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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FLOW

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Fire, 360:coordinate all His vehicles; then will the force flow through all the centers unimpeded; and thenFire, 367:This psychic interaction has its cyclic ebb and flow, as ebbs and flows all life force. In LemurianFire, 387:systemic [387] alignment logoic kundalini could flow through a certain triangle of which two pointsFire, 462:the life of the animal kingdom. From the heart flow all the influences which will eventuallyFire, 510:in this solar system is the recipient of a great flow of force or energy, and receives moreFire, 534:it as the center through which His force can flow. It should by remembered that all such groups onFire, 598:and interlocking, and a ceaseless ebb and flow, in the dramatic interplay of the forces that standFire, 659:means of the logoic permanent atom) a similar flow of force enters from cosmic levels. The astralFire, 665:of the occultist the knowledge [665] that in the flow of force from a particular constellation,Fire, 699:Heavens was formed under law which permitted a flow of force, producing vibration on the fifthFire, 699:will-to-be persists, the energy will continue to flow through. In the fifth round, it will be feltFire, 713:He stabilizes the force, and regulates its flow as it circulates throughout the egoic Lotus, soFire, 717:to pour in on the earth. This force began to flow in at the end of the eighteenth century, and itsFire, 774:and for the period of manifestation the flow of egoic energy is towards the lower, and consequentlyFire, 811:the nervous system, and thus obstructing the flow of energy from the love petals of the egoic lotusFire, 811:the etheric body which is preventing the right flow of prana, or of solar vitality to every part ofFire, 845:in interaction, and have a systemic ebb and flow about which little is known. Third, the fact ofFire, 881:during evolution. The cycles and the ebb and flow of energy in connection with the different typesFire, 885:upon the alignment of those bodies so that the flow of force may be unimpeded. The effects of thisFire, 993:are interdependent. The force begins thus to flow when any cycle is two thirds run. It deals withFire, 1014:respond to the sound. The waters ebb and flow. Let the magician guard himself from drowning at theFire, 1049:the earth and beneath the waters burn hot and flow, the nature of the many drops is seen to undergoFire, 1078:governed by cyclic law, by periodic ebb and flow. At the close of the fourth root race there was aFire, 1123:of man is naturally a healer. The forces which flow through a man whose atoms, centers, sheaths,Fire, 1153:ovoid on the cosmic mental planes is able to flow unimpeded through to the physical plane atom (ourFire, 1157:more active and demonstrating with a freer flow as the course of evolution is pursued. As far asFire, 1204:nature. We have, therefore, a direct flow of energy flowing through: [1205] The logoicFire, 1264:the adept insulates himself from the magnetic flow of all currents save that for which he isGlamour, 67:propensities of the mind, so that light can flow directly, and without any deviation, from theGlamour, 192:successfully followed, enables the intuition to flow in and to supersede the activity of theGlamour, 251:the soul through which appropriate energies can flow and the full organization and purpose of aHealing, 3:Along these lines of energy the cosmic forces flow, as the blood flows through the veins andHealing, 5:in releasing the soul, so that its life can flow through the aggregate of organisms whichHealing, 6:healing energy of the spiritual Hierarchy cannot flow through the group if there is disharmony andHealing, 17:is brought about when the life of the soul can flow without any impediment and hindrance throughoutHealing, 54:is the result of the blocking of the free flow of the life of the Soul. It is the product, or theHealing, 57:accumulated subjective forces which dam the flow of the life forces. You will see, therefore, thatHealing, 57:handling of force, in order to effect the free flow of energy. The following questions willHealing, 58:of self-preservation dammed back the natural flow of desire (the [59] flow of life as it expressesHealing, 59:dammed back the natural flow of desire (the [59] flow of life as it expresses itself through theHealing, 73:is of course apparent that where there is a free flow of force through the etheric body into theHealing, 74:inflowing energy from these sources of supply flow, are quiescent, unawakened or only functioningHealing, 78:is responsible for the impeding of the free flow of the life force, with the results of a rapidHealing, 79:or centers the life force cannot adequately flow, and therefore you have a definite weakness inHealing, 129:b. Diseases of the nervous system, due to the flow of energy to all parts of the body, directed byHealing, 133:in releasing the soul so that its life can flow through the aggregate of organisms which constituteHealing, 154:the love-wisdom energies of the Hierarchy will flow through the heart center, and the energy ofHealing, 172:is the center through which most of the energies flow which make a man progressive because he isHealing, 177:closely related to matter, and there is a flow of energy between three points in the lower part ofHealing, 198:where they are highly energized but with their flow arrested because some center along the path ofHealing, 201:areas, deficiency of vitality, lack of free flow and consequent lack [202] of development withinHealing, 203:throughout the body. A full and balanced flow of energy from the center into the area which itHealing, 208:usually to be found. There is a lack of adequate flow of energy; the energy distributed by itsHealing, 209:as the disciple submits himself to training. The flow of energy through the head to the centers upHealing, 209:- permits as yet only a very little energy to flow through to all the centers. It must beHealing, 273:to it, must be affected, for the circulatory flow of energy, emanating from the center, will findHealing, 273:circuited," if I could use such a phrase. This flow, which has hitherto passed through the area ofHealing, 273:to the nervous system. Old channels for the flow of energy will have been removed, as the result ofHealing, 275:any center in any part of the body. Where the flow of energy is commensurate to the demands of theHealing, 276:energy, its interlocking relationships and the flow between the seven centers, between the centersHealing, 307:best defined as the arresting of the free flow of the force through the centers or center andHealing, 307:into the physical body, you will have no free flow of force, the gland related to the center willHealing, 307:either be over-stimulated by the non-rhythmic flow or undernourished. This in turn affects theHealing, 308:various diseased areas and regions where its flow is impeded or too rapidly circulated. The flow ofHealing, 308:flow is impeded or too rapidly circulated. The flow of energy can be arrested in certain areas andHealing, 343:or indicate the line along which your ideas may flow. A harmonious distribution of forces varies inHealing, 356:see the center from which the healing energy can flow, and the center then indicates the type andHealing, 426:produce the eternal flux, the cyclic ebb and flow of life in manifestation. [427] In this processHealing, 532:in releasing the soul so that its life can flow through the aggregate of organisms which constituteHealing, 538:in releasing the soul so that its life can flow through the aggregate of organisms which constituteHealing, 539:soul, disease can destroy him. Because the free flow of the energy pouring from the soul isHealing, 542:the healer will seek to implement this increased flow of life, via the heart, to the diseased area,Healing, 542:with the greatest possible care, so that the flow is not too sudden, and therefore destructive inHealing, 549:in the individual. There is lack of a free flow of the necessities of life to the points ofHealing, 555:well as the head center, and thus keep a steady flow of the positive energy of love pouring outHealing, 556:been flowing towards him; this because if such a flow existed, it would militate against theHealing, 574:in clearing the channels down which energy can flow, and also along which energy can beHealing, 578:achieved, so-called purity permitted the free flow of the pranic currents from the healer to theHealing, 587:Along the rainbow bridge the life aspect can flow, and it is to this that the Christ referred whenHealing, 587:sense, and a fresh impulsing sense can also flow through humanity into the subhuman kingdoms inHealing, 597:is that pranic energy from the planet has a free flow through the mechanism. It is this energyHealing, 626:be formed along which health-giving life may flow from the "needed center" in the healer's ethericHealing, 650:of silent hands, of quiet hands, the energy flow is between the two hands, back and forth withinHealing, 674:nature create a wall or barrier between the free flow of healing force and the patient, and thatHealing, 696:is the one through which the healing energy must flow. The second subray of the soul ray determinesHercules, 137:should not be such as to divert or muddy the flow of the release of power. It should not alter theHercules, 193:river of love which, by breaking down the walls, flow through the human family. We are enteringInitiation, 74:the love force of the world, as it may flow through him, where it will serve best to ease a load orInitiation, 140:Initiator stabilizes the force and regulates its flow, as it circulates through the egoic body, soInitiation, 201:his life so that the life of the spirit may flow through it. This study can only be safelyMagic, 62:in the life of the aspirant. There is an ebb and flow in all nature, and in the tides of the oceanMagic, 62:as the immutable laws of force. This ebb and flow can be seen functioning in the processes of deathMagic, 62:on the ebb or are they being subjected to the flow of the soul energy? Are they passing through aMagic, 63:mystic is but one way of expressing this ebb and flow. Sometimes the disciple is walking in theMagic, 64:and an evening review. A larger ebb and flow is also indicated in the two aspects of the full moonMagic, 95:and, figuratively speaking, there is a steady flow of force between that center of energy we callMagic, 105:through the etheric body that all the energies flow, whether emanating from the soul, or from theMagic, 202:of energy, physical, emotional and an occasional flow of soul energy. The point to be remembered isMagic, 235:respond to the sound. The waters ebb and flow. Let the magician guard himself from drowning, at theMagic, 236:the astral elementals and the consequent ebb and flow of the waters. The dangers of the midway
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