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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FLAME

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Meditation, 24:watching Teachers of the race see the indwelling Flame as a tiny pin-point, and the permanent atomMeditation, 25:the watching Guides of the race, the indwelling Flame or Light can be seen slightly more enlarged,Meditation, 26:abstract and synthetic. The indwelling egoic Flame or Light now radiates from an inner center toMeditation, 28:of the Ego is made with the Triad, a point of Flame appears... The light is no longer under theMeditation, 28:comes into his own. During the fifth period, the Flame gradually breaks through the periphery ofMeditation, 30:of the lower vehicles. The Lords of the Flame were called in and they effected the transfer ofMeditation, 30:of the Personality. Even then, the indwelling Flame could come no lower than the third subplane ofMeditation, 31:of: Causing that point of light to become a flame, by steadily fanning the spark and feeding theMeditation, 31:with an inner irradiation, and an inner glowing flame that will gradually work its way from theMeditation, 31:accomplished this, comes the application of the flame to the causal body itself and the joyousMeditation, 31:whilst the work of destruction goes on, and the Flame - the live inner man and the spirit of divineMeditation, 36:consciousness a part of the conscious life. The flame radiates downward more and more untilMeditation, 56:is sounded forth. Again, the Lords of the Flame within the solar system itself responded when theMeditation, 101:- the greater and the lesser - merge into one flame which burneth up the whole." It is our task nowMeditation, 103:the student seeks to contact the divine flame that is his Higher Self, and to put himself likewiseMeditation, 163:the Hierarchy. They were brought by the Lords of Flame when They came to earth and are onlyMeditation, 184:fire itself. The vital spark we call the divine flame, latent in each human being, whichMeditation, 185:demonstrable. For the work of the Lords of Flame in implanting the spark of mind has so developedMeditation, 186:and the goal is reached. The spark has become a flame, and the flame is part of the great egoicMeditation, 186:reached. The spark has become a flame, and the flame is part of the great egoic blaze whichMeditation, 187:of what occurred at the coming of the Lords of Flame. It leads to complete unification, and marksMeditation, 189:bring about healing through the occult use of flame. The mantrams used: By the Manu, inMeditation, 189:By the Bodhisattva, in stimulating the inner flame in each human being. By the Mahachohan, in HisMeditation, 207:of blinding. Let me illustrate: The Lords of the Flame, in their work in connection with thisMeditation, 208:secret for the Sons of Mind, and in the study of flame (which even exoterically blends all theMeditation, 210:three worlds of human evolution the orange of flame irradiates all. This orange emanates from theMeditation, 210:of intelligence or reason which the Lords of the Flame imparted, and which stimulates and guidesMeditation, 216:color that marks burning; it is the symbol of flame, and curiously enough the color that epitomizeMeditation, 230:and the dimensions of the ever-growing inner flame. 4. The factor of the ray, or rays, that areMeditation, 355:Lord of Civilization see Mahachohan Lords of the Flame One of the great Hierarchies of spiritualPatanjali, 8:can be increased, so that a man becomes a living Flame, The Path can be found and man himselfPatanjali, 56:becomes a radiant light, the light becomes a flame, and the flame eventually becomes a sun. By itsPatanjali, 56:light, the light becomes a flame, and the flame eventually becomes a sun. By its use the "sun ofPatanjali, 180:which is at first but a spark, is fanned to a flame which illumines all things and is fedPatanjali, 234:subjugation of the samana, the spark becomes the flame. 41. By the means of one-pointed meditationPatanjali, 314:Only thus can the light within be fanned to a flame. This process of lighting others and being aPatanjali, 332:subjugation of the samana, the spark becomes the flame. This sutra is one of the most beautiful inPatanjali, 366:Lodge: "To him, standing before the Spark, the flame and the smoke are equally to be seen. To him,Patanjali, 419:glimpsed. The fire of God leaps upward into a flame. The darkest place receives the light. The dawnPsychology1, 99:of the human kingdom down the ages, and who will flame forth during the coming century with greaterPsychology1, 163:or Power. Raja Yoga. Uranus representing Sun. Flame. II Widsom. Balance. Intuition. Raja Yoga.Psychology1, 209:ray is often of gentle nature, but he can always flame into fury and fiery wrath. He will lay downPsychology1, 235:radiatory activity. Thus "the spark becomes the flame." (Patanjali: III.40, The Light of the Soul.)Psychology1, 420:"God saw that it was good." [420] Element: Flame. Instrument of Sensation: Astral body. Plane:Psychology2, 8:lotus - the fragrance. The bush - the fire - the flame. The work of evolution, being part of thePsychology2, 134:him. This stage will in some cases fan into flame the latent seeds of ambition. This ambition is,Rays, 494:a moment of crisis, but is in the nature of a Flame of Light, a realization of liberation, and aRays, 538:light and this clear light there burns a glow of flame - a flame which must be entered, ere theRays, 538:this clear light there burns a glow of flame - a flame which must be entered, ere the light of blueRays, 765:and the dwellers on the sphere recede before its flame, scorching and burning, cruel and superb.Rays, 765:White is its inner heart, red the surrounding flame, and yellow the spreading fire. Like a mantleRays, 766:response. [766] Press on, O Pilgrim, towards the flame; brave the fierce ardor of the fire; enterRays, 766:there, unseen, unknown, watched by the Lords of Flame. Deep in the heart of yellow, close by theRays, 766:reached, will meet the feet within the fringe of flame. Put forth the hand and touch the door,Rays, 768:Within this iridescent sheath burns the inner Flame, and in its turn it burns out the lower grossRays, 768:unto its Source. As mounts and spreads the inner flame, the beauty of the central sphere, lit withRays, 768:till - in the moment of the hour set - the flame destroys all, and all is gone, the work of agesRays, 769:[769] the ages, springs the Liberated One, the Flame. Back to the fire of Cosmos springs the dualRays, 769:Back to the fire of Cosmos springs the dual flame. Into the Three is absorbed the essence, andRays, 769:one with its Source. The Spark becomes the Flame, the Flame becomes the Fire, and forms part of theRays, 769:its Source. The Spark becomes the Flame, the Flame becomes the Fire, and forms part of the greatRays, 769:is felt, but at the seventh glowing hour the Flame bursts forth. Six times the Flame bursts forth,Rays, 769:hour the Flame bursts forth. Six times the Flame bursts forth, six times the burning starts, but atRays, 769:seventh hour the altar is lost sight of and only Flame is seen. Six times the circle of the burningRays, 769:at the seventh naught is left save the ascending Flame, that mounts to the Triadal Spirit. SixRays, 769:that mounts to the Triadal Spirit. Six times the Flame mounts up, six times the cloud recedes, butRays, 769:is seen save everlasting fire. Six times the Flame absorbs the water, six times the moistureRays, 769:fourth the work is done, and naught is left save Flame primordial. That Flame absorbs, revolves,Rays, 769:and naught is left save Flame primordial. That Flame absorbs, revolves, receives, and remains. WhenRays, 769:and remains. When all that is has traversed the Flame, then Time is not. Soul, 102:frets no more, - In truth, this is that. Like flame without smoke, an inch in height The purusha isSoul, 102:As here the purusha is compared to a smokeless flame, so in imitation of this passage, in S'vet. 6.Soul, 103:The description of the atman as a smokeless flame in the heart has been developed in the YogiSoul, 103:Upanishads into the picture of the tongue of flame in the heart, the earliest occurrence of whichTelepathy, 132:with the advent or the arrival of the Lords of Flame from the alter ego of our Earth, the planet
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