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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FLOODING

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Discipleship1, 320:focus into the astral body, thus producing the flooding of your life expression with love,Discipleship1, 440:It is more light orange than white. See this flooding your whole body. When you have visualizedDiscipleship2, 567:soul. Then sound the OM three times as the soul, flooding the triple instrument with light andEducation, 103:to respond to the idealism which is today flooding the world. At this time also a still furtherExternalisation, 7:by the impact of the powerful forces now flooding our earth will nevertheless have their vibrationExternalisation, 519:and the fiat of Shamballa to prevent it flooding over disastrously. The Hierarchy works constantlyFire, 811:man's life which is preventing egoic energy from flooding every part of his being; to find out whatHealing, 542:the patient of the will-to-live, bringing on a flooding inflow of the life principle. This makesHealing, 657:entering radiations from the healer's aura. This flooding with soul energy through the medium ofIntellect, 165:of so-called inspirational writings, which are flooding our [166] markets at this time. Most ofIntellect, 251:knower, and this mass of literature which is flooding the minds of the public at this time? First,Magic, 219:Books on the subject of the creative mind are flooding the markets, and discussions on the forceMagic, 345:with the personality. You use the love aspect, flooding yourself with love and light. TheMagic, 635:of sensitivity to the new impulses which are flooding the world at this time. This is [636] to bePsychology1, 107:writings, and telepathic dictations which is flooding the world today. As you know, thePsychology2, 233:soul, utilizing the head center, and eventually flooding with light or energy all the centers, thus
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