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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FLAMES

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Astrology, 35:Ray Name Sign Energy Comments Nos. UP 6 I Divine Flames Divine Lives 1. Leo Planet - Sun Color -Astrology, 88:the fire has free passage along any triangle it flames continuously, but always there is oneAstrology, 95:of experience are set on fire and dissolve in flames and then the Path stands clear andAstrology, 301:and the "Lions, the divine and tawny orange Flames" came into being and thus humanity arrived uponAstrology, 652:seven intellectual Breaths. The seven Manus. The Flames. Lords of Love, Knowledge and Sacrifice.Astrology, 667:899) "Neptune is the repository of the 'solar flames'." (C.F. 1154) Discipleship1, 167:of responsibility shines forth in flickering flames from every soul which has sought and foundDiscipleship1, 167:which has sought and found alignment. Fan those flames into a steady fire in every soul you meet.Discipleship1, 326:can suffice to carry. Rest more. The ardent flames of inner love and aspiration oft burn tooFire, 20:mystic earthquake rocks the cavern; the burning Flames disintegrate the maya, and lo, the work isFire, 31:passeth in ordered sequence the various colored flames. The great Triangles in their justFire, 58:internal burning, but has little relation to the flames or burning gases (whatever terms you careFire, 126:is not pure enough to stand the uniting of the flames, that the channel up the spine is stillFire, 170:the fire has free passage along any triangle it flames continuously, but always there is oneFire, 205:truth to the statement that the Sons of Mind are FLAMES. These centers reach this condition ofFire, 207:332, note. The seven Manus - S. D., I, 488. The Flames - S. D., II, 258. They came from previousFire, 207:Doctrine, the Sons of Mind are spoken of as flames. In Stanza VII, 4, "These are the three-tonguedFire, 207:the three-tongued flame shot out by the seven flames. The spark hangs from the flame by the finestFire, 838:* * * The glow became a steady burning and tiny flames were seen. The first, the second, and theFire, 839:at the center and warm without. * * * The altar flames. Its heat mounts up, yet it burns not, norFire, 904:which can be seen by clairvoyants leaping in the flames of a furnace or of a volcano; this groupFire, 951:plane, that lower nature providing fuel to the flames. The hated "Dweller on the Threshold" thusFire, 1081:Tertiary points of secondary fire, Magnetic flames (given to chelas and initiates of certainFire, 1082:Sons of the sun, Devas of the fourth degree, Flames from interplanetary spheres, Atoms from theFire, 1154:is looked upon as the repository of the "solar flames," and Uranus as the home of "fire electric."Healing, 484:body must not be rushed into the cremating flames, and the belief that it must be left to driftMeditation, 18:person or ideal lays even his causal body on the flames of the altar. It is the method of divineMeditation, 19:for the Shekinah, and when the spiritual light flames forth, the Temple of Solomon rocks, reels andMeditation, 28:is no longer under the bushel, but suddenly flames forth, and catches the eager eye of the Master.Meditation, 31:of lives of pain and endeavor) as fuel for its flames. It will burn all up, it will mount upward toPatanjali, 79:upon the middle of the tongue taste flames. 4. Concentration upon the middle of the tongue touchPatanjali, 209:in me yearns for earth. Let the fire rage, the flames devour; let all the dross be burnt; and letPsychology2, 199:The flood pours forth. The ark floats free...the flames devour. The three stand free; and thenRays, 765:heat is felt, naught but its glare is seen. Its flames have swept the country and left the desertRays, 768:stand and cry: "Behold, a God is here." Ever the flames mount higher, ever the warmth streamsSoul, 57:and in the union of life and substance, there flames forth active energy. Thus we have a single
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