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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FLESH

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Patanjali, xii:man, the victor, triumph over the world, the flesh and the devil? It is brought about when thePatanjali, xii:all he meets. No longer do his desires swing the flesh into activity, and no longer does his astralPsychology1, 182:will it be appreciated with accuracy. Out of the flesh God will be seen and known, yet with the eyePsychology1, 182:be seen even when a man is occupying a body of flesh. Not with the physical eye can Deity be seen,Psychology1, 276:That many do withstand the "temptations of the flesh" is indeed wonderfully true. That there arePsychology1, 306:by the personality and the demands of the flesh. The attitude of an imposed celibacy upon thePsychology1, 330:physical plane world. There he dwells in the flesh, and it is for him an adequate field ofPsychology2, 78:things of the kingdom of earth. The world, the flesh, and the devil. Psychology2, 96:eventually to turn his back upon the "world, the flesh and the devil," as the New Testament putsPsychology2, 262:the Old Commentary), but once the garment of flesh has been assumed, that consciousness too diesPsychology2, 271:of the Bodies The Mysteries of the world, the flesh and the devil (to use the symbolic formalPsychology2, 271:lotus of the kingdom of souls. The secret of the flesh, which is the prison of the soul, isPsychology2, 410:in me. For I know that in me (that is, in my flesh), dwelleth no good thing: for to will is presentRays, 52:under control of the soul, is the "Word made flesh." The mass of aspirants and of disciples areRays, 52:meaning of the OM, which is not the Word made flesh, but the Word released from form, andRays, 55:the divine life. The AUM itself or the Word made flesh; this creates finally a point of tension inRays, 91:family of brothers," a Son of God, the Word made flesh. The future progress of humanity is alsoRays, 92:Word of God, which manifests as the Word made flesh. This refers specifically to the great Wheel ofRays, 200:stands. The many voices of the world, the flesh and the devil are no longer distinguished; there isRays, 516:to you, because essentially it is the Word made flesh or the soul in incarnation which at thisReappearance, 10:because They are of like nature to us, "flesh of [11] our flesh and spirit of our spirit," we knowReappearance, 11:are of like nature to us, "flesh of [11] our flesh and spirit of our spirit," we know and trustReappearance, 56:of His mission. He will gather round Him, in the flesh, His chosen associates and advisors; theseSoul, 68:it as merely the externality of energy, as our flesh is the outward sign of life and mind... In theSoul, 77:The sensitive soul is thus a medium, purer than flesh and grosser than the rational soul. The soul
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