upon as the seat of the imaginative faculty, becauseTelepathy, 122:human beings. Mankind usually recognizes will as fixed determination; this is in reality theirTelepathy, 172:be the solar plexus center, but because of his fixed and determined thought, the energy which heTelepathy, 176:of his attitude to the centers, and also to a fixed endeavor to make his sphere of radiatoryTelepathy, 179:science gives the name of SPACE; it is the fixed area in which every form, from a universe to anTelepathy, 195:goal and not upon the outer service; they remain fixed upon the Master and His senior disciples and
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